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Lenovo: 20% Cashback @ Cashrewards (Uncapped, 7pm-9pm AEDT)


Received this via email. Doesn't appear to be any cap.

Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards, including codes imported from other sites, or clicks made from 3rd party plugins, newsletters, banners, advertising etc. Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards.

Purchases made through Lenovo's student store, staff discounts, corporate deals, and negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.

Cashback is ineligible on Motorola products.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1

    Now we just need a good laptop deal!

  • Hopefully TA gives us the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 AMD ~$800 deal.

    • It has been best deal compared to these recent laptop around 1k price but with much weaker cpu

    • +7

      I'm working on something with the Lenovo rep at the moment. They weren't even aware there was this cashback offer!

      • Would love a deal on the P11 and the ThinkVision Lenovo T32p-20 4k IPS monitor!

      • no pressure but have you had any luck?


        a good deal on an X1 Yoga would be great (for me woo!)

        • bought anyway, thanks dealbot.

          Did cashrewards by the book, hope they don't try to refute

  • +2

    I have been looking for a new gaming laptop for a while and I have settled on the Legion 7 AMD.

    It has a 16" screen which is brilliant - very bright, high res.

    It also has best in class cooling, which will be appreciated after returning my Dell G7 7700 for constant thermal throttling.

    With the codes EDUCOMM or GAMETIME it's about $2771 on the Edu store when fitted with a 3070 GPU and 5800H CPU.

    The same build in this deal is $3449 less 20% - which is circa $2930 as the 20% comes off the pre-GST price…

    That exact build has been as low as $2449 in the last year. $2500 or lower is my buy price.

  • $2519.10 less 20% isn't bad for this Legion 5 17"
    5800H, 3060, 1080p screen


    Pity the screen isn't a bit better and you can't upgrade the GPU. But for a bit over $2k it's fair value if you are OK with those limitations

  • +1

    If TA is watching this thread, I could use a deal on an AMD workstation, low end Nvidia & more cores the better.

  • +1

    OzBargain fairy my wish is for a ThinkBook deal.

  • I am hanging out for an IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro deal, but this IdeaPad 5 14" Ryzen 7 16gb for ~$945 after cashback seems like a great deal.

    • +2

      Using the slim 5 Pro. It’s great.

      • +1

        Me too. So much value for money and the display looks crisp!

        • Sigh, thanks guys, guess I will continue waiting!

        • +1

          Indeed. The display the body speed. Just the overall experience is beyond great. Just one small con. It’s a little bit heavy around 2kilos. So not ideal if one has to travel everyday. Although I don’t mind carrying it. Just personal choice.

          • @ashftc: Thanks - I am looking at the 14" which is about 1.4kg I think.

    • +2

      I'm considering the Ideapad 5 Pro too at the moment. Someone posted a code the other day (LBLENOVO) that applies - it comes to $1159.20 without changing the specs for the 14". Shipping 8 weeks though

  • +1

    Is this suitable for high school use? https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-5-serie...

    It looks like the 20% cashback will work in conjunction with the SLIM coupon code

    • SLIM doesn't appear on CR website though?

      • +3

        Dealbot's post mentioned 'Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website' though.

      • +2

        Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards.

        From the OP.

        • Touche.

    • Depends….do you like pain?

      Refined for life
      Powerful AMD Ryzen™ processors
      14” FHD screen with narrow border
      Webcam privacy shutter & fingerprint reader
      Quick Charging that gets your battery full in no time at all
      Metal top panel and new pain that gives the surface a soft touch

      On a serious note, it's enough for school as long as you don't have lots of browser tabs or software running simultaneously - if you do, 16GB RAM is the minimum I would generally recommend for a new Windows machine purchase these days.

  • +1

    Last cashback offer I got a Lenovo duet that my toddler has since claimed so another Chromebook might be on the cards 🤣

  • +2

    Lenovo laptops are great but check the shipping time before you buy.
    Most of the good ones ship in 6-8 weeks

  • Ahhh Lenovo education store is ineligible 😥

    The P11 tablet is $499 on the normal store and $339 on the edu store. 20% off $339 = bargain

    Anyone know of a good cheap tablet for a 6yo who loves Minecraft?

    • still buying through education store is better deal than buying through standard store with this cashback because discount is instant and larger?

