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Samsung Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar $1252 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Samsung HW-950A Soundbar
11.1.4 channel as it comes with the soundar, sub and 2x rear speakers.
Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
On sale for $1795 at TGG regular website

Really good, top quality unit. I got this recently to go with 65 LG C1 and I have not been disappointed at all.
I'm yet to fully tweak the settings on mine - I am waiting until I can get some speaker stands, but the fact that it connects to the Samsung SmartThings app is handy.
Three things to keep in mind with this model:
1. It is a beast, the soundbar itself is one of the biggest I have seen so make sure you got room.
2. It does not come with rear speaker stands, and unfortunately Samsung don't sell any so you will have to find 3rd party ones (if anyone has any good recommendations, I am all ears).
3. You will not be able to use the Q-Symphony mode that it advertises unless you have a new-ish Samsung TV. But I didn't care too much about that, I always find TV speakers too 'tinny' anyway.

I know that TGG Commercial needs membership, but you may be able to try price-matching or negotiating at JB/TGG. I have been able to do this before I had access to the Commercial website.

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The Good Guys Commercial

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    Also following for rear speaker stands

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      Not sure why last comment didn't work.
      Anyway here at the two I am looking at:
      This one is $70 and has a nasty $60 postage fee.
      The other one doesn't have any cable management and looks a little flimsy but is free postage and only $55.

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        I have the Mounting Dream one and it is perfect. I have searched around and that was the best priced and quality available (cable management works well).
        Cost me $90 delivered when i bought it couple months ago.

        • Yeah that’s definitely the one I want the most. Hard to justify the $60 postage though so I’ll wait.

      • Now $117 aud delivered amazon.com.au

    • There was a good suggestion on whingepool.

      Just try Google and they looked really good quality.

  • It's always been this price? Regarding speaker stands, I bought these when they were $80. Keep an eye, price keeps fluctuating

    SANUS Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony and Others) - Set of 2 - Model: HTBS https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B002HZHUCW/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • Has it? Well still a good bargain if you can price-match it at a normal TGG which i have managed to do before.

      How do you find those stands? Strong enough to hold up the Q950A rear speakers? I always question how good the ones without a horizontal platform are.

      • Well, it's been 1253 and they dropped a $. The speaker stands are strong. They look good too.

    • Those stands are no good, they won't hold the weight of the rear units. This set has very heavy ones, specs say stands must be able to take 8kg.

      • +1

        8kgs!? Really? The speakers themselves are only 1.8kgs.

      • @equinoxxx What drugs are you on? Please send me a private message. I'm keen to buy. The stands are perfect for the surround speakers.

        • It's in the manual on page 30? I am not saying that you should go and buy stands that support 8kg, I noted what the manual stated that is all (I wasn't clear). :)

    • Shipping extra $55??? Or was it free for u? From overseas

  • Am assuming amp is required for this.. any suggestions?

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      Doubt it requires an amp, if this is 15.1 channels the amp would cost a fortune.

    • +2

      No amp required. I use eArc hdmi from tv to the sound bar.

      • Thanks. Not sure if this is level with the proper 5.1 system for theatre. Research time..

  • Sorry for this out-of-the-topic question but how to get the TGG Commercial Membership?

    • +5

      If you sign up to SunSuper you can apply for access for free. There's no requirement to put any money into the new account.


      • Can also get it through Senior Shoppers if you've got someone you know with a senior's card.

      • Will I be able to get access immediately once I signup for SunSuper now or do I have to wait?

        • Takes a bit of time, I think they have to validate the account or something from memory.

      • Thank you

    • Or REST. But if you are a REST member, get your GGC membership and change super funds as soon as possible!

  • I got the q950a a few weeks ago to replace my Samsung Q90R system which is the slightly earlier version of the Q950a. This new soundbar sounds so much better. Must be it's auto EQ settings plus the extra speakers.

    I also hava a MartinLogan 1100x subwoffer which I wanted to add to this system. I did so and it sounds fantastic! Did so using its high-level inputs and attached them to the Samsung sub speaker connector on the woffers circuit board. Now it is Bluetooth compat.

    Great unit. Great price.

    • -2

      How did you add an additional speaker? Did you open up the Samsung sub and do soldering?

    • Curious as to how this is done as well.

    • Hi guys,

      Never had an issue with satellites dripping out on my Q90R and not on the Q950a. The drop-out issue is with the Q950T, last year's model. I'd say get it. Super value for money.

      And yep, the cct board on the q950a woofer has a speaker out connector, pull six screws and you can tap the high level speaker input from your better subwoofer either attach the sub in parallel with the existing speaker in the Samsung sub or so as I did unplug the internal speaker cable and plug the other woofer cable I made up in. I got a similar cct board connector from Jaycar. Super easy.

    • Also works perfectly with my 2020 sony 4ktv. EArc works well. The 3d bubble it creates is amazing, no other surround sound system I have had comes near. Even my older denon for movies in my 11x9m room.

      • Can you please share your settings on speaker levels.

