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[PC] Epic - Far Cry 5 Gold $11.99 after $15 Newsletter Subscription Coupon @ Epic Online Store


Use the $15 subscription coupon to purchase the Gold Edition for less than the Standard Edition


The Gold Edition includes the game, the Digital Deluxe Pack & the Season Pass which includes 3 new experiences

Expand your experience, with 3 other-worldly adventures. Fight off horrific zombies, ruthless Vietcong soldiers, and mutated Martian arachnids.
The Digital Deluxe Pack includes:
* The Big Game Hunter Pack
* The Ace Pilot Pack
* The Explosive & Chaos Packs
* AR-C Assault Rifle & .44 Magnum Handgun with unique skins

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  • +2

    you've held on to your newsletter subscription coupon for this long?

    hand over your Ozbargain licence this very instant!

  • +1

    I've been waiting for that special moment :)

  • I’m trying to get far cry 5 for Xbox one at discounted price

  • Ubisoft+ is $20 for a month as different option.

  • its ashame its on epic games. I will wait till it goes on sale on steam.

    • Whats the difference?

      • Another store launcher. Steam, origin, gog, ubisoft, epic store so many launchers its cluster (profanity). many people don't like so many of these but prefer good old steam.

        • +3

          If you don't have the Epic Launcher already, I'm surprised you're interested in cheap games though.

          Steam is probably the best store in terms of features but I've got enough freebies from Epic over the years that I'm locked in for life now.

          • @jonathonsunshine: I got it all. I don't mind these extra store apps plus I love freebies since Epic has been kind with some good games. I was talking about other people don't like having too many of these game store.

  • So is there any gameplay content or is it all just cosmetics and/or items?

  • +1

    Or can get the Far Cry 5 standard and New Dawn for about $15 after the $15 coupon. Lots of options…

  • I bought far cry 5 primal for $5 but never played it

    • Primal is great. One of the last times any effort was put into a far cry game.

  • Does this mean you get sent a steel book with a cd if you purchase this? I thought that's what came in the gold edition

  • Get Days Gone for PC instead of Far Cry 5. Similar gameplay, much better story and graphics and way more interesting.

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