Victorinox Pastry Knife Handle Pastry Knife, Black $26.98 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Almost 50% cheaper to other Australian online stores. Great knife for the kitchen.

About this item

  • Perfect for cutting all kinds of pastries, cakes and bread
  • Swiss made pastry knife with wavy edge
  • With an ultra sharp edge and non-slip, ergonomic handle
  • Finest quality professional knives
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  • +1

    FYI this is from US, so only free shipping with $49 spend

    • Thanks , i put it wrong sorry.

    • can't you like buy any other item to make the total over $49, and then cancel the other item before it ships and still get free shipping?

      • Yes, i believe that method still work.

        • So you pay for the item. Then you go back and cancle the single item?

  • Is this not a bread knife? Images show someone cutting bread not pastry.

    • +3

      It is both. Pastry knife because the cutting edge goes to the chopping surface.

      Awesome for all slicing tasks including roasts. Used to cut 70kg roast a week with one of these.

      • 70kg roast!? thats alotta meat!

        • Commercial kitchen πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

      • +1

        yep, i use pastry knife instead of bread knife as the slight curve cuts better all the way down to the cutting board than bread knifes that tend to have a straighter blade.

        • Interesting. I like the way you think.
          Note to self: consider utilising pastry instead of bread knife for some foods in future.
          A definite upvote from me gs'. Cheers.

          The bread knives are FAR more common but I have seen and used the pastry knives and can safely recommend.

          Seems a very good deal IMO.

  • +4

    Could be price error, says the knife is 66 cm long. Maybe it's a sword? Should be 26 cm.

    • Hehe

    • +1

      Capacity: "5.3 Tons" apparently it is a knife shaped Tardis.

  • Victorinox Pastry Knife Handle Pastry Knife

    a knife with a handle that's also a knife, sounds dangerous dawg

  • So you spend money on delivery that cancels out the $2 saving, how is this a bargain?

    • If you don't have prime sure, but with prime it's a perfectly valid deal?

    • Amazon Prime, the ozBargainers subscription
      Forum Thread

    • The knife used to cost $40-50 in aus 6 years ago

      • Still does, Amazon AU are the next cheapest price at $53.67. The Amazon US price is down to $26.16 now.

  • any Victorinox knife deal for meat cutting?

    • +1

      Swibo if your looking for butcher knives, same brand family but focused on butchers

      • The Swibos' are excellent IMO…

        They are more robust and able to take on a heavier workload as the blades are a bit thicker. And they sharpen up beautifully. Dexters' are very good too.

        I 2nd Slips' recommendation wholeheartedly.

        • +1

          I used a swibbo 30cm cooks knife to carve big 10kg blade roasts for afew functions. Only paid $60 for 8t back in 09. Would be worth that second hand now prob πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

          I appoligise for the neg, was gona up vote but fat fingers haha

          • @Slippery Fish: lol…. all good Slip' got a good chuckle out of that.
            It's a lucky/smart person who was a few Swibos' in the collection. Watch out for those fat fingers when using your sharp knives!

  • Price dropped to $26.37! I paid $27.09 fml! 🀣

    • $26.16 now

  • bought 2 for the cheap shipping, one will be christmas present… interesting to see more victorinox deals e.g 8” or 10” chefs knife on killer pricing, etc.

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