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HEYMIX 65W Gan 3-Port (2 USB-C & 1 USB-A) PD QC Charger AU Plug SAA Cert (Black/White) $36.54 + Delivery @ AU Select Amazon AU


Good price for GaN tech charger for under $40, FREE delivery for Prime subscribers. Also available in White colour https://www.amazon.com.au/HEYMIX-Charger-3-Port-Certificated...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I've ordered one of these to use with my new P6. Hopefully it charges at the full 30W, though based on my first days use, my old 18W charger seems fast enough.

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      Using the same charger with my S21Ultra, getting Super Fast Charging. Other 15W/18W chargers shows Fast Charging

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    It’s been around this price historically on few occasions with a free 100w cable. I was gonna pull the trigger a few days ago on this, but decided to wait. No rush from my perspective - history shows these will eventually drop in price again.

    • me 2
      really need a cable proper cable to handle 65w
      I have the 45 w version, so I can wait.

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    Regarding the whole Gallium Nitride thing, it's been revealed in a few teardown videos that many products claiming to contain GaN FETS a making the claim falsely.
    Along my travels so far it's looking like this is pretty rife, with 3 out of 4 products on average making the claim falsely.

    Just something to beware of.

    Some info..

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      Isn't one of the main points of a GaN charger the lack of heat it generates? Maybe over simplistic of me, but if it gets anything more than trivially warm when using, might be a sign of what you're talking about?

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        That and theyre significantly smaller.

        This one is tiny and runs pretty cool. I have two of them and I'm very happy with both.

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        Yes, faster switching time and lower impedance is what it's all about.
        Essentially the power supply design isn't significantly different, but this one main component performing better can net an slight reduction in heat and slight increase in efficiency.

        That said the fact that a significant majority of the devices claiming to contain GaN are bogus, along with the benefits being small makes me really not all that interested.

        A charger is a charger and GaN is only a trivial improvement, and only if implemented properly, not just dumped into an existing design to replace a standard FET.

  • I would like opinion from anyone using it, on how well it stays in the plug with 3 cables plugged in it. I think GaN chargers are heavy and with this rectangle design are they prone to come out of the plug?

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      I own two of these (bought during last Prime Day Sale) - can confirm they are not heavy at all.

      Both charges my Lenovo Ideapad no issue.
      They even slow charge my work laptop which requires 125w charger.

      Mine came with the 100W cable and but they were not working to charge my Lenovo
      Bought the Baseus 100W cables and worked fine.

      I would recommend GaN chargers (it doesn't have to be this specific brand)

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      No problems here.

  • Any 100w charger recommended?

  • Can i use it for my poco x3 pro ?

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