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Allen's Red Ripperz Lollies, 800g $7.27 (Min Order: 3, $6.54 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon have listed Red Rippers for $7.27.
Normal price $14.50

Raspberry flavoured chews
An absolute favourite, ALLEN'S RED RIPPERZ are supercharged with intense raspberry flavour and is incredibly chewy! Rip it, chew it and get stuck into it! This family bag is the perfect size for your party. 1 RED RIPPERZ = 1 Portion.

ALLEN'S RED RIPPERZ lollies contain no artificial colours, so are great to share with family and friends

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  • +45

    I'll take the red skins and a pack of fags, thanks.

  • +7

    And chicos or coon cheese on special?

    • Along with Choo Choo bars.

      • Have you ever had a Gaytime?

        • +6

          Never had the chance, every time I go, they say JV has them all. shrugs

          • +2

            @Jetstream: I only have one when they're half price.

            • @jv: just 1 gay time? so what about the other 3 gay times Jv?

        • +1

          i love gaytime.. and the ice cream too

        • Wow. Someone down voted you here, but not the redskins, etc comments.

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    Came for the comments, was not disappointed

    • +3

      Can we review "Victoria" please? I feel pretty uncomfortable living in a place named after a woman.

      • +3

        I feel like Queensland should be changed too. It's too sexist. Why can't it be Kings and Queens Land?


        • +3

          You're assuming they identify as a binary gender?

        • still would move for weather, im sick of VIC, oh how i long for sunny days

        • +1

          Yassqueensland feels a bit more diverse and inclusive.

      • +4

        yeah women are becoming overly masculine now, and I fear for my safety when walking at night

        • lol are you a chick magnet?

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