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[VIC] Ryobi Airwave 50L 2HP Air Compressor $99 (Was $229) @ Bunnings Warehouse, Port Melbourne


Walked by these on clearance might be useful for those who need a compressor.

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    Dam !!!!!

    Can't enter the store without a trade pass….

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      Yes u can country stores open city stores open from 6 to all
      I drove country store I go to all the time no issues

      • thats dedication. You shuld get an award

      • Yes u can country stores open

        Nope, this is for Port Melbourne.

        Only trade customers can browse the store.

        • how do i become a trade customer—-just an abn is enough?

          • @funnysht: Yes only need abn

            • @Dex38313: i haven an abn….from just office work bussiness i did…would that work ;)

              • +2


                would that work ;)

                Not at the moment…

                "During this time, we are unable to process new online PowerPass applications in Victoria and we apologise for any inconvenience."

                Dan must have called them at the start of the lockdown.

                • @jv: Or you could have purchased a construction induction card for about $40 (maybe a bit more if you want to learn something…). A ~$140 compressor could still be a bargain. You cannot claim a discount, but you could likely use it for something else (keeping the lights on at a hotel next week?). That could have been done during lockdown for light entertainment.

            • @Dex38313:

              Yes only need abn

              That's only for existing trade customers.

              They stopped issuing trade passes at the start of the last lockdown.

  • Will these work with a nail gun?

    • Yes

    • Just get a battery powered one. Either the Ryobi ONE+ finisher range or the 18V Dewalt framing nailer.

      • They are only for finishing… Nails too short for frames.

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    good for waking the neighbours on a Sunday morning

  • 5 on stand

  • On sale nationwide?

  • Any store with stock at clearance price in south-east Melbourne? Might get one when store opens to public on Friday.

  • Port melb $99 all other stores nation wide $229

  • It is showing $229 online so I suspect this is just in port melbourne for OP price.

  • port melbourne bunnings said they had none in stock 15 minutes after OP posted.

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      They are probably already on ebay

  • Showing as $239 in regional Vic. for stores that still have stock.

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    Direct drive. Noisy AF

    • +1

      $99. Cheap

      • I wasn't making comment on value. Just saying something important that hadn't been said.

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