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Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (Black) $199 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


True wireless noise buds big and chunky with ANC. Last gen model but this is a fairly low price, though maybe not the lowest. I find the Bose better but that's subjective and I have these, the jabra 85s and the creative. I rate the ANC as good with music on but crap in the wind/outdoors.

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    Good price, but refurbs from Sony (via their eBay store) have got as low as $127 for those willing to wait for a better price.

    Got mine a few months ago and they haven't skipped a beat, and came in brand new condition.

    • Was interested in the 'Seconds' Sony stuff on eBay; last time a deal involving refurbed Sony devices was posted, there were one or two comments saying how bad they were ('inferior' compared to brand new ones), and that they weren't worth the discounted price tag. Interesting to see some comments saying the exact opposite though, lol.

      Found the post I was talking about.

      • Happy that you had a good experience. I bought seconds and after six months they phones tell me to recharge after 42 minutes. They change mode while in the same location. Told Sony, sent back and they tested and said they lasted three hours in tests, no issues and sent them back to me. Not totally impressed but I do love Sony gear and have there over ear NC headphones and love them.

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          That's the thing about Sony in Aust. If all's well, they are great products. But if you need after sale support (technical or cash back issue), Sony Australia is the worst in the country I have came across.

          • @Buy2Much: @Buy2Much: I can vouch for this. It took them over a month to refund me for a pair of these earphones and I had to send 5+ emails and have numerous calls before that happened. Decent products. Absolutely trash service for issues

    • Yeah I got the refurbs and they were like new apart from the box. I agree with the comment below about the fit - it's just weird how they didn't invest more into Form. Maybe the new model is better?

    • Can vouch for Sony refurbs. Bought one back around March 2020 and it's still going solid. Haven't noticed any battery life degradation, though I don't use them 24/7.

    • They were at $127.65 with LatitudePay for brand new set few weeks ago.


    • Is he saying the ANC is crap in wind ????
      How do you find them.
      I have the Jabra 75 and find them fantastic even in wind.
      Talking in the wind is ok when it’s light but anything stronger and the person you’re talking to will struggle to hear…

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    Massive Sony fan boy here and I will take every chance possible to NOT recommend these. Worst fit ever, even with after market tips smh.

    • 100% agree with you about the fit. My Bose buds are much better

    • couldn't agree more. The fitment was terrible and would always fall out. Even when i was just bending over to pick up something it would slip out.

      I chose these over the air pod pros and regretted it.

      Luckily i got them cheap and sold them off close to purchase price and went with the Air pod pros. Never looked back.

      I would not recommend these at all regardless if you're using them for exercising or sitting at your desk.

      And im not biased against Sony as I have the WH-XM3 and WH XM4 headphones.

      • I ended up with APP Too and regret NOT getting them sooner thinking they were a gimmick. They work awesome with iPad Pro and iPhone and watch.

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      I found the fit okay if I'm walking about but as soon as I run they feel like they're about to fall out. It's a real shame because I liked the way they sound. I switched across to the Galaxy Buds Plus. The fit and comfort is way better, but doesn't sound as good.

  • I got these as soon as it came out. Sold it after two months of use. People said I sounded like I was too far from the mic on calls.
    But otherwise, sound quality is good and the ANC is good too but the fit was not right for me.

  • Fit is fine, you just have to clean your ears not to be greasy, sweaty etc. The ear shell has to be dry, insertion part of the ear also. As long as the ear is clean and dry, tips are clean and dry and you insert, place the earphones and leave them like that they will stay and will be fine. Don't twist, spin your earphones while in your ear, just place them and leave them. I use them all the time, home, bed, out, gym. Yes your ears can get sweaty during wearing them, just take earphones out, wipe the ear, tip, few seconds and all good.

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      Damn, I thought we are buying a product to serve us, not to serve the product ourselves.

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        My finger print unlocking doesn't work.

        Tech: have you clean your thumb before trying?

        Damn! I thought I was buying a product to serve me, not to serve the product myself!

        • I don't think this is a good comparison, if the product become faulty and you need to diagnostic it, then that's a completely different ting.

          A better example would be "my finger print unlock would only work reliably if I wipe the sensor every time before I use it, and I need to place my finger on the sensor exactly that angle, and not twist the finger at all while touching the sensor"

          • @OMGJL: Was going to type all that on my phone but I have rsi on my thumb. :)

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      See, this is a subjective statement written as if it's a truth.

      For me I have to twist them into my ears, and then they stay, mostly. On my 7 Min walk to work everyday I have to adjust at least once.

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    JB's also have the Jabra 85t for $219 currently which some may prefer. Currently looking for something like these so happy to hear any feedback.

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      General consensus is 75t better fit and typically cheaper

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      Compared to the Sony's, jabras fit better and sound more dynamic. ANC is quieter though. Jabras, whether 75 or 85, are better for movement based activities and I think are more sweat resistant from memory.

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        Sony XM3 has zero ipx rating.

        Was looking at this but end up getting active 65t.

        No anc on the 65t but the rubber ear things fall out very easily.

  • A quick trip on fitment I upgraded the tips to the complyfoam versions. I recon I could wear them on a roller coaster now and they wouldn't fall out best decision I made!

  • These are ok for music but stay away if you want to use for calls - the mic is terrible

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