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Weber 57cm Compact Kettle $219.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Not as cheap as previous deal of $189.99 at Costco but still an excellent price if in the market for Weber Kettle

It’s time to barbecue. Experiment with simple dishes and barbecuing methods or jump right in with a recipe you’ve been craving to try. It’s only a matter of time before your Compact charcoal barbecue becomes a part your everyday life.

This product features:
Rapidfire Charcoal 'V' Grate
Removable no rust aluminium ash catcher
No rust aluminium vents
The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook
Same great flavour, compact size
Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid
2 Char-Basket charcoal fuel holders
Glass reinforced nylon handle
Wire bottom shelf for convenient storage
Chrome plated steel, hinged cooking grill
Crack proof all weather wheels
Free cover

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    Or… save 99c, and the Costco membership fee, here: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/weber-k61597-57c...
    Or your local Mitre 10 store: https://www.mitre10.com.au/weber-compact-kettle-bbq-black

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    I'd take this if it was in stock. Seen these frequently used on masterchef and by a lot of chefs.

    • $320! Obviously a decent size but you could go something like this. I was lucky enough to get one on sale for $50. Great little units.


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        lol, not the same. doesn't have a lid. you lose a lot of heat and lose the great smokey flavour.

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            @snagseb: totally different things. The real stuff being using proper material is able to keep the heat better. The $50 kogan ones are just normal clay which is no where near the same quality.

            • @pkjames: For the price difference, I would hope so. But it works pretty good for a $50 unit. And you're right, it is clay. It's tiny, but it's nice to sit around with a few mates and just chuck thing strips of beef on there and eat it off the grill… that's mainly what I like about it. I've got 3 smokers, 2 webers, charcoal pits, sous vide and even a broiler. It has its use case.

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            @snagseb: smoky flavour can only come from being in an enclosure. you haven't tasted real smokey bbq then if you think you are getting it from an open fire.

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              @Hugh G Rection: Mate… again, I don’t think you’re on the same page. I was replying to pkjames about the Hibachi grill not the Weber. I mentioned charcoal flavour which you can absolutely get on an open grill. You seem to be referring to smoking meat, which comes from the flavour of WOOD not a closed grill. I really can’t explain it anymore than that. Kinda weird how you seem a bit passive aggressive over a comment. I’ve cooked low and slow bbq going on about 7 years now, hence why i own 3 smokers. I love it. So yeah, I’ve tasted plenty of smoked bbq. I think you need to read up a bit more on how smoking meat works. Happy to offer any tips, just tell me what you’re confused about :)

      • Hey, very interested to get one!! thanks for the recommendation!

  • What's the difference between this and the premium?

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      The ashtray for one. You definitely don't want this one. A little wind and you've got ash flying everywhere.
      And the dimensions are vastly different. You have more height, depth with the premium compared to this one. And if you get the rotisserie addon, you might find it difficult with this one with it's smaller lid than the premium.

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        Premium's ash catcher is of course great and convenient. But the ashtray is not so bad either. I had mine without problems on Weber Classic for around 10 years on a balcony with light coloured tiles. The ash is produced with a slow rate and quickly getting baked with one in the ashtray, so it is quite resistant to wind most of the time.

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        No, you don't get ash flying everywhere with any amount of wind.

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      There are a few differences - obviously the size and some accessories, like ash catcher and grate.
      But the most important IMO is the kettle's quality of build. The premium one (actually all Weber kettles, except this Compact) have all their fittings - for handles and legs - welded to the kettle before it is covered with with enamel. It gives Weber's famous longetivity - all parts of the kettle have the same expansion rate and sealed with a quality enamel, so no cracks, no rust.
      The Compact one is built differently - the legs and the handle are just bolted through. The bolts create stress in the attachment points (holes in the kettle) and crack the enamel, exposing the metal to the oxidation.

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  • I've got one of these. It's great. Have made some great low and slow briskets. But if you are buying it for the "compact" as I did then just get the full sized weber. I don't think there is any actual difference in the width. You just end up loosing some height which can be a pain with larger items to cook. I'll be buying the premium version when I get the opportunity.

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    i bought a similar one from bunnings for a lot cheaper. yup, i just checked again, its $68


    buy 2 or 3 to cook different food at the same time for your parties, and still comes out cheaper then buying 1 from costco. lol

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      They are not remotely comparable from a quality, warranty, service and spare parts perspective. I've had both knock offs and originals (various sizes), I havent purchased a knock off since getting an original.

      I use mine regularly but, so not to say they don't have a use case.

