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[NSW] $100 Learn to Swim Voucher Program for Children Aged 3-6 @ NSW Government


The First Lap voucher program provides $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of children aged 3-6 years towards the cost of swimming lessons. This will include children in kindergarten in 2021, or who are starting kindergarten in 2022.

Parents, guardians and carers

Applications will open from 1 December 2021, however you can express your interest now.

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    That's a great idea. NT government has been doing these vouchers for a long time. You qualify for two $100 vouchers a year (one each semester). It is from 0 yo.

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    Thanks OP, does this also stack on top of the $100 Active Kids vouchers?

    • My guess is it won't stack, but I would expect you'll keep getting the other ones.

      Either way, won't be going to waste at our place.

      • You should be able to put them all towards swimming in different months/periods. That's what i'm assuming and planning on doing.

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    Nice program. But they should expand it to include adult non-swimmers as well. Especially for people who grew up in an environment where they didn't need to learn to swim, and are now exploring beach/pool/waterholes.

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      Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees. Adults can pay for themselves?

      • But it does grow on trees. You can sell the produce that you grow. Hahaha

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        By the same logic why aren't the parents of children paying it?

        • @DrScavenger Because Children are our future. We/gov should invest in our future. Have you heard anyone say "Adults are our future"? :D

          These vouchers are to encourage parents to invest in the country's future!

          • @ggbhai: And without adults, children won't happen. Why not we invest in everyone?

            • @DrScavenger: And without children, there wouldn't be any adults.. what kind of sorcery is this??

              You opened my eyes there, thank you!

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      100% agree. I have been recently trying to get back into swimming and my technique is atrocious. That's what I get for taking a ten year break.

  • thank you OP. registered

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    thats very nice! Just need a kid now.

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      After 3 months of lockdown and home learning, I'm sure that there will be plenty going cheap.

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        lol your username - talking from experience?

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        This post right here, Officer!

  • thanks, registered.

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    So when do they kids have to be aged 3-6? As at 1 December 2021?

  • found some more information here - https://www.sport.nsw.gov.au/firstlap/parents

    What is the First Lap voucher program?

    The First Lap voucher program provides one $100 voucher each financial year to parents, guardians and carers of children aged 3-6 years to contribute to the cost of learn to swim classes.

    The voucher may be used for an eligible child’s participation in a structured swimming lesson program with an approved First Lap provider.

    Vouchers are valid for redemption during the financial year of issue (Year 1 will commence on 1 December 2021 and expire on 30 June 2022).

    The First Lap program will run from 1 December 2021 to 30 June 2023.

    Who is eligible to claim a voucher?

    Children eligible to claim a First Lap voucher must:

    reside in NSW;

    be aged 3-6 years; and

    be listed on a valid Australian Medicare card

    Are kindergarten children eligible?

    All children aged 3-6 years will be eligible to claim a First Lap voucher. This includes children attending kindergarten in 2021, or who are starting kindergarten in 2022.

    • What is the First Lap voucher program?

      Don't get me excited. I was about to hit the local strip joint after a long dry spell.

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    Damn as usual nothing for us adults who can't swim /s

    Seriously though, moving here from Canada, my swimming abilities pale in comparison to the average Aussie. Maybe there should be a swimming test as part of the citizenship test.

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      Hahaha legit. What about children aged 27.
      What about me.

    • I'm sure someone here will be happy to teach you to swim the Aussie way.

      It's as easy as — 1 2 3 and someone throws you into the deep end.

      • That's the Viet dad way too apparently.. except it's the ocean not the deep end…

        • It definitely is as my son in law is viet n threw my grandson in the water at the beach n my daughter who is aussie nearly died haha n so did my grandson

    • +1

      Freeze that pool, grab a puck and a stick, 'eh.

      Likewise, part of the Canadian citizenship test should involve naming when the Leafs last won the cup.


      • +2

        I feel like including ancient history in a citizenship test is a step too far.

      • I thought leafs just won?

        • Only in the dreams of Leafs fans.

  • Mum's gonna fix it all soon.

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    I have got 2 kids. Do you guys want to guess what age they are? Thats right they are 2 and 7 lol

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      Haha! Same here…

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      You should be able to get it later on with your 2yo.

      The First Lap program will run from 1 December 2021 to 30 June 2023.

      • yes hopefully will be able get one voucher in 2022

    • It goes for 3 yrs so u can claim for the 2 yr old until june 30 for this year

      • Gues when he turns 3? In Aug next year

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    Not to look the gift horse in the mouth but I think ours are $18.50 per 30 minute lesson…. so 5.4 lessons. doesn't even get us through one term. I guess its the thought that counts!

    • I’m genuinely concerned at the amount of kids who don’t know how to swim because of missed lessons. Thankfully they’re quick learners.

    • Thats cheap i was paying that fir my 22 yr old when he was young ..the ones ive looked at around my area are $25 plus

      • Council pool swimming lessons, we did a private company before and they were up around there

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    Now over to you Victorian overlords Government. Over dramatising perhaps, but 1000s of kids in this state haven't set foot in a dedicated learner's swimming pool for almost 2 years.

  • Thanks OP

  • Nice idea. But feel for the kids in Parramatta area. No pool for a number of years now… so, great to have a voucher, but travel to use it.

    Oh, and no pools was also a lib decision.

    • There’s usually indoor private pool companys

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