3 Mths Free Discord Nitro with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 2 Mths Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Discord Nitro


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    Which came first the chicken or the egg?

  • Can you do both? My game pass expires in 2 days

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    Discord requires a payment method to redeem this Nitro promo. A temporary charge will be placed on the payment method upon activating the promotion.
    After the 3 month free trial period, your Nitro subscription will convert to a monthly recurring subscription

    I don't know how anyone would think Nitro is worth $9.99 USD a month. I'm tempted to try, but I'm lazy when it comes to cancelling things before they charge me.

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      the best method is paypal, once activated you can remove discord from recurring in your paypal account settings.

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      I used my 3 month Discord trial through the Epic games promo. The only thing I really used Nitro for was other servers emojis..
      I do miss not having it but it's definately not worth $10USD a month. Maybe once a year.

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      100MB file size send limit was the only thing that made it valuable, but certainly not $100 a year. Everything else was just fluff.

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      Then a Disposable Virtual Credit is your best friend.

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        Can you suggest a good virtual credit provider?

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          Revolut works really well. Gives you notifications when a card has been used and a new one has been generated.

    • If you're using it to run channels full time or something I guess. E.g. Waze or something, I dunno. But for 99.9% of users….no, it definitely is not worth it.

    • If it's like the epic games deal from a few months ago you can sign up and cancel 24 hours later and keep the benefits active for 3 months.

    • I took up this deal tonight. Signed up and then immediately cancelled the Nitro subscription via Discord. Kept the 3 months time, no waiting needed.

      • Did you get 2 months of game pass ultimate?

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          Sorry I should of clarified.
          I already had a Game Pass trial ongoing (got it to play Back4Blood) and redeemed the 3 months of Nitro.

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    Aww. I can't redeem it because I've use the Free Nitro from Epic games before. I guess I can just make a new a account.

  • if you have had it before though it won't work just fyi for people thinking they can get nitro for free a second time.

  • Infinite loop?

  • Ironically, discord didn't work on Xbox :(

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    You can also get 3 months of YouTube premium with Nitro for the next few days as well.


    Stacking so many subscriptions at the moment…

  • Damn apparently you're not eligible if you've been gifted Nitro before :(

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    PERSONAL observation and opinion.

    At this point in time; even despite the fact I haven't upgraded my computer in 10 years and likely won't… the whole Microsoft/ xbox ultimate or standard game pass is just simply a better offering and value then the Playstation plus etc.

    I've been ps "fan boy" a long time simply through old classics and default best console from 20 years ago LOL but the eco system has changed and Sony offering simply just can't keep pace.

    We lack PS NOW in Australia and you can no longer freeload/hack continual news 14 day trails- i believe you can still do this on xbox . Until they close the loophole.

    It tears me apart but at this point even getting an old gem xbox series x : with a 4k player is better then ps4 pro (always was) this generation the gap in value to me seems a little too hard to overlook.

    Again not specific hardware hardcore nitty gritty but overall value when you're basically getting 90% exact same hardware specifications and capability then added on subscription benefits tip the scales over a handful of exclusives.

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      I like playstation exclusives. I pay to play what I like.
      I hope you enjoy what you play too :)

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