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Diesel Full Guard 2.5 (Brown Leather) for $129 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


cheapest yet.

One more price drop:

Other colors for $449

yes it has 512mb Ram.. very basic smartwatch with NFC G-pay. but good looking.

Diesel takes its wearable technology up a notch with the premium Full Guard 2.5. Powered with Wear OS by Googleâ„¢, the touchscreen smartwatch alerts you of weather changes and real-time smartphone notifications, tracks your heart rate and every move, and lets you control music from your wrist. Unique dial effects add even more personality to this smartwatch with visual enhancements like the appearance of a cracked screen when a private notification is received.
Elevated materials like the colored anodized aluminum also make this touchscreen smartwatch lighter without sacrificing durability. The stainless steel lugs, crown guard and clips have also been sculpted to remove excess weight from the case, while still maintaining a strong structural integrity for ultimate performance.

Key Features

Rapid Charging

Untethered GPS

Swim Proof (30M)

NFC payment

Heart Rate

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  • +5

    Personal review - Don't expect battery life to last the day generally, nor 2hrs of heavy activity (workout etc) software can be hell slow especially changing between apps.

    But looks nice yes

    • I finish most days with 20-30% battery left. Set to daily charging mode, always on screen.

  • +3

    Had one of these and the battery is really bad. I had to return it as it was unable to last more than 1 day. If the battery cannot last for a day, how the heck can I sleep with the watch to monitor my heart rate at sleep. Other brands should be considered.

  • +3

    Had this for more than a year. Very unresponsive and bad battery life. Would not recommend.

    • even at this price?

      • only thing going for it is its looks. nothing else.

  • Bought it!

  • +2

    Don't buy.

    Only 512MB RAM and a 45Hz screen, so this is the worst of the worst when it came to laggy WearOS smartwatches. Had a Gen 4 Explorist and it drove me to tears how laggy it was.

    • any other recommendation near this price?

      • +1

        Fossil Gen 5 was going for $100 last week, and $150 at other places.

        • Yeah.. trying to get one.. it runs out quick question when on sale.

  • +1

    yeah, people come here look at the price thought hey bargain buy first think later…

    well, i tell you what, you will regret. doesnt matter how you spin it, it is still 129 goes to the drain….

  • Had a diesel smart watch, broke within 2 months absolutely terrible quality

    • Got it replaced?

      • They asked if i wanted it replaced, but the battery life was absolutely terrible and overall was a very laggy system, i oped for a refund

  • +1

    They have issues which is a good thing.

    Fossil group will replace them with the newer gen (they own the Diesel, Skagen, etc smartwatches)

    Just had my fossil Gen 5 replaced on sunday for Gen 6 on the spot. Funny thing bought it second hand for $100 6 months ago. I kept the steel band and charger for my new watch.

    • Would this work with Diesel as well.. any idea?

      • +1

        Yes. They all fall under the same company

        Ive bought 2 fossil smartwatches when the $100 deal was posted. Hopefully can swap to gen 7 in 2023

  • Noticed that they have the Puma Smartwatches for $69 as well - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/puma-smartwatch-white and https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/puma-smartwatch-neon-yell... if you want similar internals with a "sportier" exterior.

  • I bought this today for the price, but can confirm it is terrible. Very glitchy OS, would not pair with my phone after several tries, can't even get it to update the firmware.
    I'm really interested in returning it to Fossil, even though there is no store near me.

    • Keep it for a few weeks, RMA it and get the latest version

      • It's giving me so many issues I can't even get it to be a watch. It wants to update Google Play Services before it can even tell me the time. But it is stuck on 'download pending' so it's an expensive brick at the moment.

        • There's about 5 updates to do, after that it should work fine.

          Not sure why they dont ship with the updates installed though, would make life much easier.

          • @Duff5000: Recieved mine.. same thing.
            I started the update.. but I see no progress yet.. only been 5 minutes though. will update here

            Okay - it did not ask me but I turned location on (on phone) and straight away it paired

        • @zzymurgy
          did you try location on when pairing?

          • @superm86: Great guess! I reset and tried again with location, and it works! Thanks for your help!
            The watch is still very disappointingly underpowered, though. If I paid $449 I would be furious.

            • @zzymurgy: It is very slow..
              There are couple of things you can do to improve speed. Look at YouTube video for how to speed up wear os.. they show how to change some animation value..

            • @zzymurgy: Did you go back into setting and check for updates again?

              I had to do it about 5 times before it was fully up to date. After that it runs pretty well for me. I dont get any delay using the wheel to bring up notifications. The aps list comes up in less than a second and scrolling them is fast. I have the bottom button set to load google fit and that starts in about 2 seconds.

              Im sure it would slow down if i put some other stuff on there but i mainly use it for notifications and music control.

              Edit: only other thing i did from memory is turned off the auto wake screen. I have the screen always on but it doesn't light up and animate unless i hit a button or tap the face.

              • +1

                @Duff5000: thx.. did the same.. I think other thing that helped was put in on charging overnight with wifi on. so it updates things by itself.. now its much better. getting days battery as well with custom battery setup.

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