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Buy 1 Value Pizza & Get 1 Free @ Domino's (Tuesday Only, Selected Stores)


These BOGOF codes (valid today only) include Value in both "buy 1" and "get 1" (so you can buy one Value, get one Value free).

Seems the codes may only work for QLD and Northern NSW stores (I've checked some stores in Sydney and other states).

Credit to Frugal Feeds for the voucher codes.

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  • Thanks OP, confirmed working in Brisbane.

  • You can also get 2 mini value pizzas for $3 assuming that equates to about one large pizza

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      according to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/612393 , minis are 6.5 inches diameter, large 10 inches diameter

      2 minis would be 66.5 inch^2

      1 large would be 78.5 inch^2

      So yea, not bad! you get 2 different flavours as well, so seems pretty worth to go for the minis if you're feeling adventurous.

  • Thanks, not accepted at the store in Tasmania that I tried.

  • Damn.. got 2 values for $8 earlier, wasn't aware of this coupon

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      Don't think Sydney stores are a part of this promo if it makes you feel better :)

  • Not accepted in 2 adelaide stores either.

    • Not for me either.

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    Been a while since we could get $2.50 pizza's! Thanks

  • no useful in WA

  • Not accepted in a couple of stores near me, Pakenham/Officer VIC

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    Deal is back again today for QLD stores it seems using the coupon 287840, still works on value range.

    • Nice find, also works for Northern NSW. Tried both codes last Tuesday and neither worked for value range.

      • Codes are working again today but looks like they closed the BOGOF Value Range loophole :(

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