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[LatitudePay] Brand New Sony WF1000XM3B Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $127.65 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Best price ever for a brand new WF1000XM3B

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  • +11

    Even though these sounds really good they're really badly designed, they barely stay in and when I started using these for 2-3 hours my ears started hurting (mainly from constantly pushing them in and re-adjusting) so something to think about before jumping on it.

    • +1

      Agree. None of the tips that came in the package worked for me. In the end I ordered comply foam tips from Amazon US and those worked wonderfully.

      • You have a link for the complyfoam ones? I’ve got the same issue as you and everyone else with mine.

        • +4

          not op but here you go mate https://complyfoam.com.au/products/tg-truegrip-pro/ ships from Australia too so it's a bit quicker than the US one (I've bought from both stores)

          • +4

            @arnie123: Wow! That's crazy expensive! Pretty sure this even beats printer ink for manufacturing cost to price ratio.

            • +1

              @kapone: yeah…they're not cheap however divided out it's roughly $15 per pair and each pair lasts for ages so I suppose from that angle it's somewhat justifiable for me.. I've been using the comply tips for almost 2 years now and I'm a few months into my second pair of tips with probably average usage and I have to say they're a game changer for me when it comes to fit and noise isolation

              • +1

                @arnie123: Totally overlooked that it was three pairs.

                They're still making a killing on these I'm sure, but I'm actually open to the idea if it's three pairs for that price.

              • @arnie123: Really my comply tips only last a few months.

            • @kapone: Expensive, but easily the best tips ever. Will create a great seal to improve noise cancelling, and the hold in perfectly.

              really comfortable too

          • @arnie123: Thank you!!

            • @Gunnar: Comply tips are definitely where its at! Worth the investment. Takes a while to get used to them, but they will never fall out if sized correctly.

    • +2

      I bought the OG WF1000XM3. I agree. they sound amazing, and noise cancellation is good, but the app and adaptive mode are kind of rubbish, and I always had trouble getting them to stay in, even when just in a seated / stationary position. I thought it was maybe just me, because I didn't see many comments to the same effect online at the time. The call quality was also rubbish at the start (but I think they've released software updates to improve this). I tried SpinFit tips (cost me an extra $20), but they didn't help much either. Once I swapped to AirPods pro, I never looked back. Curious to see what the WF-1000XM4s are like, but it's getting harder and harder to pull me away from my Apple ecosystem…

      • +5

        Have and owned both. (XM3 - 1years use, XM4 - 3months use)
        I dont use all the functions so cant get in to all the details but;
        - Sound quality is same/same
        - noise cancelling is slight better
        - they upgraded the ear buds to foam tips to hold it in the ears better
        - active ambient sound is hit and miss (i think the xm3 works better)
        - Battery life is way better which is the main reason for the purchase (8-10hrs actual use with ambient sound)
        - Phone calls is way better and people can hear me better

        ** i work in a warehouse by myself so basically using 7am-4pm everyday**

        • Would you say the xm4s are comfortable to use? the eartips look squared off (from the side) and uncomfortable to put in your ears

          • +1

            @ajaxsprayandwipe: Its a comfort foam tip so it feels slightly weird at first as it kind of grips the skin but after a while you adjust to it. Design is just to get that better seal when inserting in my view. No issues with it falling out and feels secure.

            Wearing the xm4 is way better as I tend to forget that I am wearing them compared to the xm3, always felt like it was about to fall off and was more aware of them. I had upgraded the buds too, must be the design in itself.

            xm4(whole day) > bose sound sport(2-4hrs) > xm3(3-4hrs)

          • +1

            @ajaxsprayandwipe: I just got the XM4 a couple of days ago and they are comfortable so far when I use them on my runs or sitting at my desk. They don't fall out when running or at a gym session either. Getting the comply foam tips also improved fit even more for me.

  • +2

    As good as the price is, I can't recommend these earphones purely because of how bad they are at sticking into my ears, and I'm not the only one. They can be so loose at times that I've even nearly had the wind blow them off the other day. I've tried all the different tips and all types of twisting motions to fit them, but I can never get them in nice and snug. Apart from that, they're good enough, but the ANC surely suffers due to that issue and for that reason I feel like my cheap TaoTronics were more effective.

