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FIMI X8 Mini 8KM GPS 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Drone US$319 (~A$423) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


This drone from Xiaomi backed FIMI is back on sale again for a lower price than before and shipping from Banggood's AU warehouse.

Update: Price is now cheaper at $319 US.

It has a range of 8KM, GPS, follow me function, 12 MP Sony Camera with 4K HDR video, 3-axis stabilised camera, USB-C fast charging, phone app & control, level 5 wind resistance and more features listed on the product page and videos.

These small lightweight drones will only get you about 30 minutes of fly time with a standard battery, which is enough time to get in the air, fly around and capture some good footage. Additional batteries including a larger 'Pro' battery can be purchased separately.

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  • +1

    Oh level 5 wind assistance. So much better than level 4.

  • Only allowed to fly drones within line of sight, not over people or houses including beaches, parks or sports ovals. It's a pretty big fine if someone complains.. These things including FPV as a hobby is dead in Australia. 8k range is pointless since if you or your spotter cannot see it (if flying FPV) you cannot fly it. You cannot take a photo or a video if someone else is in it without their consent. So pretty much only useful if you are flying over the ocean.


    • +5

      If everyone follows rules these things won’t get sold in Aus.

      • Well..I am a law abiding citizen and I shall not condone anything illegal ;-).. Fines are pretty sharp though ..I only fly fpv and never take pics.. which is not strictly legal but no one complains because they can see me…but these are meant for taking pics..hence the post.. people are more likely to complain if they see a drone over them without any operator close by whether you are shooting or not.. So just be aware of the laws before you invest in a flying camera.

        • Not many people notice a drone flying 100 meters over their heads.

          • +2

            @dosada: 3 years back maybe.. these days everyone does bud..not every day you see a drone buzzing overhead..my post was not meant to dissuade but to educate.. as long as the buyer is aware..all is well

        • Being in Tas I can pretty much go anywhere (particularly the west coast where no one lives) and fly drones anywhere without issue. Took it up Kunanyi a couple months ago with the snow overlooking the city.

          Definitely no flying to Bunnings for a snag though.

          • @Clear: As long as you are aware that if you are caught you may have to cop a hefty fine.. thats cool.. if the footage is public then you may have issues but as I said above.. my post was not meant to dissuade .. If you are aware of the risks and still like to do it ..by all means.. go nuts. I love FPV and shall not give it up but these things are meant for photography so I would not take the risk, personally for me, not worth it. I shall with FPV because I like that.. but to each his own.. just be aware and decide

        • totally agree with what you said.

          But again, I have to emphasis, the law is just too strict to follow. People rather take risk to fly these things anywhere they want. Otherwise how do you think the videos on TikTok and YouTube? There are too many drones in the sky.

          Don’t get me wrong. I am a well behaved citizen and am a Marvic pro owner. I only fly my drone in the nature places where rarely see people.

          • @pzhon: Movies these days project drones as surveillance or bomb delivery systems, most people who do not know better, are not very drone friendly. Your Mavic pro if it is the old gen with Ocusync can actually do more than 10ks without losing signal unlike the current gen wi fi models. If you send your drone 10ks out and someone calls the cops, by the time you retrieve it with a return to home, you may have company coming back with the drone. I am just making newbees aware of the pros and cons.

            We cannot fly FPV in Australia without a club membership and a spotter, rather CASA forbids it. I still fly because I have been building and flying drones for more than 4 years and will not stop but I am very careful where I fly because I am aware of the rules. People see me with goggles on and the small drone they don't care, things are different with a drone flying overhead without any operator in sight.

            • @shaidas: How quickly would they have to be to catch you flying? By the time someone gets there your flight time is over since batteries only last 15-30mons anyway

              • @edumacation: Very true hard to be caught .. unless you are caught retrieving the drone..even then it would be hard to prove that was the offending drone unless you were shooting and the video/photo shows that ..but true .. hard to catch.. just be aware

                • @shaidas: If you own a dji then your SOL. All your flights are logged and tracked

    • +5

      You cannot take a photo or a video if someone else is in it without their consent.

      Only if it's used for commercial purposes. In Australia there's no reasonable expectation to privacy in a public place:. The underlying principle is consistent with taking a photo/video with your mobile phone.

      If you’ve been photographed or filmed by a drone and the operator is an organisation or agency then they must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. The Privacy Act covers Australian Government agencies and organisations with an annual turnover of more than $3 million.

      The Privacy Act does not apply to individuals acting in a private capacity.

      • Thank you for the comment..I missed it before..but that is awesome.. thanks for the info..I have not been sued yet and I hope I never am but if I am, this will help.. thanks again

  • -2

    Oh wow. Standard battery up to 30 minutes, PRO battery up to 31 minutes. New definition of PRO

    • +4

      The Pro battery is lighter and reduces overall weight under 250g which help for licences in certain countries. Not about the extra 1m in the air

  • +1

    One key thing to note with this drone is the standard battery pushes it over the 250g drone registration limit, whereas the pro battery keeps it under. I'm assuming this is the real selling point of the pro battery.

