eBay Gumtree Promotion (Wave FVF) No Longer Working

eBay Gumtree Promotion (Wave FVF) No Longer Working ?

I have been using this promotion occasionally with large value items for ebay

But these two months all of my imported listings in ebay have been charged FVF

Spoken to live chat and email them screenshot but got a claim rejected message with no further explain.

Just wondering if this has happened to others and what to do from here?


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    This has been the case for a while now*

    *Purely anecdotal from other forum posts I recall

    You need to wait for deals like this now. Saved me a fortune and the only reason to use eBay now.

    • Not everyone is getting targeted for those offers though, unfortunately.

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    eBay is terrible for sellers (just search the forums for example). The other platforms (Scumtree, FB) are bad as well of course but if you do cash and meet in person it mitigates some of the risk for a seller.

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    It's been working for me for the past two months. Get charged only 30 cents for two items I list through gumtree

    • Opposite here, getting hit with the fees on each of the 2 items for the last couple of months. I'm wondering if my adblockers have anything to do with it. Will be making sure they're off this time before even listing on Gumtree.

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    I listed something recently thru gumtree and it brought up a new loading screen saying importing listing or something. That item sold and I just checked I’ve paid a fee ugh (normal fee not 30c).

    • Yep, if you get on to live chat they usually say to wait 15 days for the fee to be refunded. Usually doesn't happen though. I'd suggest setting a reminder for every 15 days or so to check, and then opening up chat again if the refund/s still aren't there. Chat really aren't helpful though; they just keep repeating the same lines each time. I've resorted to actually calling eBay several times if it goes on too long without a refund/credits.

      • Did you end up getting a fee refund after calling them? Or still given the runaround?

        • More of the latter, really. But you at least get to talk to someone from eBay (although the call centres aren't in Aus).

          I was on the phone to them multiple times chasing a $50 voucher for a while (from the 10% back promo) and eventually it worked out alright - they gave me a $150 voucher.

          Can't really remember now about fee refunds though (from calling them); maybe once a couple months back, but there's been many I've had to chase.

  • thanks for all the input guys. I am guessing it works randomly when you click on that import button :(

    • I am guessing it works randomly

      Like their website.

      Or their other selling promotions to remove the FVF which have a strange habit of not working which results in eBay aquiring money.

      Wait it's not strange it's just fraud.

  • Ah, my current hobby horse. I have made some enquiries with eBay and this is the last response I got:

    "There are certain internal guidelines which we need to follow to make things right for our members. The credit which is not received for the Gumtree Promotion is one such instance, wherein we need to wait till 15 days after the item sold if the final value fee is charged. Hence, I would appreciate your co-operation and request you to wait for 15 days from the date your item is sold to check if you receive the final value fee credit. If not received the credit till 15 days, you can then contact us on the 16th day for us to escalate it further and make manual check by our team who are looking into it."

    One thing I do note is that there is no mention of this 15 day "waiting period" anywhere in their Gumtree offer terms and conditions. I think it'd be something most people would want to know?

    For what it's worth. The gumtree promo has worked for me in the past…

  • For some reason this promo isn't working for me. After I list a item on gumtree I get the message-

    "Your ad has been created! Occasionally ads may take a few hours to go live. Don't forget to complete your eBay ad below."

    But there is no option to list the item on ebay. Am I missing something?

  • i had the button to list on ebay and pay 30c so i listed. sold and got charged full fee so i did the chat - just couple days ago.
    the guy said the promotion should be exist anymore and sometimes people still see the link.
    they said they will end this completely by 31 Dec 2021.
    anything before that if you see the promo link on gumtree then quick list it to ebay they will honour the promotion.
    yeah i got promised 15 days too… urg……. its worth $160 so i will chase ebay to hell if i need to

  • Damn it looks like the promo is now gone. Yes it was hit and miss at time but ebays fees are like 14% now. What a rip.

  • lots hate ebay but actually i sold many with just $1 fees (yeah waiting for the promo) and that saved me lots of $$$.

  • Hey guys, I just had this happen to me on an eBay sale where the final value fee ended up being $380 (instead of 30c, like the promotion guaranteed). I’d used the promotion throughout 2021 with no problems, until the end of Nov 2021.

    I called eBay twice and they gave me the run around, told me it was Gumtree who owed me the money, promised I’d get it in 15 days. Didn’t get anything. Called eBay again and same thing happened, they said they were escalating it with gumtree.

    After waiting a month I then decided to contact Gumtree directly (spoke with someone through their live chat, whose manager then emailed me after to follow up, that same day) - they had no idea about it even though eBay had said repeatedly they’d sent all the info through to Gumtree.

    So I had to provide all the info to Gumtree again- gumtree ad name, eBay item ID number, date the listing started on eBay, date the listing sold on eBay, my eBay username etc.

    Gumtree said it was eBay who owed me the refund of the fee (as I thought, seeing as it was eBay who took the fee), even though eBay had repeatedly said on the phone that it was Gumtree who were supposed to reimburse me.

