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[PC, Origin, GOG] Star Wars: Squadrons | Ghostrunner $0.59 @ CDKeys


Star Wars: Squadrons — activates on Origin.com, redeemable until 4/11/2021

Ghostrunner — activates on GOG.com, redeemable until 7/11/2021

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    haha glad i waited on this one

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      It's actually a really good game as well

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        Free key from Amazon

      • Yeah - already have it on Xbox, but now I can get it on PC too.

        • Why is there no love for this in xbox?

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    Thanks mate. Took two minutes. Already activated in my Origin account.

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            @bigdumbhead: I meant the star wars name attached to it. The game itself is not AAA by any means. It's a flight simulator and not even good at that.

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    Worth mentioning

    Free with Amazon Prime

    Also on Xbox Game Pass

    • Op should definitely add this to post. I bought it, then read your message and felt stupid I already have it from both sources. Aye carumba!!

      • though they're not quite the same as owning. The game will be dropped off them at some point. Probably well after you've played it enough, but still.

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          These two games via Amazon Prime are a key that you redeem in Origin/GOG. So you technically own the games via Amazon Prime as well.

          • @joshau: Yeah, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess where these Origin keys that expire shortly after this month is over (the month that it's being made available as an Origin key in Amazon Prime) are coming from.

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    well i placed my order.. if i dont like it there goes $0.59c :(

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    Free on Prime gaming, I bought it, then checked Prime damn https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/starwars?ingress=amzn&ref_=SM...

    • Oh damn, I just did the same thing!! Buy now, think later - but first check the comments.

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    Replace $'s with sixes and enjoy

    Edit/ oh and let me know if you claimed it

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      used, but not by me.

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        Add a 5 to the end and this code is yours.

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    I got it on prime a few days ago but just got this and then read the comments and realised I already had it😅

    • Spread the love then!

      I paid $20 a while back and thought it was worth it.

      • I paid full price :(. Still was an enjoyable experience. I recommend it for the vr (vr in a tie fighter though is surprisingly pointless though).

        • I'm using a 49" ultrawide and headtracking with a NXT Gladiator and a TWCS in my simracing rig. It's pretty great.

  • Thanks OP, got it, easy peasy

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    Bought this at launch. Stupidly. Controls are not good, never got joystick working properly either as it would not stop rolling/spinning whenever moving axis despite changing settings and the like. Just awful to control under that condition. The issues were only with this game, not in others, so its definitely an issue with the game and some input devices i guess. Gave up, dont own console controllers might be better with those but i wanted an experience more akin to the old star wars flight sims and found it a massive let down due to this. Didn't play again after day 2.

    • +1

      I know there were issues on release, they must have gotten fixed because I had zero control issues using a NXT Gladiator and TWCS. I've struggled with the same setup to get DCS World running (I ended up just deleting the game after 3 sessions trying to get it to work) and to a lesser extent Il Sturmov. Squadrons though was easy to setup.

    • Wont recognise my gamepad, wont recognise my flight-stick and wont let me customise any controls.
      I fell like at 59c I was still ripped-off..

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    Are they just creating lots of free accounts on prime and selling it here? Could imagine them making quite a fortune from selling lots

    • at 50 cents, that's a lot of prime accounts on free trial and they still have to pray people don't have prime anyway themselves.

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        Same expiry date as amazon prime, so presume so.

  • Thanks. Worth a punt at this price for sure.

  • Anyone used it with their recent Oculus Quest acquisition?

    • Looks like it should work according to reddit. It's like 50 cents so worth a shot. Will update if I'm bothered to try it

  • Wow OK cool. I guess it was worth the wait.

    Personally the ship battles in star wars battlefront 2 look better.

    But I have only watched someone stream this so game play wise it might be better.

  • I thought huh that's a good price! let's have it

    but then realised I already redeemed it via Prime

    alright! Amazon Prime finally saved me $0.59

  • Damn those are some insane prices!

    • Yeah probably somewhere in Botswana, 59c Australian is a lot of money

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    Very good deal… I intended to buy, I checked my origin and gog account, I saw that I got these 2 games already with 0 hours played :))

    • +1

      heh same

      I got ghostrunner on Epic earlier this year, very cool game

      but of course activated prime -> gog because you know, drm free

  • https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/star-wars-squa...

    user score = 5.6

    no thanks , what a shit game

    • +1

      Maybe, but I quite enjoyed it. If you have played the old X-wing or Tie Fighter games, this is a very familiar game with better visuals. The ratings are probably from millennials who doesn’t know any better 🐑.

    • +1

      Singleplayer VR is easily worth it alone.

    • +2

      Haven't played through the game, but VR single player is incredible.

  • Ghostrunner is OOS

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      Seems to be restocked as of this comment.

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    I've played Squadrons a LOT. There is a STEEP learning curve irrespective of the input method you use that I've seen people complain about (I use mouse and keyboard and I think it's fine. Just use whatever you're most comfortable with).

    The majority of players who have stuck with this game for a while will be moving and using mechanics that the story mode does NOT cover… if you go into multiplayer, don't be surprised if you come across players with hundreds of levels who you cannot even hit because of how bouncy they move. That being said if you're a Star Wars fan or an old X-Wing series veteran, the story mode and AI modes will be extremely cinematic (even more so if you have VR capability). This is not anywhere near Starfighter Assault in Battlefront - don't go in expecting that type of experience.

    Multiplayer in Australian peak times (like 6pm -11pm AEST) is almost non-existent. You cannot enter fleet battle mode until your account is level 5. You can only dogfight until then (which takes like an hour to get to, if you can find a game). Dogfight also doesn't have a proper matchmaking so you could come across a high level player who's just desperate for any sort of game. Fleet Battle mode does have some semblance of matchmaking but there's still a chance you could come across a similar situation since the player base at this point in time is quite small in Australia. You'd have better luck looking for a custom lobby than using the matchmaking queue. That could change with more people buying/playing with the game going for free on Prime and with deals like this one.

    Just tempering expectations - at 59 cents and free on Prime - its obviously a good steal to try, and I would love more players in Australia, but I've found that it's a major buzzkill for new players when they go into multiplayer and suffer the massive skill/mechanics difference. However, it's a small niche community (somewhat cult-like) at the top where everyone knows each other and, from my experience, they're all pretty warm and open to teach new players these techniques if they're willing to learn.

  • Required Windows 10. Bugger.

  • Damn I missed the deal, now $1.19. I might wait a few years until it goes back down!

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