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        it cooks bbq. is your Gucci shirt better than a Kmart shirt? what if you took the logo off of it, would you still pay that outrageous price? the bunnings one is so cheap you don't have to replace it, you just buy another. lol.

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    I have had the opportunity to use a number of different Weber kettle BBQs over the years and wanted to add some other detail to what the other posters have also mentioned.

    While I haven't owned one of these compact kettles, my sister has one that I have cooked on for a number of family get togethers and can give this insight:

    • The footprint of the Weber Compact (98cm H X 56cm W X 63cm D) is pretty much the same as the original Weber kettle (100.3cm H X 57.2cm W X 63.5cm D). As the size difference is negligible, (ie will only squeeze into slightly smaller gaps for storage), the Original is still a better option.
    • Shorter lid depth limits what you can cook within (ie we did the Christmas ham and roasts in my original Weber, and used the compact for the smaller cuts)
    • Shorter lid depth also means the handle on the lid is closer to the coals. What does this mean? It means that it can get feckin' hot on hotter or longer cooks, much hotter than on a deeper lid.
    • The compact has a standard round grill, while the Original has a hinged cooking grill, meaning you can open the grill at the hinged sides to add more coal, or wood for smoking.
    • Does not have the Weber one touch cleaning system found on the Original. A couple of points on this:
      • The one touch cleaning system is a system of three 'fans' that sit inside the bowl that function as both your bottom vent controls, but also can be used to remove ash and debris after/during a cook.
      • The second point is another heat-related one. The one touch on the Original kettle also has a long handle on the bottom of the kettle, that helps you operate the vents, the compact does not, it has a little aluminium tab. This tab can also get feckin' hot on hotter and longer cooks.
    • As @Cupa Bundy Drinker mentioned in this thread, the legs are not attached via welded mounts, but bolted through the body of the kettle, a point of stress for the build, but also adding stress to the clean up afterwards (the other Weber kettles from Original upwards, have a cleaner profile inside, making them much easier to clean).

    The price is excellent and the bonus items are great if you wanted to get into Weber kettle cooking at the groundfloor, this is a good option. If space is a concern then this is also good option, but wanted to make sure that you knew some of the ins and outs. If you were into patio cooking, then you could also be looking into a Weber Q gas systems… but I still prefer cooking with charcoal.

    As others have said, generally, the build quality and heat retention of a Weber Kettle (especially their Weber Original series) is excellent when compared to the knock offs.

    If you are more seriously interested in getting into cooking with charcoal, then I would get an Original, Premium, or Mastertouch.
    Personally, the Original is more than enough for what I do.

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    webers are super confusing to me, look like just a metal egg, but seem to sell really well, even second-hand ones sell for more than knock-offs.

    can't tell how much is brand name circle jerking and how much is actually a good product.

    looking for something to do slow-cooked roasts on (6+ hours)

    • (Not sure if the below is relevant to the subject model, but relevant for the other Weber Kettles)

      In the US Weber is not so expensive, but it is a big heavy box costs a lot to deliver to Australia. They have some advantages as well - thicker metal, good enamel, many years of experience. Even Weber's basic wire grate is good enough. After 10 years it will be operating very similar to day one. You buy it and close this question forever. And if you decide to sell it, you will get 30-50% of the money you paid (maybe even more if you lucky to buy a rare one).

      The cheap knock offs (ok, there is some good non-weber kettles for a Weber similar price) have a good chance to become a heap of rust in two years period - they are often made from thin metal and thin (almost like a paint) enamel. Rusty thin grate will be absorbing smell from fish and give it back to steak. You will be lucky if some one collect if for free from the kerbside.

      Slow and low is ok. Here is The snake technique :) https://heatbeads.com.au/hints-and-tips/cooking-low-n-slow-s...

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      Take it from someone who has bought both knock offs and weber originals, it's not a circle jerk they are better and IMO worth the money. I wish I had of bought second hand in the first place (and listened to the people that told me so!) rather than think "I can get a new one for the same price". Second hand ones can take a long time to find the right one that's all. If your buying new, 10 year warranty and great customer service, distribute the cost of that time period it's really not alot.

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    can't tell how much is brand name circle jerking and how much is actually a good product.

    No doubt there's a premium for the brand, but after owning an original kettle for 2 years I'd also say they're a really good product, would be interesting to try one of the knock-off brands and see how well they stack up.

    I've got a brisket going in my weber as we speak, been holding a steady 130C since a bit before lunchtime, once you get the hang of the vents it's pretty easy to do everything from pizzas through to low and slow cooks.

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