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1kg Old School Blend $30 (Normally $40) + $5 Shipping (Free with $35 Order) @ Kai Coffee


Our Old School blend is our team's favourite. Grab a kilo for $30 dollars and feel free to get as many as you want for that price! If you get two you get free shipping! This complex four bean blend is made up of Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopian highest grade Specialty Coffee. The quality of bean and complexity of flavour is really fun to brew because different ratios and brewing methods pull out different flavours. Hit us up if you have any questions or suggestions on recipe.

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    Can you do delayed shipping (e.g. in about 3 weeks time)? The coffee looks great based on it's flavour profile

    I love your packaging by the way!

  • do a sample pack?

    • Not at this stage but we might do that.

  • When does this deal expire??

    • 31st at 11:30PM!

  • Have tried Arrow Blend from this these guys and was impressed with shipping (Qld based i think) and the beans. I just got an order from Inglewood so will hold off.

    • Thanks for the kind words mate! Shipping has been really hard with Covid delays.

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    I'm not impartial to buying 2kgs of beans in one go, and always keen to try new roasters - but $35 for one kilo delivered (or $60 for 2 kilos delivered) is just slightly outside recent deals….and I guess I've had it too good over the last little while. My Inglewood order will last for about another 1-2 weeks, then I'll need some more beans from somewhere….curse getting a new grinder and running through 200gms getting the grind right!

    • +1

      The struggle is real

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