McDonald's McHappy Day Birdie the Early Bird Silly Socks $20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


McHappy Day 2021

100% of profits from the sale of these socks by McDonald’s Australia will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities

Celebrate 30 years of McHappy Day in Australia with these limited edition Birdie the Early Bird Silly Socks. No collection is complete without it. Get involved and show you care with a silly pair - your support helps seriously ill kids and their families stay together.

What is McHappy Day? Each year, all McDonald's restaurants across Australia host McHappy Day, supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia. This annual contribution assists Ronald McDonald House Charities to support more families with seriously ill children.

Who are you helping on McHappy Day? When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, it impacts the whole family. Lives can be turned upside down. That’s why Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a range of programs to help families stay together and close to the care they need. Every year, Ronald McDonald House Charities supports over 60,000 families with seriously ill children.

Two versions available:

  • Pink - Adults
  • Pink - Kids
  • 65% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. Exclusive of elastic
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    damn, $20 for a pair of socks? i know its for charity, but you can buy 3 pairs of Happy Socks for that price

  • +7

    McDonald's on Amazon…things I never expected

    • +2

      McDonald's on Amazon…things I never expected

      Only one item listed 🙄

  • +5

    Why not just donate directly?

    • And have cold feet? In a summer like now with no emissions targets? Are you cerial? I need socks!

  • +4

    Hard pass at $20

  • +3

    Not much of a deal. They obviously purposely made it exclusive to Amazon. But the other 3 characters silly socks cost $5 a pair at their restaurants. Same materials, came out of the same factory. $20 bucks meh. I know for a good cause, but the skeptic in me can never tell how much of my $20 goes to people who get help.

  • +1

    Because it has charity the negs won't come for a price that deserves it on a bargain site .

  • +3

    Belongs in the forums.

  • +2

    We live in a funny world. Junk food company looking after sick people.

    $20 for a pair of socks? This isn't a bargain.

    • In all fairness it's better than doing nothing right?

      Agreed with the $20 though, what a ripoff.

  • And guys don't say I don't buy for charity as I overflowed my car with $5 Movember Monopoly ( RRP $59.99 ) sets that gave $5 each set to the cause hehe :)

  • +1

    Not a bargain lol. I will tell Ronald McDonald to go f himself.

  • McDonald's Australia storefront
    just launched No feedback yet

    … Seems legit……………….

  • +2

    Selling it for a good cause is not reason to set the price at an unreasonable amount.

  • +1

    I already bought the three pairs of socks for $5 each.

    Why is this one $20? Is it to try and deter bastard scalpers? Or is this pair really ‘limited’?

    I want it. :(

  • Don't get how silly socks sell for $5 at McDonald's and then $20 on Amazon. If McDonald's is actually wanting to donate
    as many proceeds as possible, why would they price it so high "limited edition" or not?

  • $20 haha.

  • Totally overpriced, even if for a good cause!

  • -1

    Wow, some negative comments about this. For me I actually don't frequent McDonalds restaurants but I was happy to donate money to a good cause. I personally saw this as a deal because I could donate $20 and also receive a free pair of socks for my contribution.

    • Or you could dotate $20 without receiving socks and know how much of your donation goes to a charity.

      • wow.. you do realise that this is a yearly event to raise funds for RMHC Australia. This through amazon was another way to raise funds for them on behalf of McDonalds.

        Your comment seems to be in general of all other charity organisations. Maybe you should read the post a bit more rather than be sceptical about it. Also, for more information check out McHappy Day.

        • Check out my other comment before you judge me. My point is that charities need to be better at being transparent. I think everyone is a bit skeptical and want to know more info up front, since the bushfires when Red Cross and others stockpiled hundreds of millions. How mich is going to RMH and how much to Amazon and Maccas overheads?

  • +3

    Ronald McDonald House is a great charity. I live in a rural area which has poor medical services. When I broke my arm and tore ligaments from my shoulder a few years ago I had a two hour drive each way for medical appointments. RMH is an important charity that provides a place for families of sick children to stay close to hospital. They also provide other important services for the sick children and their families.

    However, there is no mention of how much per pair of socks goes to RMH. When they say 100% of profits go towards RMH, does that include Maccas overheads, staff wages, etc? I'm going to donate directly. Not a brag. I'm just some random person on OzB and my real name is not heal… I don't need to wear a pair of socks to show the world via Instagram or post to my 3 twitter followers how awesome and woke I am. I'm a bit disappointed in Maccas as I really like this charity.

    • +1

      I think that's one of the biggest issues. I recall that chuggers on the streets had a name tag that had a small print on it that indicate the % of your donation actually going towards the people who you think you're donating to. It just annoys me with charities sometimes that you still need to have a high paying CEO, CFO, COO, etc etc then yeah pretty much all the money probably being raised in the first half of the year goes towards operational.

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