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Seagate 18TB Exos X18 Enterprise 3.5" HDD (CMR, 7200 RPM) $603.75 Delivered @ Newegg AU


Available in-store at Newegg Australia. Ships from United States. Shipping and GST are included in the price.

Checkout and enjoy 15% off w/ promo code AUS8637
Promo code expires Nov 7th 2021 23:59 PST.

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  • Does it come with a warranty?

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      Wow. Sure would want to. Given fail rate over time is 100%. Good question.

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      Mine arrived DOA. Sounded like a maracas

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        was there an instruction? maybe you're supposed to put it together yourself

    • And hopefully AU warranty

      • I’ve heard you can’t count on that. I was lucky in a way it was DOA… by all reports you’re on your own since it’s enterprise part

    • +2

      Only if it's not an OEM drive.

      If it is an OEM drive, Seagate won't warranty it…

    • You have ACL since it was bought from an AU business entity.

      • I'd much rather have a warranty…

        Seagate's warranty process is way faster and easier than an ACL battle.

      • Newegg is not an AU business entity. It's an overseas business with no warehouse in Australia or any office. Newegg doesn't even have an ABN because it's not Australian located business. The ACL does not apply in this situation. ACL has no durisdiction over an overseas business but which ships from overseas to Australian postal addresses.

        • https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/products-and-services/online...

          s 5 Extended application of this Act to conduct outside Australia
          ACCC v Valve Corporation (No 3) [2016] FCA 196 (s 5 renders ACL applicable to Valve)

        • Newegg Australia does have an ABN and has plenty of components it ships and sells directly from Australia. Check out these disks

          ABN: 55 606 338 041
          Entity name: NEWEGG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
          ABN status: Active from 10 Jun 2015
          Entity type: Australian Private Company
          Goods & Services Tax (GST): Registered from 10 Jun 2015
          Main business location: NSW 2000

          The ACL most certainly applies to Newegg, but based on other reviews its not an easy process.
          After the initial 30 day return for refund which is all that Newegg offers, Seagate can require you to send the drives to US for RMA.

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    The website says it has a 5 year warranty. Whatever the case I've had very good experiences with Seagate warranty. About 18 months ago my 16tb drive (Ironwolf Pro) failed and Seagate not only offered to pay for the restoration of my failed drive but they immediately replaced my 16tb drive (like for like) and a few months later I got a brand new External 14tb drive filled with my missing data. I now use that external 14tb drive as my additional backup drive.

    That being said, I just did a quick check online for this and it is US$435.33 (inc shipping and GST) from Amazon which is AU$582.92 at today's rates.

    • Where did you buy the hard drive from?

      • I bought the drive that failed (16tb Ironwolf Pro) from Futu online in Sept 2019 but only opened it in April 2020. It failed 10 days later. One email to the Seagate data recovery people and I got a phone call from someone in Singapore (thank goodness I picked up the strange number the second time), and they sent me full instructions on how to fill the UPS tracking orders, arranged to have the bad drive picked up and the replacement came about 5 days later.
        They did not care about where I got the drive from, just the serial number.
        The restored backup on the external 14tb Seagate drive came on 12 July 2021. Took just under 3 months to recover.
        Hope this helps.

        • Oops I meant I first opened the drive in April 2021. Ie it was in a box doing nothing for over a year.

  • +1

    Cheap but noisy.

    Oh and you have to buy at least two unless you want risk losing 16TB at once.

    • What's the chances of both drives failing around the same time since it's exactly the same drives probably from the same batch.

      • Zero because your second drive should run a different duty cycle (ie only turn it on to take a backup).

        If you only run both drives simultaneously, then a none-zero chance….

  • seems similar is it any better for warranty etc https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/seagate-exos-x18-st18000...

    • You need to pay $52 shiping if not buying from neweggs

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