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[NSW] $0.99/Litre Fuel Day ($1.09/L Premium 95, $1.19/L Premium 98) in Newcastle @ Ruckus Energy Co (Membership Required)


Ruckus Energy Co is launching in Newcastle with 99 cents/Litre fuel next Wednesday at participating service stations: BP Hamilton (Tudor St), BP Wallsend, BP Salt Ash, Ampol Cameron Park and Ampol Kurri.

99 cents/L products: Unleaded, E10, Diesel and Premium Diesel

Premium 95 is also available for 109 cents/L and Premium 98 for 119 cents/L.

(where products are in stock)

Check out the Ruckus Energy website for details (www.ruckusenergy.co).

The following conditions apply:

  1. Available only to those with an active Ruckus membership (including those on a free trial membership) buying through the Ruckus app.
  2. Excludes LPG.
  3. Available during the hours of 6am to 6pm inclusive on the day of the promotion. However, Ruckus reserves the right to end the promotion early for any reason related to health and safety or in the event of a stock outage.
  4. Limited to one purchase of up to 100 litres for up to 500 Ruckus members each day of the promotion.
  5. Members must observe all NSW Government requirements with respect to social distancing, and the health and safety directions of on-site staff and signage.

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  • +3

    Get ready for traffic jam in the area. Wonder how many sydney people will drive there for cheap fuel.

    • Literally none.

  • -1

    No LPG 🙄

  • Limited to 500 members only though.

  • +1

    Better start queuing up now.

  • This will be a cars & coffee meet for Ozbargainers, except with just a bunch of beaters, no supercars

    • Drag race between camry, golf and tesla 3

  • +1

    Anyone wanna car pool from Melb to fill up?

  • I don't know that I would fill up enough that I would save more than $5/mth right now, but might try it out for this offer. There are a few current sites a few KMs away in Newcastle, another at Taree, where we frequent, but none near Western Sydney which we also frequent (outside of Covid lockdowns). The more it rolls out though, the more value we might get out of it.

    • Hi, actually we have two sites near Western Sydney @mouse1442000 - one in Auburn, and another in Blaxland (yes lower blue mountains). Hope you come and check us out!

      • Both of those are too far out of the way for it to be worth the savings on fuel… I am talking Hawkesbury & Nepean (Blaxland is close but wrong direction)

        But the few that are in Newcastle area where we live are enough to at least try it out.

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