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GTChair 07-35 Ergonomic Office Chair $738 Delivered @ Retail Display Direct


I was looking for a mesh chair and came across some favorable reviews on ozb for this chair as an Aeron replica.

I believe this chair is the original brand which is then rebranded to:

Note that others are offering 10 years warranty while the one in this deal is 5 years.

This store is running a free delivery promo until the end of the month which would cost in the $50+ for those other chairs

Other colours:
Grey ($738) - https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/gtchair-office-chair-...
All Black ($799) - https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/gtchair-office-chair-...

Other models:
GTCHAIR Office Chair GTC-DV-10E - https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/gtchair-office-chair-...
Costco also sells the DV10E for cheaper if you have a membership: https://www.costco.com.au/Home-Furniture/Office/Office-Gamin...

If anyone has this feel free to drop your reviews below! I started looking for alternative from the Ergohuman after some questions on its quality.

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    I bought this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626588

    For about $400 and am very happy with it

    • How is the lumbar support on the Ergohuman? I've read that it's one area where it lacks compared with other chairs.

      • I haven’t tried others but I suffer from lower back pain due to a misspent youth and martial arts training.
        100% comfortable and no issues.
        Best chair I’ve had

    • I am also sitting on one of these right now. Very happy with it. Nice ventilation given it's 29 in Sydney today and my apartment has no AC.

    • How tall are you?

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    Just get the Aeron, you won't regret it.

    • If you know where to look, you can sometimes get an Aeron for maybe another $400-$500 on top of this price. Money well spent.

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        Any idea where to look?

        • Wait for a major business to go bankrupt and liquidate their office stock

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            @mitchins: How do you figure when a business is going to liquidate / where would you go to purchase these?

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              @JeremyDealFiend: It was more of a reference to when Enron went out of business everyone rushed to purchase their Aeron chairs.

      • Where do I need to look?

        • If you work for a large corporate for example, they often have staff discounts with various suppliers/retailers… Living Edge for example.

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    Not cheaper at costco!

    • Sorry sh*t wording, the DV10E is cheaper at costco

  • How does this compare to Ikea markus?

    • Interested in this too, Markus suited my proportions well but didn't have stock when I visited IKEA. Need to buy a chair soon, tossing up options

    • Have you even looked at the 2? The Ikea chair looks terrible in comparison.

    • +1

      I'm got a fancy ergo chair at work and a JÄRVFJÄLLET at home and I enjoy the Ikea chair. Can sit on it hours on end to do work and stuff and my back still feels fine

  • How does this compare to milk crate?

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      Milk crate will definitely last longer at a fraction of the cost. I'd go with the Milk Crate for longevity.

  • You can get a Haworth Zody around this price; its cheaper than Herman Miller but quality wise is comparable.

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      Link to store selling it for this price?

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    Once again no information about the max weight it can carry.

  • Will just add for those considering an Aeron, the warranty is fantastic. I am in regional Vic, and I had a few issues with my chair - the armrests would go down from where I set it, and the chair did a bit as well. They sent someone out to me from Melbourne to replace the gas lift and tighten the arms. Great service from Living Edge/Herman Miller.

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