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$10 off (by Referral) + 10% off RRP Items (with New Account) + Free Shipping ($11.12 Min Spend) @ H&M



The $10 off referral offer and the 10% off RRP items with new account offer no longer stack. The referral offer will expire 9/11/2021 and the new account offer is ongoing, but the combination deal as described below has expired.

Greetings everyone, H&M have added a referral program to their rewards account which gives $10 off with no minimum spend (either In-Store or Online).


  • $1.70 5-pack Socks
  • $0 T-Shirt (in-Store)

There's no requirement for phone number verification, so you can effectively refer yourself on a different email to get $10 off and 10% off and free shipping on the new email account. These discounts can be stacked together in the cart to give $11 off with min $11 spend.

Easiest process is to do this:

  1. Login or create an H&M account.
  2. Go here and press the invite link and save the link to your clipboard.
  3. Logout or Open an incognito / private browser and paste the link.
  4. Create an account using the link and an offer of $10 will be saved in account to be used at checkout (alongside 10% off and free shipping.
  5. Add the item you'd like to cart (must be RRP), press "PICK A DISCOUNT" to the right of the page.
  6. Select both the $10 off and 10% off offers and apply them (make sure the min spend is $11).
  7. Your total will reflect both offers and checkout :)

E.G 5 Pack Socks are $1.70 Delivered using the 2 vouchers.

Alternatively, the $10 off can be used in store too with no minimum spend. Therefore you could pickup a Free T-Shirt in store using the barcode at the checkout.

Once the account is opened, the referrer account (your original account) will also get $10 off which can be used within a month.

As always, enjoy :)


Use referral system below

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  • not getting free shipping, anyone else?

    • +2

      Should have clarified, make sure you’re spending at least $0.01 after both offers are applied online (effectively a $11.12 min spend) and the item needs to be full price

      • yep was trying on sale item, problem solved. cheers OP!

        • why no 3 in your username D:

      • Free shipping not working for me on full priced items.

        • Figured it out.
          Free shipping and 10% off is only available for new accounts. So existing accounts miss out it seems.

  • +3

    It will be nice to have OzB referral generator for H&M.

  • 3 shirts for 7$

  • +1

    Can someone add a referral system for H&M?

  • +2

    Eeeww..H&M. More landfill

    • +1

      Their socks are actually really good! Have lasted for years and no holes so far.

  • Got 3x undies for 12.50. Pretty good, hopefully they aren't terrible. Thanks OP.

    • Report back with your findings once you've received them, thanks fivespice.

      • +3

        no worries Aus Post tracking number is 53014415844927698 if you'd like to follow the journey

  • +14

    H&M are one of the biggest contributors to fast fashion and hence contribute to more landfills. Please watch this before buying from H&M

    • Here's an option for fast fashion concerned folk: https://www2.hm.com/en_au/productpage.0850239001.html
      Cedar wood rings to protect your quality wool and silk clothes from getting nibbled on by moths.

      • +2

        Fast fashion is about use and throw after wearing the item few times(sometimes not even worn). You should look at the Netflix video I posted.

        • Yes I share your concern. That's why I'm getting something useful (cedar rings) instead of a crappy t-shirt.

      • Don't know why you got negged for this, great idea

    • +2

      So are you going to post this about every clothes retailer?

      • +1

        Given most of the clothes "deals" posted to OZB consist of fast fashion crap that is made as cheaply as possible and is of pitiful durability, it wouldn't hurt.

    • I still have my black plain tshirts that I have been wearing for the past 3 years from H&M.
      Sure, they've lost their elasticity. But they're still a great wear?

    • I haven’t watched the video, so without being too informed, what about their recycling program, does that make a difference? I’m aware their quality isn’t great, but I make sure to always return worn clothes after a while, the material of them presumably gets reused..?

  • how long for $10 to come in?

    • Instant.

  • They provide pretty good promos once you are signed up. I currently have a 25% off one item plus 3 months of 10% off. Stackable.

    Up to 35% off for members come sale time.

  • Looks like a competition thread now lol

  • 5 business socks delivered for $3.50. Merry Christmas Dad!

  • +1

    Adding a referral above requires "desktop" mode on mobiles - otherwise you get an error.

    Or edit your link from "mobile" to "desktop":

    • So the mobile referral is medium=mobile?

      • Yes

        • OK, system should now take both.

  • +1

    No free shipping for me. Vic

    • You have to add both rewards during checkout. I got free shipping and I'm in VIC.

    • +1

      not working for me either

  • Nice find

  • Referrer capped to a single $10?

    • +1

      Yup. Capped to one single $10 for both referrer and referee. It's in the fine print at the bottom of the reward page.

  • 2 dresses for $4.40 thank you :)

  • Amazing, thank you!

  • Nice work OP! Don't forget kids stuff either for your own or gifts with christmas coming up. They've got some paw patrol, star wars, frozen, spider man etc. Or just basics which is what I went for.

  • +2
    • But u can find hot Asian in fairfield

      • Mine says you can find them Fitzroy

      • Over 30?

  • +1

    There seems to be some issue with the website and the mobile app, both down.

  • Still showing $7.95 shipping for me!

    • +1

      10% off code + free shipping if full price items only. If there is something on sale it voids the entire basket.

  • Will we get 10$ for every referral or just one time?

    This offer is valid for H&M Members and invitees in Australia only. Voucher is valid for $10 off on entire purchase in any H&M Australia store or at hm.com. Offer is valid until 23/11/21 2:59AM AEDT. Voucher is valid for one-time use and a maximum of one (1) $10 voucher per transaction. A maximum of one (1) $10 voucher is given as an inviter or invitee within 26/10/21 - 09/11/21.

    • Just once in my experience, tested as an inviter.

      • Oh, so you refer 1 or 100, just get $10 once

        • That is the T&C.

    • I got 2 of these one as a referee and once referrer

      • Yes, I see 2 in mine too.

        • I am not able to stack them to get $20 off :(

          • @imnobody: you can stack it with the 10% one or 25% birthday one.. Max two discounts together.
            10$ ones cant be stacked

  • +1

    Can confirm it works on sale items in store :)

    Got a $30 long sleeve on sale for $10 completely free. Holy shit their sizes run large though

    • how do u use it in-store? show the barcode member?

      • There's an actual barcode if you click on the offer but you have to "activate" it first and you should only do that at the counter because it's only valid for 15 mins after activated

        Click on the offer and then "use in store now" instead of "use online" when you're ready to use.

  • $10 stacks with 10% off from student bean.

  • It’s not you, it’s us
    For some technical reason, the page cannot be viewed. Please try again, and if it still doesn't work, you can always contact customer service.
    Why is nothing full priced? Always a little discount which makes the discount invalid?

  • this doesn't work anymore. anyone having the same problem?

    • $10 + 10% and free shipping is over.

  • Jakepods, I have the same problem. Can only applied either the free shipping with 10%off or $10 off. Can’t stack them

  • H&M has sent your order. Thanks op. $1.70 socks can''t go wrong with that comparable to kmart but hopefully they last longer.

  • Game over guys, preventing you using both deals now (either one or the other) so best deal is to install on app an pay instore for $10 off unless you are buying +$100.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Went instore today to use the second $10… managed to get staff to staff 15% + 10% and $10 all together. Paid under $2 for a clearance pair of jeans.

  • They now have $10 min spend instore also

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