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Bulla Mini Choc Top Vanilla | Mint $0.75 (Was $4.00) @ Coles


Country of Origin:
Made in Australia
200 x 56 x 95mm

Also available Bulla Mini Choc Top Mint $0.75

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  • +43

    I don't get it why was one cone for $4 in the first place

    • +32

      Because they're $8 at the cinemas.

      • +1

        Yikes are they that good

        • +33

          Absolutely not

        • +4

          My 3yo loves it. Oh well she loves all kinds of ice cream

      • +3

        Because they're $8 at the cinemas.

        This looks a lot smaller…

        • +38

          That's what she said.

        • +1

          Yes! These are about 1/3rd the size of a normal choc top. Ridiculous at $4 a pop. Acceptable at 75c-$1

    • +2

      Yep insane. I complained about the price ($4) and the manager let me buy 5 for $1ea

      • +6

        You're obviously every retail workers nightmare… Just don't buy it and save the calories rather than asking for the manager

    • +1

      These were $2 ea at my local coles last year, then clearanced at 50c. They then disappeared from the freezer and came back at $4 ea this year.

  • +9

    And boysenberry, had one last night. Small but worth 75c

    • +3

      Agree. I some during the last sale and don't recall them being this small.

    • My favourite

    • +1

      So is it boysenberry>mint>vanilla?

  • mmm I love a good choc top

  • And they never seem to be in stock.

    • these are a promotional item and only ever exist in the promotional bays. whatever doesnt sell on the promotional bay gets discounted to cheap (like 75c) as there is nowhrere to put it on the regular shelving.

  • +4

    "mini" being the operative word

  • +6

    nice, 75c i will give it a crack.

    $4 they get f'd

    • yeah, at $4 no way.

      • -1

        i tried one the other week when it was like $1.50 or something. Not quite as good as the cinema version, thin chocolate and the cones not as good either :(

        connoisseur roasted hazlenut when it goes on sale will always get my shout.

  • +1

    These were $1 a couple of weeks ago at my local Coles and I picked up the last two mints. Okay for $1 I guess but even then I wouldn't bother again. These are mini but are even smaller than they were last time they made them.

    75 cents sounds about right. Expecting $4 is stupidity.

  • Decent for those parties with lots of children's

    • +7

      Hi it's me, im childrens.

    • +3

      Lots of children's what?

      • Like upcoming interstate border meetups, or Pre Xmas/ birthday parties etc. where you wanna give lots of sweet dish for children

        • +1

          You gonna serve this up in a dish?

    • +3
      • Movie nights aren’t the same if they’re on a stick, that’s why

  • +2

    mint never gets any love

    • Wdym? I for one like mint, especially the Aldi Cornetto ones. More interesting than a plain vanilla imo.

      • -4

        mint is considered old school, mint slice are the poor cousin of tim tam

  • +5

    Waait $4 for 1 normally? :O

    Get your self box of maxibons on sale instead

  • +1

    Saw these at the shop the other day, incredibly small but bought 1 and even at 75c feel like I could've just got a pack of Bulla Crunch for the same experience but cheaper (35c each - 10 pk $3.50 at Coles).

    • -1

      Bulla crunch suck dude. Like eating a bad icypole

      • +3

        You sure you aren't thinking of Bulla Splits? In which case I agree.

        Otherwise get your tastebuds checked because there's no chocolate in an icy pole.

  • +4

    These are so tiny which spoils the fun and RRP $4 is BS.

  • Wait.. one cone?

  • Boysenberry is also same price

  • best ice cream from supermarket! I love berry the best

  • +1

    Are they clearing them already? I haven't even seen them at my Coles, maybe the "Local" branded stores have them.

  • Buying these before going into the cinemas!

  • +2

    Last year's version of this was much tastier and I believe larger. I tried these for $1 a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed they were not the same.

    • +3

      Yeah they were heaps bigger. We'd smash the boysenberry ones.

    • +1

      Last year's was stock destined for cinemas. Cinemas shut down, Regal Cream (Bulla) struck a deal with Coles to take on the stock to clear it

  • ooof goodbye summer bod.

  • +2

    Need to be this price for the cinema sized ones

    Size: 86ml - ice cream for ants?!

  • +2

    Buy the normal size one when on special for $2 (recently at IGA) or 2 for $4 (Coles I think).

  • +4

    $8.7 per litter. Not cheap

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