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$25 off Money Transfers over $400 @ Skrill


Similar deal as before, seems to be a repeat end of the month thing, same promo code too as last time:

Get 25 AUD off when transferring minimum of 400 AUD or equivalent in send currency.
Use promo code GET25 when transferring until Nov 6th (GMT, midnite). Not sure if it can stack with referral for new users as the email said for existing (if you're new users and it doesn't stack though, the referral is a better promo).


Referral Links

Referral: random (78)

Referred member receives $40 off their first transfer over $100. Referee also receives $40 off their next transfer.

BTC Crypto: random (10)

5€ in BTC for referrer and referee.

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks mate, good timing!

  • Can this code be used multiple times?

    • In the T&Cs:

      One promo code per customer, i.e. a promo code can used only once.

  • Even after the promo code, the price are still expensive when compared to Wise and Instarem

    • Yes, this. Why would anyone ever use this service, when there are multiple cheaper options out there? Even 'WorldRemit' is cheaper that this service, and WorldRemit transfers are instant. 'Wise' (formerly known as 'TransferWise') is way cheaper than this service, and their transfers are typically completed within 24 hours.

      • Because if u transfer exactly $400, it'd be cheaper than both competitor u guys mentioned. I use them all, whichever has promo code. And except the first transfer (where it could be long due to KYC process, for all of them), Skrill is usually less than an hour too. Wise actually is the slowest among such service.

    • +1

      It's free money though.

      Pay $375 to send ~£214 to your own Wise account.
      Send that ~£214 back to your Aussie bank account and you'll receive ~$390.

      ~$15 free money.

      They might not always be as good as the competitors for larger amounts or when not using a promo (I would always compare), but if you just want to take advantage of this promo it's a great deal. Thanks OP!

      • Hello devilbabies……could you please explain a bit more how we can use this to have free money just by transferring money between accounts….regards

        • Approximate steps would be:

          1. Create a Wise (Formerly Transferwise) account.
          2. In your Wise account, open a GBP balance, this will give you a Sort code and Account number that you can send GBPs to.
          3. Create Skrill account and use Skrill to send GBPs to your Wise account.
          4. Once the money arrives in your Wise account you can send it back to a normal Australian bank account.

          Do a search on ozbargain for old posts about Wise and Skrill. They'll have more info about setting up accounts and any problems people had. If you use an ozbargain referral when opening your Wise account the first Wise transfer will be free too.

          If you don't have a Skrill account yet, it looks like you can open an account using an ozbargain referral code for $40 off your first $100 transfer.

          • @devilbabies: Skrill asks for a US address when I send money to my own wise account,(sending USD in my case), can I make up a random US address or there is another way, please kindly share the trick if you know. Thanks.

            • @szy2k: I've always sent GPB which doesn't ask for an address.

              Wise gives 2 possible addresses (New York and Woodhaven, NY) when you look at "Your USD account details", but I'm not sure if you can use them as your own address.

              • @devilbabies: Thanks for the advise, will try GBP then.

                • @szy2k: You'll end up with more money using £ anyway (assuming no currency fluctuations). These are the numbers I just got:

                  $AU400 -> £213.45 -> $AU390.14
                  $AU400 -> $US291.80 -> $AU385.34

                  • @devilbabies: I had another issue when trying to make a transfer, I clicked "International money transfer ", then choose 100 AUD to GBP, I can see a 40 dollar deduction for referral code, after that, I choose "send money to myself" and added my Wise GBP account details, the final page shows 60 AUD to pay and asked me to add a debit card for funding, I have tried 3 different debit card from 3 different banks with sufficient balance and all of them declined, I then messaged Skrill and they say you cannot deposit money for gaming purpose, which is completely irrelevant to what I did, have you ever encounter this issue? Thanks.

                    • @szy2k: No, I haven't had that problem.

                      I used my UBank and ING Visa debit cards for my last 2 transactions, both worked fine.

                      • @devilbabies: Thanks for the info, I used my ING, Suncorp, Virgin and Revolut, all got declined, guess they reckon I am suspicious.

  • +1

    Worked out to be $15 benefit after the poor exchange rate in comparison. Still good deal two months in a row :)

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