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AUSELECT 2-Pack USB Charging Arc Lighter (5 Colors Set Options) $15.39 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AUSELECT Amazon AU


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【$15.39 $21.99 30%OFF】AUSELECT 2-Pack USB Charging Arc Lighter (Ice Blue), 360° Elastic Neck, Suitable for Lighting Candles, Gas Stoves, Camping Cooking, Barbecue Fireworks Flame)

【Golden & Black】
【Blue & Black】
【Red & Black】
【Silver & Black】
【Rose Gold & Black】

  • LED Battery Display & Larger Capacity Lighter: This is an upgraded AUSELECT arc lighter which can display real-time battery volume. When 5 LED lights turn on, it is fully charged. USB lighter can provide over 500 ignitions on a full charge.
  • Safety Protection & Environmentally Friendly Design: No flame, No butane, no hassle. Compared with other lighters, AUSELECT candle lighter will make less noise. Safety switch design keeps you away from hurt and child touch. 7 seconds automatically shut down feature ensures a safety use that prevents too high-temperature damage.
  • Longer Flexible Neck & Lightweight Size: Upgraded lighter long has the longest flexible neck (10cm). It is easy to be rotated 360 degrees and meet different situation demand. Lightweight size is suitable for daily indoor and outdoor use. Especially perfect for candles, cooking, BBQs, camping, fireworks.
  • Wind & Splash Proof: The wind and splashproof will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by a strong winder under heavy weather. AUSELECT lighter is a perfect tool for lighting under bad weather. One-piece electric arc lighter is better than 500 pieces traditional lighter.
  • What You Get: 2-Pack AUSELECT Rechargeable Lighter(Ice Blue), USB Charging Cable

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  • +5

    Mini Tasers…

    Thanks… kids will love them for playing cops & robbers…

  • Thanks. I ordered one from AliExpress about 4 months ago and it never turned up.

  • What is the 30% coupon?

  • Price shows as $19.79 after discount code applied.

    • +1

      Updates to $15.39 when you proceed to checkout.

      • Strange, I don't have that. The button after is "place your order". 3 sets for $59.37

        • Weird indeed.. I have an 'Apply coupon' button, select qty dropdown, 'Add to Cart' then 'Proceed to Checkout'.

  • +1

    Review Meta shows "79% of potentially unnatural reviews removed". The rating drops from 4.7 (52 ratings, 24 reviews) to 3.8 (5 reviews).

    It may not be that bad - I have a similar looking product that seems to work ok for lighting candles etc - but it could also be fake reviews padding the stats.

  • Ordered. Needed one with a long neck to light the stove or bbq

  • Bought this not long ago for the same price but for one


    • Seems like your one has USB-C versus Micro USB on the one in the deal.

      • +1

        Same one with USB C for 8.99


        • Nice find. The original deal is good but I prefer not to get Micro USB devices nowadays if I can help it.

          • +1

            @Feelsbad: Danger Will Robinson!!!

            All of the pics on that post show USB C charging on the side and the design with the hook/holder on the end.

            One single pic at the end shows the old design with micro USB charging slot on the bottom.

            I messaged them and they just said the item is the latter type with micro USB!

            Total cowboys, so best avoid.

            • @gadgetguy: Also the last photo didn't show "RAVIANT"

              • @superforever: AS YOU WERE!

                Just got this from the seller:

                "Hi dear Customer.
                I am really sorry that i have said it comes in as micro USB. that was actually our previous model we use to sell.
                This one we have listed is USB C TYPE, I do apologies on my misunderstanding.
                somehow only the photo in our listing is from previous model, I am going to remove that.
                Sorry once again."

                So it IS USB C and the pics should be getting updated. I'm going to order…

  • Are these any good for gas stove?

    • +1

      Yes these are perfectly fine on a gas stove.

  • Since I asked on the last one…

    Yo if I use TWO of these I will fo'sho' be blazing phat bongs yeah lad?

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