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[eBay Plus] Ergohuman Fit IOO $377.60, with Headrest $395.20, with Headrest & Aluminium Frame $439.20 Delivered @ MyDeal eBay


ERGOHUMAN FIT IOO with head rest and black frame- back in stock

Non headrest version…

Aluminium base frame with headrest $439.20

Product Details:

Single Lever Control Mechanism (SLCM)
Adjust seat height, depth and back tilt
Seat slide
3D Automatically-Adjusting Lumbar Support
Adjustable Back Rest with 4 Positions
NeckPro Neck Rest with Multi-Directional Dynamic Neck Support (MINS)
3D Headrest with Adjustable Angle and Height
Back Rest with Adjustable Height and Tilt Control
High Back Design
Fully Automatic Weight Balance Mechanism
Waterfall Front Seat
Locking Multi-Functional Arms with Soft-Touch Pads - Removable without Affecting Chair Styling
Black Raised Nylon Base with 60mm Castors
All parts of the chair are replaceable for a longer life-cycle
Made with up to 80% recycled material, and has 95% recyclability, with Greenguard Gold Air Quality Certification
You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind, all Ergohuman Office Chairs purchased at MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.
Simple assembly required.
Includes 5 years warranty
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    Ebay Plus only

    • Fixed thanks

      • Aluminium frame one is saying it doesn’t post to Australia?

        • It ships to my address in western sydney

          • @maverickjohn: Not me. I’m using the iOS app to look. I’ll check when I get home on the pc.

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    I have this chair, I'm pretty happy with it. Has held up well working from home full time over the last year.

    It's worth noting that this is made by Ranor, and is sold under many brands (ErgoFlex, EuroTech, ErgoHuman). They're a good chair, and great at this price.

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      it says 53.5cm seat height. Is this from the ground - bottom of the seat? or does it include cushion (to the top of the seat)

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        Mine measures 60 cm fully extended from the floor to the top of the seat. Mine has the metal base which they also sell, might be a little higher.

    • Did you buy from this seller?

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        No, I bought from Office Furniture Direct. I didn't buy an "Ergohuman Fit IOO", I bought an "ErgoFlex IOO" - same chair made in the same factory with a different name/brand. There are differences in colour, headrest, and metal/plastic frame between sellers, otherwise they're all the same chair.

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    Thanks, bought one for my teenage son. His crappy gaming chair is giving him nerd-neck and posture.

    • -8

      A new chair won't fix that. But getting him to stop playing computer games will.

      • +1

        G'damn you two are fkin jerks.
        How about editing his dslr photos? That takes a while, is that allowed?
        How bout his yr11 assignments? That ok?
        He spends a lot of time learning Python, that alright?

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    Any good for short people?

    • +2

      Recommended height is 5 foot 4. My wife is 5 foot. I can always feedback her experiences.

      • Looking forward to the 5 foot person feedback :) Please :)

    • -2

      Apparently these chairs (like most chairs out there) are ONLY good for short people.

      • +1

        Even with lumbar support my short missus always struggles with the depth of office chairs, she often has to use a cushion behind her lower back to push her forward to make them comfortable and constantly complains. Short people problems.

  • $5 to anyone who can tell me what IOO means.

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      Don't know what it stands for but I know it refers to the 1 lever being used for multiple functions.
      I hope I'm telling you the truth but you can keep your $5 because you made me seek out more knowledge . And that my friend is priceless

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      From previous ErgoHuman post

      The Ergohuman range have cast aluminium frames and are certified for bodyweights up to 150kgs and for up to 3 shifts (24hours) per day. They have a heavy duty mechanism and are a solid felling and heavy chair. We offer an all mesh, leather/mesh combo and an all leather version. Most models are black plus the Platinum in a grey/silver combination which is very contemporary.

      The IOO ranges have nylon/plastic frames and are very durable products, but don’t have the certifications of the Ergohuman Chairs. The IOO Weight Balance is the entry level Chair and has less adjustability than the IOO High Back. It is a very good ergonomic chair and a popular choice for office fit-outs where a good quality ergonomic chair is required at a price. We sell an all mesh, all black version only.

      The IOO High Back has a better mechanism including tension control on the backrest. Its close to the Ergohuman ranges for the range of adjustments and the frame materials means we have can have alternative colours. Therefore we sell a version with a white frame in black, red or blue upholstery with a mesh back and fabric seat. This is popular for home offices as they are more in keeping with the look of modern office technology with the white frame. The zero pressure fabric seat is contoured to reduce pressure points over long periods of sitting.

      • Was actually hoping that they sold it with the standard white frame as it suits the modern office look bettter imo!

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      I Only Oscillate

      I'll PM through my bank details.

  • did the quality of those chairs take a hit? it looks like the base and legs are all plastic compared to full chrome steel of the older model. my ergohuman V2s are 7yrs old and still works perfectly.

  • just bought an IKEA chair the other day… fml! although I do enjoy mine.. tbh. Ikea Jarvafalet or

    • I got the same, using it daily (WFH permanently). Great chair for the price.

  • Mesh base will sag when sitting and you will feel the support frames in the side of the chair digging into your legs. Uncomfortable after an hour or more. Otherwise an excellent chair for the price.

    • You have this one and it has done that? I wonder about the durability of a mesh base vs foam

    • +1

      I was about to pull the trigger until i seen this post.
      I have a secretlab chair already, but after 6 years the leather is peeling off slowly on a day to day basis.
      Have to vacuum everyday as a result.
      Either this chair for $400.
      Or $630 for a secretlab chair 🤔

      • The secretlab is PU leather?