  • -2

    For everyone else, please do not buy the Fimi, get a DJI mini used if not new. Motors, control board, build quality and most importantly software is better. Most people buy and use these things once or twice so great deals on used ones.

    • Any suggestions on where to look for a used DJI Mini or Mini SE at a decent price? Thanks.

      • +1

        Plenty on gumtree. Also check out DJI official refurbished. Usually a good couple hundred bucks cheaper than new, but completely indistinguishable from one.

    • But no active track on the mini, the main thing people actually need

      • Ah, no it's not. Not everyone is a Trump-level narcissist.

  • Shaidas you tell people all the rules about where they can fly and how far they can go and mention casa.Then you say don't buy fimi buy a dji haha you obviously haven't tried fimi for 400 dollars plus you can't go wrong they are very good quads .Ive been flying quads for about 8 years on a private property and have no problems at all,years ago when the mix bugs with GPS first came out people like you where telling me buy dji all the rest are rubbish.People like you need to worry about what suits you and not tell people what to do and buy.

    • Ok thanks for telling me what people like me should do :-D.. What kind of people am I ?

      • I don't think you're a kind of people but there's people who are people like you, that's what he was trying to say.

        • -1

          Did you mean normal or the walking dead kind? I know what he was trying to say..I am not trying the race card here but if you cannot even say what you have to say correctly maybe you should not say anything. Either ways..Fimi is great, DJI is just a better product in this category. Hopefully Fimi and other players will iron out the issues they have with their softwares which will make competition more healthy and better for consumers. As of right now..even at this price.. the DJI mini is a way better purchase.

          • @shaidas:

            Did you mean normal or the walking dead kind? I know what he was trying to say..I am not trying the race card here

            When he said "kind of people".. I think he meant as in personality - telling people what to buy and not to buy… Seeing a race issue out of nothing there I think mate.

  • I just bought a used dji spark and a new dji mini se - living in Sydney I just want to try them / learn to fly, but way too many restrictions on airspace to fly them legally…. I'm within 5kms oif the airport so that's out….all national parks are out without pre arranging permissions… Other parks are ok so long as there are no people,,,, Almost given up trying to find a good place I can actually legally fly the things without jumping through hoops!….

    • You cannot .. legally at least but if you read ahead all is not lost ..just make sure no one complains and you will be right

      • I've been pissed of with the same rule. I bought a DJI mini. Apart from my trip to South Australia, I was not able to use it much in NSW. Parks are totally out of question. I see so many drone shots on tiktok / insta for national parks but when I look at the rules, I've got to apply for some permission. I'm atleast 90% of the tiktokers didn't get any permission.

    • Remove the NFZ restrictions.

      I'm not condoning flying near airports/hospitals, but an empty park should be fair game. This is just ridiculous.

      • +1

        It's a total abrogation of your human rights, not being able to fly a drone wherever you want to

  • How about inspecting your roof and solar panels etc? Is that legal or do I need to get persmission from my neighbours etc?

    Who would want to photograph people in a park? That's so strange because you can just walk up to them an stare instead or just photograph using smart phony.

    • It's petty but I mean they can dob you in for not flying 30m away from people.

      I guess if your cool with your neighbours then they wouldn't mind. Just give him a go at inspecting his roof aswell

      • Good point. I think I will speak to my neighbours before I get one. Thanks.

  • One day I went to Long Jetty, NSW to capture some beautiful sunset scenes. I had just barely taken off the drone and there was no one around expect one couple in a corner of the park. As soon as it went up, the huge guy came running to me and said, "can't you ****ing see, we are trying to have an alone time there? Take that ****ing thing down". From that day on, I have been particular about not launching drones in "public" space leaving me almost 0 places where I can launch the drone.

    • +1

      That's where you tell them to piss off.

      • Haha, he was huge, and I'm not that well built. Didn't want to make a scene there! But I do quite a few checks before I launch a drone. Such as checking the OpenSky, checking for the winds, etc. But this was another level. I really hope a few laws can be adjusted for recreational purposes.

        • I am wondering if someone approaching you in aggressive manner and swearing at the same time using F-words extensively, is not it a criminal case ?

          • @Foma2: Let's become the US even more than now. They're such a great role-model in terms of behaviour

          • @Foma2: Maybe, just didn't want to make a scene, so landed immediately and drove home.

            • @ModiWar: I acted the same way in a similar situation.
              My personal belief is that people who do not like drones have some mental problems.
              I heard a drone buzzing in the sky above my house a couple of times.
              I just waved them although I do not think that I was filmed as most like the camera was pointing in a different direction and drone was flying too high.

    • Try taking off somewhere private where they won't see where you take-off/land then you're okay.

    • You mean he was behaving obscenely (or pleasuring himself) in public?? Isn't that illegal?

      • Apparently they were on a picnic after a long time. That's what he told me 🤣

        • BUHAHAHAH!!! I love some outdoor fun just like the next guy but man, he must have been denied for so long, therefore on the edge!!

  • Can we get a code for the Pro Model for the Chinese site? The Pro model (battery) is not in stock in Australia.

  • Can one use an old HTC Vive as FPV goggles at all?

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