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Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Bluetooth Night Light 2 US$11.99 (~A$16.02) Delivered @ GeekBuying


On sale is a new model of the popular Xiaomi Night Light 2 that adds Bluetooth functionality.

With the Mi Home app you can enable/disable the motion sensor, adjust the night light brightness, set the light duration (up to 60s) and set how much ambient light will trigger the motion sensor. The night light can also be set to work with other Xiaomi smart home products using IFTTT. This quick video shows it in action.

For mounting there is a removable magnetic base that it can be rotated on, an adhesive strip and powered by 3 AA batteries.

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  • +7

    I have one of these on a staircase for night feeds (put baby, not my fat ass).

    Works pretty well, had to rotate it a little as the pick up was average when the logo was facing down, has been reliable.

    Cats and small dog set it off.

    2 months on the low settings, expecting the batteries to go for a while yet, no sign of fading.

  • Discount only applies for one unit only? No deal.

    • +2

      Just one per order. You're welcome to make multiple orders.

      • that’s a hassle, but fair enough. if that’s what it takes to get multiple bargains

  • Just anyone know if this can be voice controlled with Google Assistant?

    • No voice control in this light.

      • Ok thanks

      • But it's compatible with IFTTT or other products that are so there would be a way.

  • whats bluetooth for?

    • Connecting to app I think

    • It's covered in the description 😉

  • Thanks Clear :)

  • Thanks mate, got one.

  • Thanks ordered two. Was sceptical about the Bluetooth as I couldn't find much info previously but good options to make it worthwhile.

  • Nice. Seems a tad heavy and bulky for a nightlight with 3x AA batteries and perhaps sticks out a tad if mounted on base? Might be handy for an overhead light pointing down.

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I have a non-Bluetooth version and didn't know this Bluetooth version exists. Always wanted to increase the duration of the light and this is just perfect.

  • Does this actually have Bluetooth? I have gone through the entire description and nowhere on your site does it mention Bluetooth.

    Also other videos on YouTube don't show it having a Bluetooth feature.

    • +2

      Have you checked the video I linked? I put detail in all my deals for a reason 😉 Geekbuying just copied the information over from the previous model.

      • Yeah the video link you posted does show the Bluetooth functions; it's just that Geekbuying website did not mention Bluetooth feature in the description and just wanted to confirm. Thanks for confirming!

        • +2

          Yeah they added the model name MJYD02YL-A with the -A to mean Bluetooth. You would have thought Xiaomi would opt for -B.

  • Op can you connect this to xiaomi gateway 3?

  • +2

    It looks like you can get motion, light and battery data into Home Assistant through this custom integration.

    • I was just wondering this but I can't see it listed on the compatibility page?

      • +1

        Yeah that’s confusing, but they have a move detailed compatibility list here.

    • Was thinking the same and whether it would work or if any real need. I cant see a lot of use personally as its only a night light. Perhaps could be tied into another action using the motion sensor? Good to know though and something to play around with when the time comes.

  • +1

    i am satying away from any Xiaomi product ,i had many of the product and now they sarted showing true colors - xiofang and defang web cam dont work ,home app is too intrusive ,too much ciniese i dont understand …i had miband - band 2 suddenly lost brightness after update , in just 3-4 months…xiaomi product dont integrate with ewelink app or other zigbee ,better to go for other open ended product from sonof etc

    • +1

      Its just a night light…..who cares, as just set and forget. As long as the light works, no reason to worry about cloud access etc.

    • +1

      Love that you got negs when you listed multiple legitimate complaints with their products.

      50 cent'ers sure get around!

  • If i have this in my hallway, I wonder if i'll be able to configure it so my cat doesnt activate the light, but i do.

    • +2

      Tilt it up in such a way that the motion is not detecting ground level.

  • Thanks for sharing. When I tried to apply, it said limitation has reached

    • Same here

      • Works now

    • Back in-stock

  • I'll see if I can get more included.

  • Hey OP. hope you can add more to the deal. couldn't order one

    • +1

      200pcs were allocated to this deal so I'll check if Geek can add more.

      • Yeah I need a couple of them

        • Back in stock.

          • @Clear: Thanks. I bought 3. Yes, I paid 3 times in a row.
            Please deliver them all together. Thanks, heaps!!!

  • One of mine arrived today. Waiting for the other to come. Setup was quick, haven't tested it yet though

  • Mine arrived today.
    Question to others. On the inside there is a switch that is meant to adjust brightness,. When viewing with button on the right, I believe Up = 3 lumen | Down = 25 lumen. When I switch mine between the two, the brightness doesn't seem any different. It does flash brighter for a sec while adjust between settings but both seem to end up the same. Can you let me know if your one has a major brightness difference please?

    • Same thing happened with me, not sure where you got the different lumens with the switch though. I used the app and was able to change brightness and duration

      • I don't want to use the app. The button on the inside apparently is for adjusting the brightness from Low to High. BUT doesn't seem to work or do anything, hence checking if your button does anything when flicked between the two? Online video showed one guy flicking the switch and is a major difference from Low/High. Perhaps needs to be preset in the App (Yet to check)?

        • I think that's for an older version. Google translate of the instructions that come with the light doesn't mention anything about brightness with that switch.

          It does exactly what you say when I switch mine.

          The app allows presetting.

          I didn't want to use the app either (another app in a sea of apps) but needed to to get the bind key for home assistant and used it to change the duration setting. I'll eventually uninstall it once everything set. Why don't you want to use the app?

          • @madpig83: App = Just another app amoung many. I'll do as you are and sort and can then leave App closed there after.
            You noted HA…….can it manage much (settings wise) and how are you adding (link please…..if any).

            • @Borg: Adding to HA using the custom BLE integration (see messages earlier in thread (sorry doing this on phone).

              At the moment it's only passive i.e. just reading the light / sensor status which I'm thinking I'll ultimately use to do other things (e.g. sensor detects movement, turn X on/off). I'm now wondering if HA can actually control any of the lights settings but I suspect not.

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