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10% off Ubiquiti: Ubiquiti U6-LITE Unifi Wi-Fi 6 Lite Dual Band Access Point $141.30 + Delivery @ Wireless 1 (Login Required)


Requires Login to apply code.

This one is cheaper than previous posted recent deals.

POE Injector is not included. Compatible POE injector: POE-48-24WG

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) | Up to 1501 Mb/s Throughput | 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (Dual-Band) | 1 x PoE-Compliant Gigabit Ethernet Port | Wall and Ceiling Mountable | WPA-PSK / WPA-Enterprise Authentication | Supports UniFi Network Controller | Compatible with UAP-nanoHD covers and recessed mounting bracket

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  • +2

    Ever since I bought two about a month ago they’ve been going cheaper and cheaper :(

    A deal on the UDM-Pro and 24 port POE switch would be great though!

    • +2

      Looks like the code applies to all the Ubiquiti products which is cool.


      • Yep I noticed that. I’ve seen a few deals when searching where the UDM-Pro’s have been sub-$500 but I’m guessing those days are behind us.

        I might just have to bite the bullet on 10% off as our new home build handover is in about 2wks and we need the interwebs.

  • +1

    Waiting for the new UDM Pro SE :)

    • +3

      I'd go with pfsense instead. Unifi is great at wireless and switching. Firewall not so much

      • Yep and better VPN support - ingress

        • For home use I have found the udm pro great but my network is fairly simple. I only have 3 vlans and only about 45 clients across wireless and wired. For VPN there is a project called split-vpn (https://github.com/peacey/split-vpn).

          I'm just very careful with firmware updates and definately let others test them out first. I don't use the protect/access/talk apps of the udm pro.

          The 1gbps backplane issue doesn't worry me too much as I have a usw pro 24-poe so I don't need the switch in the udm pro.

    • Agreed, but I'm a little cautious that they've possibly not fixed the 1gbps backplane issue, the HDD can't be used for cameras, and also that it's still probably 12 months away given how recently it went into Early Access…
      High hopes for Christmas, but seeming unlikely.

      • Early access reports I saw on Reddit indicated the backplates still 1Gbps.

  • https://ubwh.com.au/Ubiquiti/UniFi-WiFi/U6-Lite?keywords=u6-...
    Note sure if there is a delivery fee though

  • Dream Machine $465 ebay wireless 1. $467 after 10% direct. How is this a sale?

    • Wireless1 jacked up price quite a bit before putting on them discount. Typical.

  • Any ideas when the U6-Pro will be released in Aus?

  • 10% off doesn't apply to the U6-LR or U6-Lite

    • I found I had to create an account and login, then the code worked on a U6-Lite.

      • i was logged in, added it to the cart, but the code didnt work for the U6-LR.

        • Yeah I didn’t see the LR in the list of on-sale products.

  • is the U6 Pro Wifi 6E? is that ratified in AU yet?

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