Xbox Game Pass for PC - 1 Month Subscription for $1 (New/Lapsed Subscribers Only) @ Microsoft


Not quite as good as the $1/3 months deal which pops up occasionally, but still good value.

My last subscription expired in late August, and this still works for me.

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    It's been this as the introductory price for quite a while now…

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      Sounds like he already used the trial and the offer still stands for expired subscriptions

      • The title is misleading then….

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          Not really

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            @ozb1986: Yes, really because it's not available to everyone.

        • I'm happy to edit it if there's a clearer way of expressing it; I was trying to keep the title relatively succinct.

          Would you prefer:
          Xbox Game Pass for PC - 1 month subscription for $1 (91% off) - works for lapsed subscribers?

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            @Donners22: It definitely doesn’t work for existing ones.

          • @Donners22: Add Targeted. You might think Microsoft would keep doing that (I did). However, after a while, Microsoft simply stopped offering it to my main account.

            My take is once Microsoft knows / determines that you actually want GamePass long term, it would stop offering you the $1 deal.

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    Age Of Empires 4 comes out on Friday, good price to trial it out.

  • Anyone else not able to resub for $1?

    Mine previously expired on Sep 1, 2021

  • The deal for ~$45/yr for 3 years is better long term :)

    • got a link?

    • If you want non-stop Game Pass, then yes. If you want dirt cheap Game Pass and don't care about missing a few months here and there, then not really.

      Buying that deal now probably doesn't make sense with Christmas coming up. Not to mention Forza Horizon 5 and the new Halo coming (so Microsoft would probably run the $1 deal for the next 2-3 months).

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    thanks mate! worked for me and my previous 3 months for $1 game pass ultimate subscription ended on mid September. So this is just in time for AOE4

  • I had the 3 month deal when AOE2:DE came out and it let me re-sign up for $1 for AOE4! Wololoooooooooo

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