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Razer Kishi Controller for Android $81.82 + $8.72 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


I've had one of these for the last year and a bit and it works great with my Oneplus 7 pro for Xbox Gamepass streaming. Great price, I paid about $40 more than this and still felt it was worth every penny.

Local Amazon AU price is about $103.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    cheers been looking at one for a while

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    This isn't the Xbox version. What's the difference besides the colours on the buttons?

    • No difference, the xbox version used to be bundled with one month of gamepass, but I don't think this is the case any longer.

      • Hey OP, do you have an Xbox or PS..?
        I'm more accustomed to PS controllers, so the Right-Joystick position is really bugging me. I mean, my hands are symmetrical so I expect the controller to be too. I'm also questioning the ergonomics, see below.

        Does it bug you, that when you go to hit the Action Buttons (eg A/Red) that your palm accidentally touches or moved the Right Joystick? So it might make your character move and lose aim. A lot of people keep complaining about this very problem on the Nintendo Switch.

        • I don’t play many shooters, but this hasn’t been an issue for me in the games I do play. Most shooters would have the right trigger as the shoot button, so even if it was an issue, it shouldn’t happen often.

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      Share burton from memory. Google will tell you if you search

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    So this can be used for Xbox cloud? Does not having the Xbox button make a great deal of difference for the use of Xbox cloud?

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      No difference, the home button on the android version functions exactly the same as the xbox button.

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      Works with cloud

  • Does this work with s21 ultra?

    • I tried it with my s21 Ultra, it does work, but the phone will 'pop out' of the controller casing if you hold it on the left hand side only (ie the side without the usb c connection). If you grip the controller one hand on each side, it's fine and you wont notice the difference.

      • You can easily pop out the foam within the controller "phone grip" to make those big phones fit snugly.

  • Argh just bought it yesterday for $84..

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      same here! getting game pass tomorrow for aoe4 :)

    • $3…

      • More liek $2.18, but thats 2 coffees at 7/11 and 18c change

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          Should be more upset at paying for controller in this case!

  • I've noticed this doesn't accommodate a lot of modern sized phones.
    I'vw got my son a A22 5G and the dimensions for that don't even appear to fit.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • got this and worked well with my Note 8 using emulators. 😊
    tried to use it with my Fold 2 now, but does not fit. 🥲

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      The Folds only work with the Gamesir X2 USB's (2021 version).

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        My brother has a Fold 2 and a Kishi and he has no issues with it.
        I've the GameSir X2 Type-C and used it with a Fold 2 and now a Fold 3 and it's pretty much perfect.

        I got it specifically for emulators though.

  • Would this work with a s10+ and also COD mobile?

    • Should work with your s10+ but I've heard it doesn't work with COD mobile without some third party button mapping software.

      Edit: Actually it does have a workaround, you'll need to connect a bluetooth controller at the same time. It will then recognise the Razer Kishi's inputs. Refer to:

    • COD Mobile does matchmaking by control type so even if it does work you will find few to no games unfortunately.

  • I prefer my 8bitdo pro 2, not good for handhold. Perfect for iPad or monitor.

    • Once you go USB, you don't want to go back to Bluetooth anymore because there's no lag.

      • +1

        There is USB for 8bitdo pro 2. And I bought a mobile phone clip for it when use handhold.

    • I'm looking for a good controller for pc with android support being a nice bonus mostly for gamepass and console ports. Most lists seem to put the xbox x or elite version as top runner, How do you find this in comparison?

  • +3

    I use the android version of it with my pixel 1 xl and occasionally my pixel 4a

    You can remove the internal rubbers to fit phones with cases

    Works perfectly with Xbox cloud

    Works perfectly with psplay for remote play not the official psremote as that only uses Bluetooth. I remote play both my ps4 pro and ps5 locally and externally fine on nbn / 4g (or wireless) the console should be on ethernet for it to work best

    The pass through quick charging for the phone is fantastic

    Overall quality of the controller is amazing

    • Agree with everything said here.

