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Makita 18V 2 Piece Brushless Cordless Combo Kit (DLX2283ST1) $256 @ Bunnings


This popular deal is back in selected Bunnings stores. Normally $299.

  • DHP485Z Brushless Hammer Drill
  • DTD153Z Brushless Impact Driver
  • 5.0Ah Battery
  • Standard charger

Unfortunately still $299 in QLD but I was able to find stock at this price in NSW and VIC.

Edit: Seems to be nationwide now.

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  • QLD showing $256. Great set.

  • Isn't this cheaper than the ryobi brushless equivalents? Why?

    • Because they want to put you in the ecosystem, its a good tactic.
      Last year i bought a very cheap dewalt set for the house, i was working hospitality then.
      This year im a tradie. So i d bought another 5-6 dewalt tools (sds drill, multitool, blower, radio, rep saw) all because of that deal.

  • Finally going to pull the trigger on this, great deal.

  • OOS in a lot of stores and low stock in the rest, not available for C&C all the NSW Sth Coast stores, delivery is $10.
    Maybe this is a run out deal for a new model.

    • This is a popular kit and frequently goes out of stock.

  • great set

  • ACT showing 256

  • +1

    In stock in a lot of places SE Melb. eg. Springvale, Keysborough, Mentone, Morrabbin & Notting Hill.

    Pity it's only one battery, albeit a big one.

    • +1

      Pity it's only one battery, albeit a big one.

      Battery swapping would be a problem if you are not already in the eco system.

  • Makita or Bocsch?

    • Makita must better. But not for this set

      • Whats wrong with this set?

        • Nothing. They are the entry level models but they still have the same Makita build quality. I can't compare to Bosch as I haven't used their tools before, but I had this kit before I upgraded to higher Makita models and can't fault these.

    • -1

      Milwaukee. But you will pay for the extra power.

      • i find Dewalt the sweet spot between tool weight and power.
        Milwaukee impact driver is a little bit more powerful but a lot more heavy compared to my Dewalt

    • +1

      I went with Bosch Blue but regret it now. Great tools but the range and availability of Makita in Australia is way better.

    • Both are good. Makita has more availability here in Australia and therefore better priced deals.

      When I ask most my tradie friends they all recommend Makita. Bosch Blue is a good line of tools though.

      For the money I think you can't go wrong with this set but if you're looking for a bit more of a high end tool set then there's better value (when you factor is performance) deals for Makita floating around. For $256 I can't fault this set.

  • Thanks OP.

  • -1

    OOS T_T

  • Isn't the bunnings makita different from the usual toolshop makita?

    • No, Makita does not do that. They are exactly the same model numbers as other toolshops.

      • When did this change happen? Could of sworn the bunnings makita was different than usual hardware shops.

        • I've heard/read this too but also I've found other tool shops selling similar kits and skins so IDK.

          With regards to DHP485 the DHP484 appears to be the better hammer drill.

  • I bought this Makita set at $299 which was a great deal then. The quality is great and I'm not going back to the Ozito rubbish.

    If you're looking for cheap Makita compatible replacement batteries you can get these from Amazon and they work well.

  • Returned this exact set recently after three months of light use. Hammer drill chuck wouldn't hold a bit under load.

    • Bit of a stupid question sorry aha but were you tightening the chuck correctly? Multiple clicks? Or just holding the chuck and pulling the trigger to tighten it.

  • +1

    When anyone bought this, was everything just loose in the box? The tape looked perfect, it just seems everything was chucked in the box just floating there.

    • +1

      Yeah , I thought mine was 2nd hand at first glance, because tape was iffy.
      When opened up everything was loose, only the charger had a plastic bag cover.
      In saying that everything is new and working great.

      • +1

        Makita has always done it this way, my set (not this one) came with a carry bag, which helped.

      • Cheers :)

        Yep mine was the same. Just seemed at bit weird, because they usually have a (flimsy) cardboard divider or two.

  • This is back down to $256, picked one up tonight.

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