    • Must have been designed by Spock who is the only one who can withstand the abuse at Sony.

    • If you haven't tried Comply foam tips, give them a go. They make these fantastic in terms of comfort and stability.

  • Yep I bought these but had to return them due to poor fit.

  • +3

    cracker deal for the same price as galaxy buds+

    • Tempted but I'm spoilt by the 12+ hour battery life of the buds+

  • +3

    I've been using these from March last year and they are amazing.
    Paid $280 back then and for $127 or whatever, this is a no brainer purchase.
    It stays in my ear no worries but I did have to try quite a few of the ear tips that it comes with on, to get a good fit.
    Sound quality is amazing and ANC is great too. Battery life on my one after nearly 18 months of daily use is still good. Lasts me a whole day at work, probably 5-6 hrs of constant use.
    If any complaints I wish it looked like other earbuds, the shape is a bit strange.

  • You would hope Good Guys would be selling brand new earphones …

    • Poo transplants are all the rage — maybe earwax is next?

    • +5

      To be fair, there are a lot of sony's "seconds" earphones going for just a touch above this price. Good to specify that these are brand new.

    • Bought a PS4 game a while back.

      Got home - the other guys receipt was still in there from his return.

  • +1

    Been using mine since release. Great headphones.

    People can hear me in calls when indoors - and the ANC is decent.

    I got some comply foam tips, and it improved the sound and comfort.

    You can’t sleep with these (seems a few people do sleep with earbuds) as they stick out too far.

    I have worn these at the gym with no issue - not sweat-proof, but haven’t had any damage. They also stay in when running/walking. Probably wouldn’t have been as comfortable with the standard tips.

    These are the tips I bought: Medium sized - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B081QSLTW6/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    • Been using mine since release.

      How you got time off for good behaviour.

      • I stopped blasting

        • Oops I meant 'Hope' not 'How' but that works too!

  • Returned these due to size and poor fitting issues that seem to be common with these earbuds. Waiting for the next jabra sale for some 75t/85ts hehehe

  • +1

    I use these all day every day, replaced my over ears! Sound quality is so good

  • these in ear style phones are ear wax magnets

    • +1

      Why don't you clean your ear :)

      • your ear is meant to have wax mate

  • +1

    I have owned these for 6 months.

    They have been back to Sony 3x and that's where they are currently.

    Inside the home they connect then straight away disconnect. I have Bose QCs, Jabra , Taotronic and other Sony bluetooth products. None of them have this problem.

    • Yours sound defective and not an issue with design

  • I have used these for the past 1.5 years, and I can't say I like them.
    The sound quality is the only pro I can think of right now.

    - Randomly disconnects and I don't normally carry the case with me to be able to reconnect again
    - Not a comfortable fit (not even good to use during a light walk)

  • +2

    Very good way back in ancient times when I worked in a office. Blocked out noise effectively to the point I couldn't even hear the office phone ringing.

    For when the apocalypse ends and people come back I highly recommend these especially for this price. To have something in your bag at all times that you can just whack on when you want to concentrate is excellent.

    You can't beat this at this price.

  • Yay! I got my BOSE for $100. Thanks for the deal.

    • Which one?

      • Sorry, I meant to say $100 off. The baby slapped my phone out of my hand, I got desperate.

  • +2

    damn. bought the pixel buds A today ~$116. this could have been a better buy.

  • I haven't used mine since I got hold of the buds live. Suboptimal design.

  • I got pair of them. They have some serious good sound. But they are poorly designed. Bulky. They come off so easily.
    Save your money buy the new one or buy the apple airpods pro.
    Keep in mind Apple airpods are very light very good for phone calls but the the sound quality for listening to music is crap.

  • +1

    No! Just paid $179!

    • Can you return it?

  • +2

    I just got rejected by latitude pay for registering. does anyone have the same issue?

  • buds2 more comfortable and similar sound quality and ANC.

  • Bose QC buds are on sale to $200.
    It will have a better fit, but are larger in size.