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Steelcase Gesture w/ Headrest $1,560 + $79.20 Delivered (or Free Pickup from TNT Depots) @ ARKI Environments


Have been looking for a supportive chair for ages as I'm wfh and the back pain is too much. I tried herman miller and many others but I needed a chair with a headrest, and this one was the most comfortable. OOS from steelcase directly but found one through this dealer for a nice discount.

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  • How these compare to Herman Miller?

      • Sorry, accidentally pressed "-" instead of "+". Small screen on the phone. Good comparison

        • No worries 🤣

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      I've tried herman miller aeron and embody many times in showrooms and honestly found the aeron to be very overrated. The embody was pretty good but I personally needed a headrest so had to pass on that.
      Also the Gesture came out cheaper than both chairs so I'm glad I went with this instead.

      • I personally have the Aeron and completely agree. I feel the RRP of the aeron leans more towards the fb marketplace rates of $700~

      • +1

        There will be a headrest coming soon for the embody chair made by 'Atlas headrest' which are ex HM employees they make the best headrest for the Aeron as well.

        • yep heard of that, but the embody is already like 1.9k, that headrest looks way more complicated than their aeron atlas so it will probably be priced really high. There’s also a really long wait and I needed a fitting chair asap.

      • I have an Aeron and the headrest, use it full-time and can confirm it's nothing special and I would price it at around $200. Maybe it is me because I also think the Dunlopillo feels like a regular pillow.

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      I have a HM Aeron at work, Steelcase leap V2 at home. I've used both daily for 2 years now. Both are good and and miles better than the standard "office" chairs but the HM is the better of the two in all aspects IMO. Better build quality, better adjustability, better comfort. I know some don't like the mesh, but I prefer it. Not sure how the Gesture compares, but don't think I'll buy another Steelcase.

  • I read at $156

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      my bad co,mma but,ton br,oke

      • Also read it as $156, I clicked on it so fast :(

  • What’s the normal price on this?

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      Retail price from steelcase directly shows $1,989 and its oos, but from arki it shows $1,950 normal price.

  • What’s the normal price for it?

  • I wonder if black friday sales will bring this down further.
    Hard to say with limited stock and high demand

    • When I spoke to staff on the phone they said it’s unlikely they’ll have another sale before xmas and even then I doubt it would be lower than this tbh

  • Nice chair, although if things get a little a hot and sticky, a mesh chair (eg, ergohuman) is going to be hard to beat

    • I use fabric chairs and they are very much made to breathe.

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    Thanks for posting! Is the headrest on the gesture comfortable? The leap v2 was not comfortable when I tried it, but then again it's not a deal breaker in my case.

    Gesture vs Leap anyone?

    • I looked at many reviews on youtube and they seem to agree that leap V2 headrest isn’t that great that’s why I avoided that model, but the gesture’s has heaps of adjustments.
      Only down side seems to be that its not removable

  • Would this one be twice as good compared to recently posted GTChair - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659776 or DV10E from Costco - https://www.costco.com.au/Home-Furniture/Office/Office-Gamin...

    • That chair isn't even close to the same standard.

  • Is there somewhere we can go and try these out?
    Are there good show rooms that stocks a good range including other brands?

    • There's a Steelcase showroom in Melbourne where you can try a bunch of Steelcase chairs (Leap and Gesture being most popular). Herman Miller chairs (Embody and Mirra, maybe Aeron) were available at the Living Edge showroom in Richmond last year when I went to check them out, I didn't have much luck finding a showroom with multiple brands though unfortunately

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      I live in Sydney, and I went to Steelcase Pyrmont showroom to try out their chairs.

      For herman miller, theres Living Edge and “sit back& relax” in Alexandria as well as Seated in Rozelle.

      • I asked a same question and then saw your reply. Are those show rooms open in the weekend? Always want to have a try.

        • +1

          I think they all needed a booking except Livingedge. Best to give em a call or checkout their websites before coming in

    • Would love to know if there’s a place in Perth to try out different brands of higher end office chairs. I want to get a better chair, but I find it hard to drop this kind of money without trying the thing first.

  • Just something to be aware of with ARKI.

    "If product in stock, orders will be dispatched between 10-25 days (mon-fri) from order and you will be notified with a tracking when it has departed our warehouse."

    That's up to 25 business days, even if it's in stock. I know this because I have been waiting for my Leap v2 to be shipped for over a month now.

    • Hmm yeah I should add when I called they told me they do orders on a weekly basis and that if I order for TNT depot pickup today it should be ready on Monday. It probably differs by model or region.

  • Anyone knows where we can try these expensive chairs in Sydney?

    • Look up, someone just asked this.

    • Book an appointment in their Pyrmont store.

  • Plain black Leap V2 for $1040 seems like the better deal IMO.
    (unless you're desperate for a headrest)


  • At home we have the Aeron remastered, Leap v2 and Gesture. My favorite is the Aeron because of the mesh, built quality, long lasting value and ergonomics. The Gesture and Leap v2 are quite close….

  • I would also suggest Haworth (Fern or Zody) as an alternative - there is Herman Miller too.

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