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Portal TV $99 (Was $229) and Portal 10" $179 (Was $279) Delivered @ Facebook


Yes I know its potential for being a privacy nightmare but the mic and camera can be turned off using a physical kill-switch (or unplug it like I do). I've got one already and it has been worth its weight in gold over the last 18 months allowing my parents overseas to see my daughter. Pretty solid device with amazing camera quality and object tracking. Works with Whatsapp video and Zoom as well if you want options. Potential to get another 20% off if you have friends or family that are able to generate a referral code for you.

Deal ends on 7/11/2021.

Mod: Please use the referral system.

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  • What do these do that any other mic/camera/IP enabled device doesn't already?

    • It's very much centered around video calling with family and friends. Multiple microphones and a really solid camera. I can comfortably sit on my couch with the device 3 metres away and talk like I was speaking to people in the room and it picks up my voice up very clearly.

    • Good buy for grandparents and such, who may not be comfortable using something as complex as a smartphone but still may want to do video calls with family/friends.

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    “a privacy nightmare but the mic and camera can be turned off using a physical kill-switch (or unplug it like I do)”


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      I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal. Just plug it in when you want to use it and disconnect it after you're done

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        You're right, they can just hear everything you say when you next to it.

        What could go wrong? It's just listening to your phone conversations.

        • Honestly, what could go wrong?

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        We do the same and you're right it's not that much of an issue.

        A tiny little power connection cable that you can easily unplug after use.

        It has been great with elderly parents that aren't tech savvy on either side of the family and our extended family overseas and something we continue to use post-lock down!

  • Nice - have been waiting for the TV to drop below $100 - perfect for the occasional lounge room video call with family back home

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    Anyone know how to get a referral code?

    • Tried getting one myself. This is what support said over chat:

      You're eligible if:
      · If you've purchased directly from our Portal website while logged in OR · If you're logged into a Portal device as an owner and you return to the site logged in to the same account

      If you know someone that meets these criteria then they can generate a code for you that's sent via Messenger

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        Referral code can't be used with current sale, oh well worth trying.

    • The code not gonna work. Tried myself and they dont accept promo code

  • We've had one for awhile and bought for the wife to do her yoga classes through lockup on Xoom, its not limited to just messenger. The camera is excellent and it has been worth it for this purpose alone. Facebook messenger works well and there are a number of streaming services that you can add to the interface. I was very happy to see Plex on the app list and installed it. Unfortunately some common audio codecs aren't supported so your stuck with no sound. It won't replace you apple or Google TV but if your looking for another box for video chat then it's probably worth it. I don't know what the future support will be like, it feels like the developers just gave up on it. I picked one up a few months ago for $129.

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    I really need a good webcam so am curious. Found this a good read:


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      TLDR: don't buy because Facebook is an evil company. Honestly everyone here still buys from Amazon so I can't see it putting too many people off.

  • I got one for fam overseas and also impressed with it.

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    are there any other products like the portal TV? not built by FB, that can be used for Zoom etc

    • Not for this price

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      I looked all around and not really. Not sure why Apple hasn't tapped into this, they could easily mod the Apple TV to be similar to the Portal TV's form factor.

      The Portal TV is pretty good I admit, I got one on the last deal and look it just makes it easier to talk to older generations. I got the Portal Mini for my mum, as for her the Portal TV would be hard to use, a remote and changing HDMI sources just not something the usual old folks know how to do. So the mini is a good compromise and easy to touch to accept calls.

      At this point in time yeah it's definitely selling privacy for this cheap and convenience feature. But yeah like the OP I unplug it from power source when not in use, tell my mum to do the same.

      The other option is to get the new iPad 9.7" for about $560 I think, that has Center Stage if what you're after is the camera following and zooming in and out for calls.

  • I cant seem to find if there is support to LINE. Does anyone have first hand experience?

  • Have been using it for the last 2 years, an excellent device to talk with family.

    For those who concern the privacy, the webcam can be block by a cover

    Order a second one for my mom :)) Tks Op

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    Whats Facebook ?

    • Meta

  • And one for me too

  • My family across New South Wales and Victoria bought these during one of the previous sales at $129 for the portal TV, really happy with them, so much nicer than sitting in front of a laptop!

    You don’t need a Facebook account to set it up if you don’t want, and if you’re worried about privacy just pull the plug on it when you aren’t using it.

  • If the usb on this allowed you to use this as a standard webcam, this would be a deal and a half.

  • Any referrals

  • Now if only it suported Skype and Teams :-)

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