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Value $4, Traditional $6, Premium Pizza $8, Garlic Bread $2 Pickup @ Domino's (Selected Stores)


If codes in post don't work, please check comments for alternative codes

Spot checked Sydney stores randomly and found Bella Vista, Epping, Turramurra, Parramatta (Church St), Riverwood, Penrith, Campbelltown and Marsden Park to all work.

Price slice today only, value pizza for $4 and traditional for $6 seems to be the highlights here, probably different codes for different regions so check your emails.

Garlic bread $2 Codes: 512531 / 265537
Value $4 Codes: 228995 / 730039
Traditional $6 Codes: 197950 / 909689
Premium $8 Codes: 747768 / 257490

Thanks doweyy for second set of codes

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    Another set of codes for different areas:

    • Garlic Bread : 265537
    • Value : 730039
    • Traditional : 909689
    • Premium : 257490
    • Thanks, worked for me.

    • thanks that traditional one working for me in QLD

  • Active yet? I get "VOUCHER: Place Holder Voucher" for
    Traditional $6 Code: 197950
    Premium $8 Code: 747768

    *Edit - doweyy's codes work for my local.

    • OP codes came up as a place holder whilst doweyy's worked.

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    I am able to use the garlic bread and the value pizza code. But the traditional and premium pizza codes shows as a placeholder in the application and shows the original price.

  • None work for me in QLD

    • Have you tried the second set of codes?

      • yes

      • None working for me either (NSW).

        • bugger - no luck at Bondi or Bondi junction NSW either. Just get the placeholder text and the other voucher not accepted.

    • Seems like it's store dependent, 1st set of codes were placeholders but second set worked for me in brisbane southside.

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    No luck in WA.

    • Probably another set of codes for WA, so far we've got NSW and QLD (or maybe AEDT/AEST)

    • Applecross store accepts all of the first set of coupons.

  • No luck in South West Sydney

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    Mixing and matching between the two sets of codes worked for me in Flinders St Dominos
    512531 -> Garlic Bread
    228995 -> Value Pizza
    909689 -> Traditional
    257490 -> Premium

    • Worked for me

  • Price slice today only,

    Ouch that hurt a lot

  • +3

    Don’t work in Sydney

  • Does not work if you want to order today and pick up tomorrow.

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    For those not aware, there's a limited time crust option called Halloween Roulette Crust available right now at no added cost - Domino's FB posts: https://www.facebook.com/DominosAustralia/photos/pb.53320451...

    • This sounds fun. And this post reminds me I havent redeemed my free pizzas…

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    Not working in Sydney :(

  • Not working for store in Eastern Melbourne. Only getting placeholder codes

    • for both ?

      • one is giving my placeholder the other one is store not accepted

    • worked for me in Caulfield VIC store

  • Thanks OP, code 257490 working in Syd

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    Not working for me either. Adelaide metro area.

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    Garlic bread $2 Codes: 265537
    Value $4 Codes: 730039
    Traditional $6 Codes: 909689
    Premium $8 Codes: 257490
    Just tested the above code, it works in Newtown King Street NSW Store.

    Thanks OP and @doweyy . Dinner Sorted

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    $6 traditional works for the new vegemite pizza if there’s anyone else like me who ordered it just to see what it’s like.

  • Place Holder Voucher?????????????

  • Second code (228995) worked at the Newtown store

  • Pizza Hut's Tuesday buy 1 get 1 free is still better because their pizzas don't taste like cardboard

  • Thanks mate. Works on the Vegemite pizza. Still pricey at 6 bucks but curious to give it a go

  • Traditional $6 Codes: 909689
    Premium $8 Codes: 257490

    thanks mate, above codes worked for me with Halloween Roulette Crust

    if anyone is getting "Place Holder Voucher", try other one, it was like that for me

  • Seems as though 197950 and 747768 are working now (no placeholder error). But the stores seem to be fairly similar to the other codes now, they may have fixed them for specific stores.

  • Absolutely none of these codes worked on their website for me in Victoria.

  • Does anyone know which stores in Sydney this applies to?

    • Found they work in Northern Sydney stores like Bella Vista, Epping, Turramurra etc and a few inner city ones like Newtown. Heading west Marsden Park, Penrith and Campbelltown all do. Riverwood in the south does too. Eastern suburbs generally no.

      You could be more specific about "Sydney" it's a big place lol.

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    Wtf I don't understand why Dominos makes it such a pain with all these different variation of codes.

    Nothing worked, SE Melbourne here.

    • I got those codes in my email for Dominos and they worked at the Wheelers Hill location.

  • Olympic Park works

  • Dominos even sent me a text with this promotion (and codes), which then doesn't work with any store nearby???
    They probably still hate us from the NSW lockdown codes fiasco last time

  • Probably some promotion on Dominos database that pushes out queries to under performing business to opt in towards sale day.

    Unless stores people go to are very popular.

  • Thanks, code 228995 worked for me in Endeavour Hills, VIC.

  • Thanks, all 4 worked at kensington for me :)

  • Not working at Pakenham/Officer in VIC unfortunately :(

    Thanks though OP, ripper deal!

  • Does timed pick up order on a different date work with these codes?

    • I don't think so, when I tried a different date it said "this code has expired".

      • +1

        Thanks, couldn't upvote you since I had to revoke my accidental neg.

        • Haha all good, I've done that way too many times too 😆

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