  • I'm interested to get carbon or yoga slim

  • +1

    Too bad this doesn't stack with coupons - I've been waiting to buy the X1 Carbon, but the cashback alone doesn't bring it down to the all time low.

  • What do people think of this with the cashback https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-5...

    making it $1943? or do I need to do some GST gymnastics?

    • GST is not eligible for cashback, I calculated it is $1987.45. I am also looking at this one and the other one with RTX3050TI which is about $200 cheaper, not sure which one to get. Don't really game much currently.

      • The 3050ti has been gimped with a narrow memory bus and 4GB, the GTX 1660 Ti is actually faster / better from my reading.

        3060 far more future proof in my opinion.

        I almost bought the $1199 3060 Acer that other day, but I couldn't bring myself to do it with that cpu / screen combo.

        Thankfully that deal has expired, so I've found my way back to the Legion Pro :)

  • so lenovo education store + standard cashrewards is better deal then?

    • +2

      Purchases made through Lenovo's student store, staff discounts, corporate deals, and negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.

      Is that not true?

      • 😪 looks like it's ineligible per the OP

      • thought it was only for this deal, but seems cashrewards is no go with education store. still, if you have access to education store may end up better as you'll get the discount instantly instead of waiting weeks for cashrewards $.

  • okay so looks like x1 carbon - remove windows is aprox 1700

    then Add 16 GB ram $1797

    with - Coupon code Build

    so $1797 - 20% = $1437.6 (but no cashback on gst section so maybe 1471 final price)

    Would that be a fair assessment?

    There is also code WEL10222 for an extra $50 off more than the build coupon code but not sure if its Lenovo store generated so bit risky to use

  • Or Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14 AMD - $500 with Lenovo code: LBLENOVO

    Again hard to tell if 20% cashback would be relevant. as LBLENOVO came from littlebirdie email

    • I've been waiting for the Slim 7 Carbon Gen 6 AMD but it's yet to appear in Australia, though it's at least promising that it's now available on the Singaporean and Hong Kong stores.

      Really tough decision on whether to compromise and pick up the Pro instead. I don't need the extra power from the H-series CPU at all so in essence it's just an extra 200g dead weight in exchange for $500-800 in savings. Tricky.

      • Yeah not sure if you were the person that posted the links in the other thread haha but also looked it up a few times

        • Not me as I mostly just lurk. That said, I think I've talked myself out of it, due to a combination of the cashback probably not applying, plus on review, the Pro is heavier than I thought - 1.4kg vs 1.1kg for the Carbon. That also makes it surprisingly heavier than my current T460s despite the ThinkPad being the more fully-featured lineup.

          Alas, no ThinkPad for me either this time as the current lineup doesn't meet my requirements of Zen 3 plus OLED. C'mon Lenovo, get your act together.

  • Thanks Dealbot, got myself the Ideapad slim 5i

    • Hi did you use any codes ?

      • Yes, I used the SLIM code and received notification that cashback had tracked successfully.

        • Nice one how much discount was slim

          I noticed LBLENOVO gave $500 off but only the slim yoga

  • +1

    30 min to decide. Hmmmm this laptop could literally change my entire life

    Or not buying it maybe that money I would invest and then in 50 years of could buy 100 laptops….big decisions

    • did you go with instagra-tification, or long term cash investment?


    haha i decided to wait. Its a crazy good deal but to be honest I already have a x1 carbon gen 6 so its just 3 generations upgrade for about $1400

    Mine cost $1600 with a pretty big discount.

    • Gotta love discounts! Plus I salary sacrificed mine. Stoked, salary sac is mind-bogglingly good.

      I'm most looking forward to the bigger RAM and the EVO 'instant on'.

      Well that and being able to use my touch screen again (X1 Yoga gen 1, screen cracked recently after I stuck on one of those webcam cover stickers….stupid kiwi design)

      • Ah yoga touch screen makes sense but I have touch screen on x1 carbon and never used it 😂 even once

        • Yeah touch screen on its own is a half-solution IMHO. Main reason I didn't go for dell xps13 2-in-1, despite it being way sexier.

          yoga x1 also has always-available stylus housed in the laptop. touch screen + stylus is great for scrolling through stuff and doodling or signing documents.

          Definitely not necessary, but once you have it it's hard to go back.

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