Amazon Does Not Honour Their Deal, Should I Just Accept Refund?

I am facing a situation, just see if anyone else experienced something similar, let me know if it is my only option to accept refund.

2 months ago I ordered drums set from Amazon but ship from UK, it is about AU$450, 200 bucks lower than market price. After placed the order there is no movement on my order, I talked with their customer service a couple times and one month before I was told they will have stock in couple weeks, later I did see the shipping information mentioned it will be delivered by 25th Oct. What surprised me is nothing happened until today 27th Oct, I just talked with their customer service again and I was told it is mess up in their UK side so they can not delivery the product but can refund me.
Clearly after waiting for 2 months refund is not what I want and expected, the CS person asked me to understand COVID situation and accept refund as it is only solution they can provide. Tbh I am disappointed they can not honor the deal after such long waiting, tried to ask for match price from their AU inventory, the answer is no as the deal was done by their UK peer.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

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    Accept refund and move on?

    learn that amazon isn't exactly the place that always has stock so if you want it buy it from a local shop

  • Yeah it happens. Not much you can do either than the refund unless you feel like waiting an indefinite amount of time to get it delivered

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    They have Amazon AU stock of the same item and the original seller was Amazon UK, not a third party? I think it's quite reasonable to ask for your request to get AU stock to be forwarded to a manager.

    I don't think you have a right to have your wish granted, but Amazon used to pride themselves on great customer service. This would be an opportunity to live up to the reputation.

  • Who's the seller? Is it Amazon UK or some marketplace seller?

    • Seller is Amazon UK

      • Did you check on Amazon UK?

  • so they can delivery the product but can refund me.

    Free free delivery with Amazon Prime…

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    You tried to save some money, it didn't work out. Your neighbours are probably happy though.

    • it is electric drums set, I was planning to use headphone. Luckily I did not invest to get stool and speaker before receive the product.

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    They've expressed that they can't fulfill your order. You can try and convince them, but you can't force them to.

    So yes, take the refund. It's your only option.

    I'd be gutted too if I didn't receive mine, whilst all these ozbargainers are flaunting it

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    This is a similar response we had on a replacement laptop. I think due to the fact it was sell out stock they put the replacement on order. This meant till it was back in stock with no timeline. Rediculus as we needed the laptop for work. They didn't offer any upgrade alternatives for same price. So refund the only option. In the end we found the same one at JBHI and just asked them to match the price. Note the price had gone back up to the normal price while all this waiting was happening.

    Maybe try calling a few local suppliers to see if they can sell the set at same price. You may at least get a discount from normal. Not sure how music stores work with margins. Probably slim or wait for annual sales. Good luck.

  • The UK cannot ship products around their own country effectively right now, nevermind international shipping. BREXIT and COVID combined with a large package requiring courier delivery spoils any chance of you getting your drums.

  • When I had a similar issue, they allowed me to order the product again and refunded me the difference in price. I suggest asking if that option is available.

    • I wished they could provide this solution to me

      • hang up and chat to another CS agent, depending on who you talk to they will help

  • What other choice do you have ?

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