Trying to Open Hychlor 15l Liquid Chlorine Bottle

I feel like I must be missing something as I’ve tried everything to remove the cap on the 15L liquid chlorine bottles.

Bottle isn’t marked with anything special required. Have tried twisting left, right, depressing and turning etc. I see there is an official hychlor bottle spanner tool but surely you don’t need this..?


  • Child proof?

    • Evidently

      • And are you a child, Jimothy?

        • Evidently.

          Though maybe this is a big conspiracy to get people to buy the hy-chlor spanner tool.

          Gotta be careful of Big Chlorine

  • muscle up, otherwise something like this to make the job eaiser

    • Yep that’s similar to what I saw online

      • +1

        I had the same issue with this. Have a visit to local pool shop, they usually have the tool SBOB mentioned in stock if you need them urgently. A tap that goes with the drum is also a life saver as you can avoid nasty splashes if chlorine drum is full. I bough both from local swimart.

        • Might be the go. Either that or I’m tempted to just drill holes.

          As for chlorine splashes - yep learnt that the HARD way last Christmas…

        • A TAP? I'm all ears… how does it attach? ruined a set of pants with chlorine splashing everywhere from a full drum!

          • @donbot: I am not sure if this is right size for the chlorine drum, but it looks exactly like this. You just remove the cap of the chlorine drum and screw this on. When i asked if there is a way to avoid splashes when pouring chlorine at the local pool shop, they were excited and show me the tap. I bought it straight away and couldn't be happier.

  • Neighbour needed help with one of those, I put a leather glove on for extra grip and managed to get it open.
    He had used a pipe wrench on one previously but on this one it slipped and damaged the “fins”.

    • Yep tried wrench but just damaged the fins lmao

      • +2

        Lol, was it a very large 1950’s pipe wrench? Are you my former neighbour?

  • Grinder

    • Did consider just drilling holes and accepting forfeit of deposit lmao

  • Try squeezing the cap and then turning

  • +1

    Brute force my friend. Get a good grip with a tea towel and show the hy-clor who's boss.

  • Jimmy it

    • +1

      That’s the wong method…

  • What did the store you bought it from say?? Apart from LOLOLOLOL

  • Bunnings marked down their drum opening wrench thing to 50c a while ago. I think many of their return drums were coming back with mangled lids as people went caveman on them with rocks which will work if desperate. Slightly less barbaric a screwdriver and mallet aimed at one of the ridges on the cap will also work (eventually)!

    • Will try Bunnings tomorrow as the times I’m free are before and after the local pool shops close

  • +2

    I've tried everything…

    Yeah, I beg to differ… You can't have tried "everything" as this thread wouldn't exist. What you have done is exhausted the limitations if your imagination/experience, ergo, you have only tried everything "you can think of"

    A photo of the cap might help at least to identify it.


      Not at home but the Bunnings listing is surprisingly high def

      • Link doesn’t work. Just a pic of a snag…

    • Photo of cap/ lid would be useful. My past experience with hypo containers was that the lid was just screwed on. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

        • This link works, thanks. Looks like a normal screw on lid. Might be over tightened and/ or a bit of gas pressure inside container. Hit the gym and try unscrewing anticlockwise direction. Maybe try a spanner as well. If the container was kept out in the sun or heat there might be chlorine gas causing pressure in container and this would make unscrewing the lid a bit harder. Need to crack open lid to release pressure.

          • @Jono05: There's no pressure involved, they're done up tightly which I don't mind as the last thing you want is Cl spilling through your car. Some drums can be undone by hand others definitely need some mechanical advantage. As mentioned above their is a dedicated tool for it which makes this discussion redundant

  • I use a super old school adjustable ("monkey") wrench (like this ) that has too much backlash in it for anything serious. I've also used those adjustable wrenches like this.

    In both cases I used them not like you typically would for a nut or bolt head, I had them going over the top of the cap (so 90deg from the typical way), only a moderate amount of gripping forces, and the sides of the wrench pushing against the fins of the cap.

  • It sounds like the cap has fused to the bottle due to drying of a chemical left on the threaded part of the cap/bottle. Try pouring hot just boiled water slowly onto the cap…. that will melt the bond and then it should be a simple twist to open the bottle.

    • I just drilled holes into the bottle. Both Bunnings didn’t have or have heard of the tool and I couldn’t make the pool shop today

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