        • The entry level chair is PU leather and starts at $580. They have two more models up which cost more.
          In terms og ergonomics, its a great chair. Comfortable and zero back pain.
          It just peels off eventually.

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            @minatosensei: that is just how it goes with PU leather. go for fabric, it will last longer. the price for real leather is not really worth it and you will probably not like it as much because it won't breathe as well as fabric.

            • @[Deactivated]: Full grain aniline is warm in winter and cool in summer, similar to a high quality wool.

              But $$$.

      • +3

        That's what PU leather does and eventually cheap bonded leather will do too. 100% Secret labs will use cheap leather.

      • +1

        Our Secret Lab chair started peeling after 18 months. Seems to be an issue in humid climates and isn’t covered by warranty. Avoid Secret Lab chairs with plastic leather as ours is two years old, looks like crap and will be ready for the bin soon.

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      I don't think you can compare all mesh based chairs.
      I'm pretty sure the Herman miller Aeron has one of the most praise from any chair available and that's a mesh chair. Ergohuman similarly has this praise. And shouldn't be compared to the likes of a cheaper mesh chair. If you have exposure or know someone who has exposure to this brand of chair with this complaint then that's fair. But I don't think it's fair to generise all mesh chairs as equal.

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      I sit in a mesh office chair for 6 hours per day and don’t have this use. If you buy a crap chair then yeah probably

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    oh dammit signed up to ebay plus and realised doesnt ship to perth metrol -_-

    • +1

      Try to get some of the other freebies listed here atleast.

    • +9

      Username checks out =p

  • Any elite/luxury v2s?

    • +1

      Not that I can find from this sale. Probably better to go through T&W for that

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    Thanks OP. Just got one after the headrest one came back in stock :)

    I always wanted an Ergohuman but never wanted to pay close to $600!!!

    This is an absolute bargain :)

    • +2

      You're welcome buddy. I have been researching best bang for buck chairs for quite some time. And this is the lowest this chair has ever gone. The rep people gave this chair was also quite high so it was too good to pass up

    • Different models…

  • +1

    Interesting article about mesh seats here. Enough reasons to stop me buying before trying.

    • Yet they rate the Raynor quite well on their website. I think it's more just an awareness to the public.
      In all fairness I would love the Steelcase leap but the minimum price is atleast 2.5 times this chair

    • I'm hesitant to get a mesh chair for all of those reasons. My metro buro is a good chair but the mesh back rest which doesn't have enough give to be comfortable enough for me. Worst thing would be to get all mesh chair and have the seat be too hard.

      • I totally agree about the metro!! I have that too

  • How are these for the 6'2" and above man these days? I remember previously this manufacturer really suited short people?

  • Would assume Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh is the better buy over this in terms of quality and longevity?

  • This or ErgoDuke Ultra-Flex Ergonomic?

  • +1

    The lumbar support killed my lower back on the ergohuman v2 model. This looks different but do your research.
    Moved to a Herman Miller Aeron and it's slowly getting better :)

  • Not available to Perth.

  • anyone have a sub standard chair and upgraded to this? and have comments on if its worth upgrading or not?

  • I'm currently using this mesh chair:…

    Anyone know how this compare to Ergohuman's one? Looks similar.

  • Are the headrests adjustable?

    • -3


      • +1

        That's not ergonomic bro

  • How does this seat compare with Herman Miller's? if you would to use Herman to rate against it?

  • This or a second hand aeron?

    Or - at a bit over double the price - a leap V2?

    • It depends how much you're willing to spend for comfort. If money wasn't an issue. The leap v2 would be the best choice.

    • Where does one get a second hand aeron from?

  • ordered the one with aluminium frame and white mesh:

  • Thanks OP. I've been eyeing off these chairs for a while now. I've currently got the Metro Buro and just can't get it to feel comfortable, so hoping this will be a better option.

  • +1

    This is from the manufacturer (I believe)…

    It seems the plastic based frame is IOO project. And the aluminium based frame one is IOO.

  • I have ERGOHUMAN LUXURY MESH at the office, love it so far. I ordered this one for my personal use (gaming). Thanks OP!

  • Do these have adjustable armrest? I need one which I can retract when I play my guitar

  • Doesn't look like the ergohuman official site has this model for sale. The ebay version has plactic back support but the official site has chrome dual support. Could be due to older model?

    Link -…

  • MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.

    Is this extended 5 years on top of the existing 5 years so total 10 years warranty?

  • I am 5 foot 10 tall. Are these ok for this height? I see a few comments that these chairs are only really good for shorter people…

    • I'm 5 9 I can let you know but it hasn't arrived.and the minimum height stated is 5 foot 4 so I think we will be safe

      • ok thanks

  • Is the headrest really nescessary?

  • @maverickjohn, is it including the bonus?
    Buy your chair online and receive
    5YR Extended Warranty + Xblade Wheel Upgrade…

  • I noticed there is also an upholstered seat version.

    Anyone know how good these are compared to the mesh?

  • Got a used Mirra recently, but really ended up hating the plastic back. Giving this a shot instead.

  • Just a heads up these chairs have quite a pronounced lumbar region, so for those who prefer a flatter back it may not be suitable

    • lumbar cannot be adjusted?

  • +1

    Anyone else receive the chair and the bolts for the backrest don't screw in?

    • +1

      surprised your getting it so fast - my estimated delivery is Thu 10 Jun - Fri 11 Jun

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