    Thankfully, just a few days after contacting Gumtree (last week), it was resolved and I’ve just gotten an email saying they’ve processed the $380 payment to me from eBay!

    I credit this resolution entirely to Gumtree. Encourage anyone else who this has happened to to contact Gumtree as well, via their live chat.

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    weird for me ebay chat for less than 5 mins resolved the issue, they can see i listed from gumtree and told me they stop the promo ebaygumtree but due to system failing it still showing the promo on gumtree page, they will honour it.
    and i got the extra payment on my bank in 5 days. happy jan. saving me $150 just from one sold item

    • Thanks for providing that info.

      I've been losing my mind this morning trying to post to eBay from GumTree for the promotion. The button shows and when you list it says "completed below to post to eBay" but there is no options to proceed.

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        The same thing happened to me.

        I posted a item on gumtree on the 23rd of December and it worked on eBay, so I tried to list another item again the next day and it didn't work. So I assume they disabled it on the 24th of December.

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          Yup i did listed 2 items on 22nd dec. No more now

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        Same thing happening too.

  • So no January $1 FVF offers so far?

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    Bummer just tried to use the Gumtree -> eBay FVF promotion and it is GONE :(!! So sad since posting on eBay with full FVF is definitely not worth it

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      ye, can not find it any more, will wait for something similiar to come back. The current 12.5% fee on ebay is killing casual sellers.

  • I'm very confused. I listed an item this week on Ebay which sold today and it's only showing the fee as 30c even though I didn't post it through Gumtree.

    I do have the item on Gumtree too but don't know of any targeted ebay promotions nor are any showing up in my ebay promotions page.

    If you post something on Gumtree the post to ebay button is still there (however it's a dead link) on the page where you put in the ad description but is missing from your ad page summary.

    The promo page is still up however so I don't know what is going on.


    • Weird, I'm not too sure what to make of it. I haven't sold stuff through ebay for a while and tried it today.

      The usual button which allows you to export the ad to ebay is now just a tick button? You press it and it just says added. It doesn't take you to ebay like it usually does.

      Not too sure what to make of it.

      So how did you have the ad on both ebay and gumtree? was it exported?

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        I had the ad on Gumtree and tried to use the add to ebay button which doesn't do anything. So I just manually posted the ad on Ebay as well.

        • Oh I see, thanks. I'll give that a go

        • That seems very unlikely to work. How would ebay know that it is the same ad if you didn't import it from gumtree?

          • @videoman: ebay chat said promo over 31dec 21, but they having issue removing the ebay references from gumtree page
            i suggest just forget about it

            • @ChiMot: Yeah which is why this confused me with an item I sold yesterday which was listed on the 4th of January even though I manually created the ad on Ebay.

              You can see in the screenshot it clearly states gumtree promotion:


              FYI ebay chat are quite clueless when it comes to local promotions. They most likely have a high staff turnaround and aren't trained up with specific promotions which is why they need to "escalate" issues.

  • I used to use this promo all the time, even more than twice a month.

    After submitting an ad on gumtree, there is no longer a button to further publish to eBay.

    I contacted gumtree support and they confirmed the offer no longer exists, even though there are mentions of it on the webpage before you hit post ad.

    Looks like I'll have to wait for the occasional 5 free eBay listings promos.

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      I used to see the free eBay promos quite a bit then they just dried up. I don't know who gets these anymore but it's not me! Maybe I post too often so they feel they don't need to incentivise me. I'm really bummed about the Gumtree promo. That was my goto for most things over $100. I had a couple of things to sell prior to Christmas but the holidays distracted me and now I'm going to have to list and pay the exorbitant eBay fees. The fees just keep creeping up and up. I find myself selling on FB Marketplace more and more but then I have to deal with the 'is this available?' and 'will you take $10 for that $100 item?' messages. #totallybummed

  • yeah very sad just about planning to sell my lenovo duet - will wait for the ebay seller promo

  • actually i like ebay now. no paypal - just straight ebay pay to my bank. cleaner. if i use their shipping label its deducted as well. (i compare with my own sendle or own auspost which one cheaper).

    if the fees a little less i believe many small private sellers will be using ebay

  • I chatted with Gumtree support, was told that option has been removed and there is no other promotion to replace it.
    eBay is now forcing people to pay their exorbitant fees… if private sellers lose too much money selling their old stuff, they are more likely to keep them or wait forever for their Gumtree item to to be sold, so won't have the fund to upgrade buying new stuff on eBay…

  • I sold a big value item using this promotion, however, as others reported, I got charged the full fee. I was given the standard runaround by Ebay live help that I had to wait 15 days for the refund. 15 days passed and then some and they kept giving me more and more excuses. After about a month of waiting, I submitted a case to Fair Trading and was surprised at how quickly I got my refund. I think it must be Ebay policy to give people the runaround, as most will just give up and not bother. They model their customer support on second-hand car dealers. Shame on you Ebay.

    • hi mate, thanks for sharing. yes many of us had same bad experience with ebay

      not sure if we are lucky this promotion comes to an end … :)

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