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$25 off Money Transfers over $400 @ Skrill


Get 25 AUD off when transferring minimum of 400 AUD or equivalent in send currency.
Use promo code GET25 when transferring until end of September. Not sure if it can stack with referral for new users as the email said for existing (if you're new users and it doesn't stack though, the referral is a better promo).


Referral Links

Referral: random (76)

Referred member receives $40 off their first transfer over $100. Referee also receives $40 off their next transfer.

BTC Crypto: random (12)

5€ in BTC for referrer and referee.

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  • Nice, thanks OP!

  • The discount only shows for transactions over $1000 when I tried, not the greatest in that case.

    • Weird, which currency u try? I tried before posting and it did work for exact 400 AUD for me (to GBP account)

      • I tried with AUD I even went up in $50 increments from $400 all the way up until it applied the $25 didn't pop up again until I hit $1000 like it was when I used the link by default which was weird. I think it was AUD$ to Indian rupee, I didn't try different currencies.

    • It worked for me with AUD 400 too.

  • From a quick reading i thought the deal was:

    When u send $400 the receiver gonna get $375 ($25 off). Wtf?

    • +1

      You send $375 and receiver gets $400

  • Can you transfer to an australian bank account?

    • Pretty sure you can't, and the fees for $400 AUD->AUD are $15.96, so you're losing a big chunk of that $25.

      I'm doing mine to my Wise GBP account and back to my Australian bank account. Looks like I'll lose about $10 total in fees and exchange rates.

      Also, has anyone else noticed that ozbargain's verification of the referral link seems to be broken? I keep getting "Error: Verification error - invalid URL link" when I try to enter my link.

      • looks like ozbargain's referral link verification is working now.

      • If u transfer to Wise and back, then yeah, maybe would lose close to $10 with all the fees and conversion. Still not bad. I happened to have previous referral credit I need to use (it does stack), so worked well for me. Might be a bit better when someone actually need to transfer the money overseas (transferring to local AUD I think is more expensive to do, but I never tried that)

  • I tried to send $400 to my own Wise GBP account and Skrill restricted my Skrill account. 0/10 would not recommend.

    • Did they contact you? My transfer to my own Wise GBP account has been stuck on "Sent" for over 6 hours, so I'm starting to wonder what's going on, because they say it should be complete within an hour.

      I have done 2 successful transfer to the same Wise GBP account in the past using discount codes.

      • +1

        It had a message on the dashboard page saying they would remove the restriction if I changed my primary email address. I've no idea what the problem was with my email address, but I changed it to a new Gmail address and they removed the restriction. Then when I re-tried the transaction they restricted it again. They sent me a message saying they would remove the restriction if I upload a copy of my debit card statement. I uploaded it and now it says they'll remove the restriction when they've reviewed the document. Both transaction attempts are marked as 'Not Funded' and they didn't actually take the money from my card, so it sounds like a different problem to yours. I've also sent money to the same Wise GBP account two times in the past using the refer-a-friend discount.

        • My transfer arrived in my Wise account after 24 hours, I'm not sure why it was delayed.

  • I have used for few years but soon realised that they scammed customer into converting money into USD and then desired currencies.

    what is does is had lost about 250$ due to price difference from promised price and actual money deducted and when i contacted their London customer service centre, after that all is history.

    dont fall into trap, use western union or others is the best way.

    • All of them works similarly to be honest, you select the currency you want to transfer to. As simple as that. When I transfer to GBP or USD, I select that currency, and never had any issue of receiving different one (there were time it's rejected due to incomplete information or so, but never it suddenly become other currencies). With Skrill or any other money transfer provider. But yes, their CS is in UK (same as Wise or most of the provider which are UK/overseas based).