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Inflatable Gingerbread Man $19.99 (OOS, Was $39.98) & More Delivered @ Astivita Limited via Amazon AU


The only transitory inflation you will find this christmas will be AstiVita inflatables!

Order now to ensure Santa is Present to welcome your in-laws on Christmas!


$39.98 $19.99 Inflatable Gingerbread Man 150cm | 1.5m — Out of Stock

$119.99 $60 Inflatable Xmas Christmas Tree - Large 240cm | 2.4m

$72.99 $36.50 Inflatable Shaking Snow Man 180cm | 1.8m

$125.99 $63.00 Noel Inflatable Sign 150cm | 1.5m

  • Durable Polyester Construction
  • Have the largest inflatable tree in the street
  • Self Inflating (Must remain plugged in to stay inflated)
  • Hours of fun explaining to the table how inflation works
  • PLEASE do not use in water sources


$69.95 $49.95 AstiVita Christmas Inflatable Santa with Sack On Shoulder 1.8m


$220.99 $150.99 Inflatable Christmas Three Wise Men Nativity Scene Baby Jesus 200cm | 2m


$144.00 $79 Inflatable Hot Air Balloon with Santa Claus 210cm | 2.1m


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Price in title please.

  • Code not working for me? Where do I enter the coupon code?

    • -3

      under the left arm.

      • his left arm or my left arm?

        • +1

          Define "his". You mean the gingerbread man's or Davbar24's?

  • +3

    good times
    Here is a +1

    • maybe we will see some more around a similar date…

    • I'm still living the good life with the $1 Chair Covers. Picked up the same inflatable Santa as above for $15 on the same deal too. Can at least vouch the quality is good enough as mine is still working.

  • +3

    Code isn't working on the Xmas tree for me, works on the others. What's the correct coupon for the Xmas tree please?

    • +3

      Same here, code doesn't work for the tree.

      • Got the Gingerbread man and shaking Santa, worked ok for those.

        • +1

          Same here, worked for Gingerbread man, but not the Xmas tree.

    • +1

      Apologies, will run it on Friday!

      • Thanks!

  • +2

    It's happening!

  • +1

    These were impossible to source last Xmas.

  • +3

    Inflatable Xmas Christmas Tree - Large 240cm with LED House Decoration has no discount

    • +2

      Apologies, will run it on Friday!

    • $40 OFF Apply Coupon on product page https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B092TWV18K

      • This isn’t the original advertised price of $60…

        • Apologies, correct discount should show up in next hour or so.

  • How does one secure these to rooftop?

    • +5

      Probably ropes, they come with stakes to put in the ground. Maybe watch some National Lampoons for inspirational ideas :)

    • Bikies

  • -2

    Try CODE: XMASBLOWUPDOLL and remember (Must remain plugged in to stay inflated)

    • Santa's got trouble keeping it up

  • +1

    Sack on shoulder

    Lucky, or unlucky, Santa!

    • -1

      Depends who's sack

    • Actually got this one a year or two ago. Works as advertised. It deflates like the autopilot in Flying High when you cut the power.

  • +1

    As per everyone else…. xmas tree isn't working for me!

  • +4

    Gingerbread man sold out :((((

  • +2

    Gingerbread man sold out.

  • +3

    Any Gingerbread woman?
    Asking for a friend.

  • +2

    What do Gingerbread men have to do with Christmas?

  • +6

    Cool Amazon store AstiVita. They also sell these Reindeer Antler Looking Wand Massager things? /s


    • +2

      Mrs Claus will be sorted this Christmas…

    • +1

      "Neck Back Head Shoulder Leg Massager" lol, right

  • that is one ugly sex doll

    • Turn the lights out?

  • gingerbread man oos

  • 1.8m inflatable xmas tree last yr was $9.99

  • Nativity inflatable not available

  • More ginger men? Wanna grab 2 for the child safety house to go with the ones from last 2 years. Grabbed a snowman.

  • +2

    How many holes does this have?
    My other blow-up is getting a bit worse for wear so time for an upgrade

  • Super keen but none of the codes are working :(

    Want the Xmas tree and snowman.

    (And gingerbread man too if in stock)

    • Try the snowman again and make sure you scroll down to check the price after applying code. Because although it said it couldn't be applied, the discount still came off for me

    • $40 OFF Apply Coupon on product page https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B092TWV18K

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got the snowman for $36.49. It can "brrr" at our 40 degree weather here in CQ

  • none of the codes are working :(

  • Remember, these come un-inflated. It's up to you to plug it in and pump it up for those hoping to plonk it straight into your backyard.

  • +1

    Keen to buy. When is Xmas tree code being update please?

    • Will post deal this arvo!

    • -1

      $40 OFF Apply Coupon on product page https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B092TWV18K

      • +1

        This is still coming up as $79.99 - not the price listed in the deal.

      • The $40 off coupon doesn’t make the tree $60 like you posted.

        What’s happening?

  • +1

    Is anything actually on sale for the price in OP?

  • Code for snowman didn't work for me

  • Just received this.
    Got Gingy and the Nativity.
    Got to say while I think the Nativity is cute - the Gingerbread man is an absolute bargain.
    Only negative is that the hum from the fan is a little noisy so you don't want it too close to bedrooms etc.

  • Inflatable Xmas Christmas Tree - Large 240cm | 2.4m is now $60 with this link, although remember to tick the voucher checkbox!

  • Hi OP!
    Need more stock please!!

    • +1

      Deal coming black friday!

      • Ahem…. ??

  • Any more deals rep? We love your Christmas products!

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