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Microsoft HoloLens 2 $4759.15 (Was $5599) Delivered @ Microsoft


Don't expect it's for everyone but for anyone (or any workplace) who was contemplating getting a Hololens 2, there's 15% off offer currently till Nov 30th as part of Microsoft Ignite - more info at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality-blog/15...

Only device that Microsoft Mesh currently supports (although Quest 2 support coming, I believe) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd2GK0qDtRg&t=62s&ab_channel...

Did some prototypes on the first Hololens previously and it is a good start in this space but definitely needs to come down in price, size for wider uptake.

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    Try again for stock regularly. Someone at work was trying to buy one this week and they seem to be in/out of stock often.

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    What’s this?

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      Unless my eyes are mistaking me, I believe it's the Microsoft Hololens 2

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        If your eyes are mistaking you it probably is the Microsoft Hololens 2 that's doing it.

      • Good

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      It is the Microsoft Hololens 2. It is an augmented reality headset.

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      Microsoft HoloLens 2

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      Michaelsoft Binbows

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  • Would this be good for Minecraft?

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      No get proper VR.

      • Shame they don't have any entry level WMR HMDs anymore, the Samsung Odyssey + is awesome.

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    At this price I'd be stupid not to buy one

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      May as well get two, one for each eye.

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        thats stupid! what if one breaks! get three!

      • +4

        Don’t forget the third eye

    • I can see that you definitely need one of this

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    Been waiting for a deal on this for ages. Thanks OP, bought 12.

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      Human fly found. Username checks out.

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        Who are these dummies downvoting you?

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    Daaam, costs more than the other guys written off car.

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      It’s 2 Havals at least

      • Lmao

    • +24

      What happened to my car?

      • +1

        Just checked on my car just in case.
        It's a bit icy on the outside but otherwise fine.

  • What a…deal.

  • Wow. I did not know they were so expensive.

    • Now you do….even have to pay 15c not .00

    • +2

      You do know they aren't aimed at consumers? These are used in places such as operating theatres and defence training. Nothing comes close to what these are designed for, but they are definitely not a consumer product. Those that work in industries that require them know them very well. A good deal for them.

      • I do know that. They are selling them to the US military. Making my Microsoft stocks go to moon.

  • Cool, now I can simulate surgeries like Dr Park in Doctor Stranger.

  • Pretty expensive for an Xbox accessory

    • +4

      Except it's not designed to be an Xbox accessory, far from it.
      Think medical industry and defence training.
      If your thinking of using it for home use, you're looking at the wrong device.

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          … it's pretty different. VR headsets are for simulating entire environments, whereas AR headsets like Hololeans are about augmenting your current environment. For business, this can be an extremely important distinction between training in a vr 'game', and doing the real thing with assistance/guidance with AR.

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    Given how well they have sold I doubt you will see any realistic price drops in the near future. These aren't meant for home users, they are for business, with defense being the biggest buyers around the world.

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    Does it come with a free emergency medical hologram?

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    Can I use for porn?

    • +43

      anythings a dildo if you try hard enough

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      Once someone invents a real Holodeck, that'll be the end for humanity.

      • +2

        I think you mean Holodick.

    • Could be the future! Imagine that

  • i was about to get one, but realised, i don't need one.

    • +3

      Sounds like someone's been overthinking again!

      • lol, i made it all the way to the end, and had an uneasy feeling. like when this arrives and my wife sees it and the receipt. i figured i want to live a little bit longer, so i am going to pass for now.

        • I hear you!

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      please hand in your ozbargain membership. Not needing something, but getting one anyway is our entire shtick.

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    My daughter needed this said it's only for her fans whatever that is

  • How does this compare to Oculus?

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      Oculus is VR whilst the Hololens adds AR

      • Interesting, thanks!

        Am I right to say AR technology is harder to develop than VR technology?

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          AR tends to require a lot more processing power as it needs to take in the environment around you through multiple cameras and sensors in real time and render images in that environment without noticeable lag.

          • @gromit: Ok thanks. I guess the answer is yes!

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              @ilovefullprice: yup, basically all the complexity of VR plus the complexity of handling real time natural environment integration.

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        What you said is not quite right. One is VR, one is AR.

  • Can I see the subliminal messages with these glasses?

    • +1

      You can't not see FNORD the subliminal messages

  • My room is clean - I'm getting the industrial edition.

  • Damn my budget was $4500 for a ….thingy, might wait until it drops in price or I win lotto.

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    I develop apps for this device, honestly it is amazing! They have a version of Windows that runs in your physical space, virtually, with apps floating wherever you leave them around the house. Price is the only barrier for mass adoption I reckon, the quality is pretty impressive.

    • +2

      Lol. Brings a new meaning to "where did I leave my notepad.exe'

    • What sort of apps have you developed?

  • Would be so good for site work for the construction industry (look up Fologram).

    I wish I had a business that hires these out, would be a sound investment if that was your thing.

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    70+ votes, anyone actually bought it other than giving MS free publicity?

    • +1

      I tried out version 1 at the Microsoft store in Sydney a years ago.

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    Thanks, bought 2, one for each of my eyes.

  • +1

    Thanks, stocking filler sorted.

  • -1

    Will this fit in the drawer with my unused eneloops and hard drives?

  • Would this work with META? Let you grow boobs in Meta verse

  • It's already out of stock even at this price

    • I think it might have to do with supply and demand, but im not a rocket surgeon.

      The law of supply and demand is a theory that explains the interaction between the sellers of a resource and the buyers for that resource. The theory defines the relationship between the price of a given good or product and the willingness of people to either buy or sell it. Generally, as price increases, people are willing to supply more and demand less and vice versa when the price falls.

  • -2

    Cannot believe they try and throw some shitty "illegal to resell" clause in the purchase contract. This essentially makes it a cursed item.

    I want to buy one just to resell it, or many. Would like to test that term in court…

  • Is this good for Pokemon Go?

  • I believe Magic Mushrooms would be cheaper to achieve the same result.

  • What happened to Magic Leap?

  • Don't expect it's for everyone

    Understatement of the Century….

  • WFH tax expense? very tempting.

  • My workplace has a Trimble Edition of this (hard hat) that we've just taken over support for. I've yet to use it but it looks pretty neat.

  • I'm like "what the hell is this? ". So I thought I'd watch the video link. I'm still like "what the hell is this?"

  • Does anyone know whether this can tell the time?
    /withstand sauna levels of heat/humidity?

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