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    Something to note, here are the max phone sizes that will fit in this:

    Height: 145.3–163.7 mm (5.7–6.4 inches)
    Width: 68.2–78.1 mm (2.8-3.1 inches)
    Depth: 7.0–8.8 mm (0.28-0.34 inches)

    I was thinking of getting one, but sadly the Poco X3 is just a touch too big :(

    Gamesir X2 is currently on sale on AliExpress for ~$84 delivered, so another option for people with bigger phones.

    • I remember reading somewhere that it still fit the Poco X3 if you remove the inserts on the controller?

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        Right you are, I retract my statement!

        Might still pick this up after all, my current case is similar to the default one anyway so should still fit after removing the inserts.

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          Yep - so it was Reddit! I'm planning on buying the same phone and previously asking the same.

  • Oof, is that left side wobble gif thing really a thing? https://www.windowscentral.com/razer-kishi-review

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      That doesn't look like the phone is properly seated in rubber groove. I have the iPhone version and it does that if I try and use it with a case on.

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    How do the buttons compare to the xbox controller ones? I've had other razer pads and the buttons are more like "mouse clicks", not sure if that makes sense.

    • Buttons are not 'clicky' - they're similar to xbox but smaller in size as you'd expect.

      • Just couldn't find the right word to say it.. not "clicky" would be right.. first thing I noticed when I used mine.. feels like they are too soft when pushed?

        • Microswitched vs smooshy?

    • This vid has good overview of buttons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWojQF-oazs

  • +1

    I own two of these - however, I only use one. Bought one at $90ish and then the second at about $50ish when it was on sale. Works on my Note 10+ and Note 8.

    I use it for both xbox cloud and home xbox stream gaming and what I can say is that there is a mild improvement in lag input. When I have my xbox controller connected to the phone and play, there is notable lag input. With this Kishi, lag still exists but less.

  • At what modem speeds/frequency are people getting good results with Xbox streaming? It was really choppy when I last tried a few months back.

    • +2

      I get really random results. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes is shit, half the time just opening it again changes it.

    • +1

      I play on nbn Telstra full speed and it's perfect on my PC and my phone on 5ghz wifi

      At my girlfriends I use 4g and anything over 12Mbps is perfect

    • +1

      My experience is pretty good. Running on my 6 years old laptop with only 50/20 NBN plan. I imagine if you have faster internet and better hardware, should work flawlessly

    • You're probably better off worrying more around the WIFI connection speeds of your phone than the modem speeds. Forget it if you only have 2.4Ghz band on an old router or something. Really need to be 5Ghz N/AC or later with sustained 24Mbit speeds (Most NBN speeds will already provide this and more) if you want to play for example Forza Horizon properly. Obviously less demanding games will probably require less bandwidth since it doesn't need to be updated as much as a Racing game or FPS.

      I've been playing it on my Note 20 Ultra - WIFI is good but depends on where I am in the house. I do dock it and run it in DEX mode and using the 100Mbit Ethernet is great.

  • Thanks. I had been on the lookout for one of these for PS5 remote play. Now just need to figure out how to get the psplay app working through my firewall.

    • +1

      I mentioned in another post for this thing, but instead of PS Play I'd recommend using Chiaki.

      It's an open-source app for remote play that works flawlessly with any controller (8bitdo, Xbox etc).

      I believe the PS Play only works with PS controllers so doubt this one will work, check it out :)

      • Nah, it's a third party app that works with all controllers, but having issues getting it through my ubiquiti router. I'll try chiaki though

        • +1

          Oh right, the official one is PS Remote Play.

          I've never had issues with Chiaki and firewalls so it should be fine.

          Setting it up at the start is a bit of a process, but after that it's all smooth sailings.

          • @mangobango: Got it working with psplay. Had the wrong rules set up on the firewall. Fixed it.

    • +1

      Look up port forwarding or just chuck the PS into the DMZ on the router

      • +1

        The port scanning bots and crawlers will sniff you out within 5 minutes like flies to the proverbial. Unless you are very desperate, then punching holes in your home firewall isn't a good thing and exposes the PS5 somewhat.

