[QLD, PC] Doom Eternal Download Token $10 @ Harvey Norman (Garden City)


Deal might be nationwide. Website doesn’t show the deal so not 100% sure.

Spotted these at Harvey Norman Garden City.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • +1

    definally not on the website.

    but garden city isn't far from me so yay!!

  • +3

    I'm not 100% sure but this code might not be for steam. I've fallen for that trap before and ended up with a bethesda launcher code.

    • +4

      Pretty sure it'd be bethesda launcher, like every key you get on the internet these days. Only bought through steam = play on steam.

  • +9

    Just a heads up those with game pass ultimate, it’s included for streaming or install.

    • -1

      some of us like to own games.

      • -1

        Can you even buy a physical version of this game?

        • I got one on launch, traded it once Xbox bought Bethesda and it went on Gamepass

          Edit: Xbox version, not PC

      • +5

        Good on ya. Thought I’d just point it out as an OPTION given the popularity of the last game pass turkey vpn ultimate deal. Feel free to go get your ‘physical’ game.

      • +1

        Bethesda launcher isn't even worth it

  • About what it's worth

  • +4

    Every time I see Garden City I think of Kotara..

  • +5

    Don't give Gerry Harvey your money. The government has given him enough.

    • +1

      He will give it back…. won't he? 😥

    • -1

      I thought they agreed to give it back recently?

      • After a lot of public pressure they have agreed to return a portion of it but not all of it.

      • HN is giving back $6million of the $22million they took from Job Keeper.

  • Hmmm, might need to go night shopping on Thursday.

  • Got the last one from Garden City.

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