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Vertical Laptop Stand $29.51 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Jornarshar-AU via Amazon AU


Vertical Laptop Stand, 3 Slots Adjustable Desktop Stand Holder with Adjustable Dock, Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Vertical Laptop Stand Holder, Saves Space & Improves Device Airflow, Compatible with All MacBook, Notebooks, Surface, Chromebook and Gaming Laptops (up to 17.3 in), Silver

Multi-function Laptop Stand Holder
Storageing your item in laptop storage rack can save space,avoid from obnoxious clutter and desktop distractions. Vertical Storageing your laptop to charge allow more air flow,draw away heat to cool down laptop&prevent overheat.Also you can store your smartphone, tablet PC, and kindle in the sidebar for convenient use

Silicone Protection & Non-Slip Vertical Laptop Holder
The laptop holder uses high quality silicon for the part that comes in contact with the equipment, and it fits snugly to protect the equipment and prevent scratches. Large silicon is used on the bottom to prevent slipping. Silicone pads on the side slots keep your phone stable.

Easy to Adjust & with Tools
The width of the storage slot can be easily adjusted with the included hex wrench! You can freely set the width of the storage slot by turning the screw at the bottom until it becomes loose. The package includes two hex wrenches and four spare screws.

Exquisite Design and Stability
A matte texture is more compatible with your desktop,without dominating your decor. Heavy duty weight balancing base pairs with ultra-grippe internal silicone mat beds on this vertical laptop dock to ensure your electronics stay upright and secure. This aluminum laptop storage rack won’t tip, topple, or drop your devices, guaranteed.

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        the fan inside is a moving part

        • And you're giving the fan access to air instead of being put against a table surface.

        • I thought the new M1 ones did not have any fans…

          • @jv: M1 MacBook Pros have fans.
            M1 MacBook Airs do not.

          • @jv: afaik, only the macbook air doesnt. I have one and its good

        • Sorry yeah the fans are moving parts. But they exhaust at the back of the hinge. So when my macbook pointing up the air being exhausted is not restricted. Instead of blowing down towards the table it blows up in my room.

          That being said my MBP15 2019 is always hot and feels like its melting. So it prob doesn't help much.

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    Here for "cheaper at Kmart" comments, with link to dish rack.

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase. ?

    • -1

      I didn't enter one.

      • so you paid $36.89 ?

        • No, I'm printing one now.

    • +1

      Seems to only work for the silver colour, not black or grey colour options.

  • Here's one you can make yourself for < $1…

    • Where can we get it printed?

      • At home.

        • I have Canon printer, can I print it for < $1…?

          • @mysterybox: No, get the one that was posted here the other week.

    • Not really the same, that's a static stand that holds one item.
      This one is adjustable and holds 3.

  • +3

    I have this same stand and can vouch for it.

    I put my 15" Macbook, 12" iPad and often sit my 9.7" iPad on the side bit. Because it's adjustable you can make the slots perfect width for the devices so it's not putting excess pressure on them.

  • +2

    I just use one of those stone napkin holders from Aldi

  • Yes. The laptop should be vertical. That is my position and my attitude.

    Stand for your laptop's rights.

  • +2

    This is better value, $1 extra get 4 slots:

  • +3

    This code is also for the New product 4 slot vertical laptop stand, 2 colours(Black,Silver), $32.46
    Silver: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09D2XMNP1
    Black: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09D2RR34Z

    • how do they compare to Xcellent? they are not on sale but still cheaper?

  • A laptop stand doesn't need to keyword spam every single laptop name to try to get into search alerts.
    Also not cheap.

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