  • +1

    for anyone who is after xbox game pass https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654519

    think I will grab the 12 months xbox live gold from jb-hifi and convert it to game pass ultimate.

  • This seems to not get along with some camera bumps especially obviously the pixel 6 is most notable so if you are on the Pixel 6 preorder train this wont work. Just something to try and check before buying

  • +5

    Good price. I spent $100 on this. Honest thoughts after 10 months of use.

    The screen ratio on modern phones is too wide and narrow.
    Controller is wobbly and doesn't feel as comfortable as Xbox or PS4 controller.
    My phone doesn't fit without removing the case or removing rubber inserts from controller. Poco f3. Removing rubber inserts makes the controller even more wobbly and feels very cheap.
    Screen resolution is very high so text is too small for most gamepass games.
    Too uncomfortable for long session.
    Controller is good for retro emulation.

    For the price best to go with. 8bitdo pro controller with phone clip

    • This looks great. Especially if you have a tablet. I wonder if the hinges on the clip wears out over time.

    • +1

      Thanks! Based on your advice I bought the 8bitdo instead.

  • +1

    Just had one of these die on my recently, after barely any use. Now when I plug the phone in it just doesn't detect the controller at all. I contacted Razer support and they're sending me a new one - they were really good with support - I'd also bought it from Amazon US via AU. The only weird thing is Razer needed me to destroy the old one and send photos to prove I did, I guess to prevent warranty fraud.

    When it was working, it worked well, great for emulators, xbox cloud gaming, and some phone games like Sky. However the lack of audio passthrough is a big negative. Using bluetooth earbuds in low latency game mode works okay, it could have really used an audio jack passthrough. The sticks and face buttons feel fine, but the triggers are only just okay and the D-pad is a bit squishy. Still, good device, though I wish the Backbone was available for Android instead.

    • Was thinking about getting a backbone, any thoughts/comparisons to the Razer kishi? And more importantly any bargains for it?

      • +1

        Backbone's attachment mechanism is more sturdy and I feel it will wear better than the stretchy strap on the Kishi. The BB's buttons are audibly more "clicky" than the Kishi and I personally don't mind it.

        The sticks on the BB are very close in feel and travel to the Switch so if, like me, you've gotten used to those you're fine. The Kishi is closer in feel to the XBox controllers.

        The BB app is surprisingly good too.

    • The only weird thing is Razer needed me to destroy the old one and send photos to prove I did, I guess to prevent warranty fraud.

      Razer are the new mafia! Did you use an inventive way to destroy the old controller?

      • Pretend to destroy and use it for parts?

  • I have a OnePlus 7 pro, will this work?

  • Do I need to take off the phone case to use this?

  • +1

    Does anyone have an idea of what controller would work with a fold?
    I would like a mounted controller

    • I've got the Fold3. Looking at getting the Gamesir X2 Bluetooth


      • +1

        Fold 2 and 3 work excellent with the GameSir X2 Type-C.

        • Does the Type-C have any advantages over the Bluetooth? I'd rather avoid the inconvience having to plug the controller into the device, and also like the option of being able to put my device on a stand and play with controller

  • +2

    Still waiting for Genshin Impact Android controller support to finally dust off mine.

    • They will probably put out a Paimon version lol

    • +1

      Surprised they haven't added it seeing as it's there on PC and also of course PS4/5 use controllers.

      Seems weird that the android version misses out.

  • Just be aware these dont work well with the new Pixels. And most likely Pixel's design language from now on. Razer's bad design that there is a protrusion with the left controller part.

  • Is this useful for general games on mobile? Most of the comments above seem to mention xBox

    • Android game controller support is random. It's missing in alot of games for some reason.

      It works, for sure, it's better than playing dead cell or sotn. But it's frustrating when you need use a mapper for genshin and codm.