  • While top of the line Samsung soundbars sound amazing when they work, and this is a good price, Samsung drops support on these annual reskins quicker than the new model.

    The 2nd gen (this is 4th from memory) has an issue where the satellites constantly drop in and out about once a second and the subwoofer chuffs at random. This is the model that wouldn't hold a stable connection with the rears for the first six months it was on sale.

    Bose and Sonos support their products far longer and provide a better experience with similar great sound.

    Highly recommend not to buy.

    • +1

      This model wasnt holding connection? Samsung have released multiple firmware updates though.

      The Sonos was a very good sound too, but to get a surround sound setup it was easily $3k (as they don't go on sale like ever), so I decided to get the Samsung one.

      Do you mean they're not releasing updates/support for the last model of Samsung systems?

      • +1

        Yes, Samsung isn't updating their older soundbars. Kinda annoying when a $1300 piece of equipment just stops working properly a few years after purchase.

  • +5

    11.1 with 3 speaker units rofl

  • if possible, can someone please check for me how much is the logitech combo touch ipad pro 11" on Thegoodguys commericial?



    • +3


      • Thanks for checking

  • +1

    Had a Q900A which is the same as this without rear speakers and found not having the display at the front annoying. Also the material covering the whole soundbar was hard to keep clean. It didn’t play nicely with my Sony TV so returned it for a Yamaha YSP 2700. No regrets.

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    Had this for about 6 months now, really good sound (had previously ran a Yamaha Receiver + Dalis + SVS sub). Musically definitely not there with a full system, but the surround effects that envelopes you on good atmos movies is surely impressive.

    Very recently got a firmware update and now have Chromecast audio enabled (controllable through Google Home and speaker groups)… Definitely another big plus in my books.

    @ mo6842, the combo touch is $235

    • thanks for checking

    • Wow, thanks. Just checked and the new firmware with Chromecast is now an option.

    • How do you update the firmware on the sound bar?

      • +1

        Go to/download Samsung SmartThings app, click on the soundbar, click on the three dots on the top right, click on information, firmware update will be available there.

        • What version are you running I'm on.


          Sub Module S/W Version

          Plugin Version


          • @Jklaro: Only difference is my firmware version, it's HW-Q950AWWB-1009.2

            Firmware was received and installed automatically around 3-4 days ago (I had auto-update enabled)

  • How well does this compare with Arc? Anyone tried both?

    • I am also interested to know. I have the arc and it sounds good but I don't feel that the surround effect is that good with dolby atmos.

      • do you have rear SL one speakers as well with the Arc?

        • Only the arc no rear or sub yet. But if you add those these 2 are not in the same price bracket .

    • There are a lot of reviews on YouTube comparing the 2. The general gist I've gotten is (I own neither).

      With the Arc, Sonos screw you on HDMI ports by consuming a port (while the Samung gives you ports back).
      Samsung supports DTS, the Arc does not.
      The Arc is allegedly better in terms of construction and looks. You cannot even compare the 2. The Samsung is basically a block wrapped in cloth that your cat will love shredding and everything in the world will stick to.
      The Arc has a display in the front, Samsung feels the display belongs where you cannot see or use it without getting up.
      The Arc will hold its resale value, while the Samsung is worthless as soon as you pay for it because Samsung will supersede it the next day with a new model.
      Overall the Samsung is better bang for you $ and is now an overall better device.

      Apart from the aesthetics and resale value, it seems like the Samsung is a better device in terms of what I've looked at. But that's just based off of my own looking into it, I am no expert.

  • +1

    This is more imersive than the Arc, better for movies and much better bang for buck. Many more speakers too. Arc is better for music and good for movies.

  • Anyone price matched in NSW?

  • Is anyone able to post a screenshot of TGGC price for this? (DM or reply would be great)

  • Any easy way to get access to good guys commercial ? I have aus super

    • Do they have access? I know Sun and Rest do from memory.
      I just created an account with Sun, didn't deposit anything so it doesn't charge you any fees and got access that way. Takes a few days to verify from memory….and they may eventually shut down the super fund due to it being empty but meh

      • looked at pds of rest, it does mention fixed admin fees ..will they not charge that?

        • Sun haven't charged me anything since I've been with them.

      • aussuper doesn’t have access to gcc

  • Anyone able to get the alexa working on the sound bar in active mode?
    I am able to get it working only in passive mode, that is using alexa on external device (iphone) to play music on q950a, but when I say Alexa without the external device (just soundbar on its own) alexa doesn’t responds? is it region thing? may be active mode is disabled in Australia?

  • When do you reckon the new model will come out and is it worth waiting for that one?

  • +1

    Got this for $1240 at Harvey Norman Springvale Vic. I can post the invoice if anyone needs…!

    • Thanks, could you please post an invoice

    • Yes please share with me! Made an account just for this

  • Yes please for the invoice, would a Harvey Norman price match this if I'm based in NSW?

  • Would be keen to get it for that price too

  • Sorry..How do you upload the invoice here….?

  • Unfortunately the deal's expired now. Must have just missed out. :(

    Anyone know what/when the chances of this deal coming back again?

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