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HeadRush MX5 - Guitar Amp & FX Modelling Processor for $598.66 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Just came across this. It's around $750 locally.
I did have the Full Headrush pedalboard so i know it's really good.
Can do dual amp and has full DSP.
I am buying this for my brother abroad.

The Last time I saw MX5 for this price on Amazon, it got sold out quickly.
Only posting as my order has now been shipped .
Strangely, The item is sold out on Amazon.com

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good price. Your brother is a lucky dude ;-)

    • +1

      I hope this doesn't have the dreaded rod.
      I am sending this to Nepal so there won't be any warranty claims.

  • -3

    Worst. GPU. Ever.

    • what do you mean?

      • Bad joke based purely on my eyesight + thumbnail.

  • I’ve tried both this and the helix but ended up keeping the helix. Touchscreen on this is nice though.

  • As a beginner and a lover of bargains, I almost got one of these but then I did a little research and I should probably get one of these instead:
    Zoom G1 Four $119 AUD shipped with prime.

    • +1

      Bro, If you got the budget get the mx5 for sure.
      There is also Nux mg30 for $420 aud

      • +1

        The MX5 is an amazing piece of kit but I feel like it would mostly be wasted on me at this stage. I'm a drummer but have a Jackson to chug around on from time to time. I watched quite a few videos, including a few with the NUX MG-300 vs the Zoom G1 Four and I feel like I can get the tones out of the Zoom for the random sessions I have at home.

  • Anyone know if this is likely to come with an AU power adapter ?

    • I think they wouldn't as last time I bought a computer powersupply from Amazon us and only got us power plug. This should be similar

  • did you change the price to us?

    • Not sure how but someone edited the price to 508.66 but it is now 598.66 in amazon so typo maybe.
      I just corrected it again

  • My Unit just arrived today. It was supposed to deliver on 23 of nov.

    Wow, that was quick,

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