  • +1

    Tempted to get this but I already have consoles and PC at home. The only use case for this would be perhaps during commutes and I'm at that age where it's just embarassing to be seen doing that kind of thing in public.

    • +3

      You can also use it to pause and restart Pornhub during your commute

      • LOL

    • Why would you feel embarrassed about playing games in public? Adults can't enjoy video games? That's some closed-minded thinking.

      • +1

        That is why at 40 I still do hopscotch while wearing my Fruit of the Looms top.

        • +1

          I sometimes skip to the bus stop.

    • I guess you should buy Herald suns when they are on sale instead

    • I'm at that age where it's just embarassing to be seen doing that kind of thing in public.

      Were you born on 29 February, so you're at that age where it's just embarassing to explain to people you're not really 10 years old, but actually you are?

    • +4

      38 years old here. I game on the train and bus. No one gives a f*** about what you do on your commute. Do what you enjoy.

      • +2

        Aside from masturbating. They give a f*** then (not literally though).

        • Hah! I stand corrected.

    • +1

      Still young enough that you care what everyone thinks though.

      One day you'll stop caring what people think. Then after that, you'll realise that no one was even paying attention to you in the first place.

      Save yourself the regret. Grab the controller, and game on your way to work, no one (of importance) will notice, let alone care!

  • Z Fold 2 friendly? Anyone tried with their Fold? Also, is the price in AU or US dollars? Thanks

    • It's not. It won't fit the z fold.

  • +2

    I personally found this to be an awful experience. The device is flimsy, the buttons are mushy, the triggers are scratchy with a very random actuation point, the fit is very specific and needs you to take off cases, and still wobbly. The only positive thing about this is that it fits in most pockets.

    The gamesir is a better product, but doesn't fit in pockets as well. There's millions of cheaper and better controllers out there if you are willing to use a clip.

    Personally though, I'm moved to buying Chinese hand held instead, and are looking at retroid pocket 3 or the odin lite.

  • it works great with my Oneplus 7 pro for Xbox Gamepass streaming

    We have the same phone yet I've never tried Xbox Game pass streaming. I'm going to give this a try now, thanks OP!

  • +1

    I have owned the Razer Kishi for the past year and been using with Xbox xcloud preview before it went live. It is far from the quality of an Xbox controller. The best setup is a series X controller with the Powerwave Series X phone mount… NOT to be confused with Powerwave Xbox one phone mount. It is by far a much better setup than any third party controller. One of the biggest reasons is the customised position angles you can set on the phone mount. You can have the controller in your lap as you naturally would when gaming and the phone mount can adjust and raise the phone closer to your face. You need your phone close to your face to get any sort of good experience and most phone screens are not big enough because with the Razer Kishi, the controller is with the phone so you literally have to hold the whole controller close to your face, if you hold it in your lap the phone is too far away. It's very uncomfortable after a little while and the analog sticks and buttons on the Razer Kishi Sucks!

    A guarantee you if you want as close as you can get to best gaming experience as possible on your phone.. Series X controller + Powerwave Series X phone mount.

    I used to also have an Xbox One Controller with Powerwave Xbox one phone mount but that does not allow to raise the height of the phone and only sits behind the controller so that doesn't work well either.

      • Yes! This with the Series X controller is worlds worlds worlds better than using the Razer Kishi. You have two adjustments, height and then angle of the phone as you can see in the pic.. It's very well made and designed for a piece of plastic and good price. The only crux is that you need Series X controller, it does not fit with an Xbox One Controller but the experience is much better. The one thing the Razer Kishi has over this is that it plugs directly in but there is no lag with using xcloud with the controller being connected by Bluetooth and if you want to plug it in, you can just buy an ultra short USB-C cable from controler to phone and problem solved but I've never needed to do that. I was so impressed with this phone mount compared to using the Kishi, you have a proper controller and its more adjustable and you can get in a more comfortable position getting the screen close to your face. And honestly the analog sticks and trigger buttons on the kishi are really crap.

  • Can you use this with steam link? Like to play a game like New World?

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