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CAR Doorstep US$6 (~A$8.13) + Free Shipping from Melbourne @ CARDoorstep


Nifty 4wd Roof Rack Accessory - SUV Doorstep

This is a patented product three years ago, Australian patent: 2018101500.

Today the brand CARDOORSTEP gives the biggest discount: 70% off
Use discount code: VIP70 to save 70% off.
Include shipping within Australia


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    430kg… wouldn't this also depend on the quality of your car door latch?

    • +2

      Yes, though they're usually very strong as they're designed to hold the door closed in a collision and that can involve incredibly high forces.

    • yea not many modern cars I'd be tryin it on

  • +5

    Did not know I needed this

  • +1

    is there an AUD payment option?

  • seems the code works on other items as well

  • Couldn't see a way of purchasing in AUD. The USD price converts to about $8.50 not $8.00

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one for the kids to wash the roof of my car ;)

    • That's what I'm wanting it for too.

      • +5

        you guys do realise the door needs to be open to use these right, you realise what the chance of the kids NOT getting water in the car are right?

        • More for myself just to make it easier to wipe down after wash..
          Looks like it's expired anyway

        • @wisc just for the sponge mate, I'm not that silly, nor are they if they want to get their pocket-money.

  • Is this from Shark Tank?

    • +2

      I really miss watching Aussie ingenuity that used to be show-cased on The New Inventors.

      Come on ABC bring it back.

      • i will always remember the car attachment to take your wheelie bins with you while you go down your driveway.

        • LOL…beats holding onto it out of the car window, hoping not to scratch the paintwork.

  • Initially when I added to cart it said US$6. But after entering payment details it says US$7.50. This happen to anyone else?

    • Price might have been jacked on the Car Doorstep - Full Showing as US$24.99 now (previously US$19.99?)

  • Can anyone figure out the difference between "SUV door step" and "Car door step" ?
    (other than SUV door step being cheaper…)

  • +2

    I only bought 1 but the VIP75 code worked

  • Comes up as AUD $10.58 in Paypal.

  • +3

    Use code VIP75 on the SUV Doorstep (appears to be the same?) - US$5 (~A$6.77)

    • Yep, got that! Legend!

    • just bought it $6USD.

      its coming from Melb or Overseas?

  • +1

    Man… they uses fastway for delivery…

    • ugh. use a parcel locker then to force them to use Aus Post

  • +1

    As RichardL identified, VIP75 works

    • It was driftdave who pointed out that the VIP75 code works.

  • Tried to purchase after showing "Expired". The code is still working. Not sure what was expired. Maybe they would cancel all orders…

    • Marked as expired, as the Car Doorstep with code 'VIP70' is now US$7.50 (~AU$10).

      • Use "VIP75" = US$6.25 for 1 unit

  • I just used “VIP75” and it worked

  • Arrived today. Works great on an X-Trail t31

  • Hi Op, i ordered the multifunction storage bag last 5 Nov to gift to friends but did not get any delivery notification as of 23 Nov. Can you please advise.

  • Yeah mine hasn't arrived either hmm

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