Basketball System w/ 54" PC Backboard $299 @ ALDI


Not sure if this is a rebranded system or what quality is like, but $299 for a system with a 54" backboard is a bit of a steal.

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    Shipping looks to be $50-$70 (based on a few random east coast cities) if you can't pick it up in store.

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        I had a 1976 Corolla as my first car that was a gem. Most corollas are.

        Now a 99 Holden astra I might relate to some good ol rattling.

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          a 99 Astra would've started rattling (engine mounts etc) a couple years after manufacture.

          Don't see many of that vintage on the roads these days hmm

  • Aldi disproves "you get what you pay for"

    • Funny, that is the exact opposite to my experience with Aldi.

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    soo…. you car enthusiasts play basketball much? 😁

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    300 basketball system it's like after Christmas it will broken.

  • Does it pass the Shaq test?

    • Over 90% accurate and it includes 2 free stickers

  • Would someone please comment on the quality if you have it? I already spent $150 on a Dr Dunk hoop but now I regret that. It turned out to be Dr Junk.
    There is a Lifetime one for $299 at Rebel sports although 44".

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      you get 60 days to return it for w/e reason so /shrug

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      I got the Powerdunk system and they are great, you can check from the facebook and search powerdunk basketball, they are in mount waverley.

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      The aldi one looks the same as the Kogan Fortis one and the Everfit ones on ebay. mixed bag on reviews, mission to setup

      I went with Lifetime and the 299 one. reviews looked good
      My neighbour has a Lifetime one and it still looks ok after 8-10years. The decent ones in the neighbourhood all seem to be Lifetime and Spalding.

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      I think that's the one that I bought for my dad's place 7 years ago. I thought it was no longer made! The one over at my dad's place is still going strong. It has survived 7 years of high winds and has not fallen down. Certainly has lost some of its colour compared to new (has always been outside all its life), but the springs have been fine despite no effort from me in maintaining it. On the other hand, the one I bought from eBay, no brand, that one finally gave up the ghost around July 2021. It's been in our backyard for 4 years.

      If I knew that Lifetime still produced this basketball system back then, I would have went with Lifetime over the eBay set I purchased.

  • Look like a great Christmas light decoration, buying

  • wish they did something for netball

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    Don’t know about quality but that is DAMN cheap though for a 54”. I bought a Lifetime 50” from rebel at start of the year when on special for $400, but was watching for a special for over 6months, was always RRP of $499, and now gone up to $550. Larger than 50” systems and the price went up dramatically across all brands but we’ve found 50” to be more than adequate. 54” is a very generous backboard. Basketball ring was the best purchase during COVID craziness

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      I agree. It's the best thing I ever bought for my mental health. Got me through the lockdown .Every one got a Covid Puppy but I was happy with my Covid Hoop. Only thing it feeds off is buckets!

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    Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate Backboards
    When shopping for a basketball backboard you will discover many different materials that basketball backboards are made of. When it comes to clear backboards, two types you will commonly see are acrylic and polycarbonate. Most consumers do not understand the difference between these two types. Below we will provide some information to help you make a more informed decision regarding which type of basketball backboard to purchase.

    Acrylic and Polycarbonate are essentially very similar materials. They are basically both clear plastic materials. However, polycarbonate is marketed as being bullet proof whereas acrylic is not. Unfortunately, polycarbonate has one major drawback. When polycarbonate is exposed to UV light it becomes yellow, cloudy and brittle. When basketball backboards made from polycarbonate are used outdoors, they become very ugly due to yellowing, cloudiness and brittle in a matter of 3-5 years. This actual means a polycarbonate backboard, though marketed as a “bulletproof” backboard, will actually become brittle and very easy to break when used outdoors.

    • Thanks for this. This is really good to know.

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    If anyone is serious about getting a basketball system and use it seriously, I would stump out the money and get a more expensive ones than your $300 systems out there.
    Don't even think about getting the cheap stuff. It's going to be an ugly a piece of s***t thing that's going to be in your driveway for years to come
    I see plenty of these $300 systems in our neighbourhood, with no one using them, and it makes their property look real ugly.
    Your house is over a million but you cheap out on a $300 subpar system that makes your house looks real ugly?

    The minimum I would consider is something like this

    Also, Rebel offers an assembly service through a 3rd party company.
    You make sure you use them as it's going to be a nightmare job putting it up yourself.
    It's a minimum 2 person job that will require the whole day. Ignore what the manual says

    The assembly job also includes delivery as well, and there was negligible difference between delivery only and getting it assembled by experts.
    This not an Ikea furniture assembly job, it's next level stuff that you're likely to struggle with.
    I'm so glad I listened to the Rebel Sports salesperson that insisted I didn't go the delivery only route.

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    I got the 54inch Beast from Rebel at 1299. I would have gotten the 60 inch but it meant going over 1500 and I couldn't Afterpay it.
    If it weren't for Afterpay, I don't think I would have pulled the trigger on this one.

    The delivery and installation was only $160.
    It was a bargain considering two people went to Rebel to pick it up, came in, delivered and installed it.
    I thought they would take 4-5 hours but I think it took them a shade under 3 hrs.
    They said they've installed so many they could do it in their sleep and do it well under the estimated time.

    I've never seen the beast systems on sale as well, but it's the best $1500 I've spent.
    If I goto an indoor gym, it might cost me $5 for the cheap gyms so I only need to use it 300x to get my money's worth and I've had mine for 18months.

    • If it weren't for Afterpay, I don't think I would have pulled the trigger on this one


      • I was out of work for about 3-4 months and had just started a new job, so I didn't have a whole lotta cash at the time. I didn't want to wait til pay day next month, so Afterpay it is

        • Yep, I understand. it's just that sometimes I feel like Afterpay (and other BNPLs) enable some very poor financial decisioning.

          • @freshofftheplane: Well buying the basketball system wasn't a poor decision as I promised myself to get one when I got a new job But yes I agree with you it is an enabler for making some questionable financial decisions

    • You have hardwood floor in your backyard?

  • Talk about timing, skip the wind test this morning. And I am here thinking whether to get a new one after mine (another brand) got damaged this morning.

  • Why is it called a system?

    • It's made up of a backboard and a portable support structure/base. You can get a basketball backboard only which will have to be wall mounted.

  • Was anyone able to nab one online in NSW?

    • Yeah.. I was able to buy 2

      • Well done! What time was it when you purchased? They sold out pretty quickly

        • i think it was about 9.05 in the morning,

          christmas present for the nephew and my kids are sorted,

  • This Lifetime 50 inch one is on sale at Rebel till 29 Nov for $450 (instead of $550) which is $100 more than the Aldi one (if you can collect from Rebel). I bought one from Rebel for $350 (less cash back) a couple of weeks ago. I haven't assembled it yet. I'm wondering if it is worth returning and buying the Aldi one. Any advice? The Aldi one has a 1 year warranty whereas the Lifetime one has a 5 yr warrranty. I would have to make sure the Aldi one could fit at the front of my house - based on the measuring I've done, the 50 inch Lifetime one is a tight fit. Any thoughts and advice ?

  • Is the lifetime one an acrylic backboard and is the aldi one still available where you are?

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