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Bose Sleepbuds II $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Similar to previous popular deals. The traffic noise at my place is starting to do my head in, and as a side sleeper with mild tinnitus, earplugs or external white noise just isn't doing the trick. So, really eager to give these a try!

Note that this doesn't include Bose's 90 day money back guarantee, but if you reach out to Bose customer support via WhatsApp (through the Contact form on their site), it seems like they're fairly willing to give a 20% off (~$304) if you ask them to price match.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Amazon is super easy to return though, just put not satisfied or something to that effect as the return reason.

    • For sure - just a shorter window of time, and ~technically~ I'd imagine you're not meant to be returning used earbuds with a simple change of mind as the rationale

      • I've asked Amazon Support before on a similar matter, and they don't really care… Not the best practice, but who am I to tell what Amazon should do.

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          Fair enough! Simply a matter of whether you want some extra time to test them, then, and perhaps easier to deal with manufacturer directly for warranty. And can't forget a nice opportunity not to support Amazon!

        • Just search up "amazon returns unboxing" on youtube. Everything just gets written off.

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          Amazon's model is actually pretty bad overall for the environment and the world I feel:

          • They basically have a lot of investor's money obviously and they can afford to write off items to succeed in their long term plan
          • Easy returns, easy refunds etc is all part of this long term plan of being the best in customer service, but they do have algorithms and also a threshold of how many times you can return and how many times you can claim items are faulty, even if you genuinely had a lot of fault items, but there's a point where they will shut you out without any chances to appeal.
          • A lot of their returns even if it's brand new sealed, at least in America, either gets: burnt, sold as a big ass container bundle, the process of examining the return, making sure it's actually brand new requires human power, and it's cheaper to them to just get rid of it. Having said that I notice Amazon now has a factory seconds market, which I guess is basically what they use as a way to resell returned items.
          • Their price matching is obviously aggressive to crush all competitor's, but just imagine once myer, kmart, target, bigw are done for, they sure have no one to price match against.
          • The bottom line is they have a goal of being the best ecommerce store right now, but do they want to be that forever when there's no more competition or if competition becomes very minute, that's when they'll flex their monopoly.

          I mean to us as customers right now it's great, we can't fault it, they handle online transactions far better (which they should), but yeah I hope the future isn't as bleak as I see it.

          • @squaredonut: Bleak but an honestly fair opinion.

            It questions my decisions as a regular Amazon shopper purchasing S&S items, but I can't see my stingy self giving up on the savings in this day and age.

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    Seems they're price matching Myer.

  • If you are going through sleeping problems, I did find talking with a GP and a psychologist helpful as well.

    • Thanks mate. If you don't mind, what sort of stuff did they help with (feel free to DM if personal)? I get to sleep really fast, but I fear my sleep quality suffers from traffic noise and stops me sleeping in as long as I'd like.

      • +3

        In my case it was more my circadian rhythm is (profanity), meaning it was more that I fell asleep and woke up at a time frame that is not "normal". Medications have helped for that.

        As with what the psychologist might do? It probably depends on what the situation is like.

        There are misconceptions about sleep and that could have bad impact on sleep quality, they might start off by tackling those first. People tend to believe that once we go to sleep, we stay asleep, when in reality people wake up several times (they just don't remember). Those misconceptions lead to anxiety etc etc. Our sleeping pattern change as we age as well, so that might be something as well.

        This is more cognitive side of things, if you do end up talking with a psychologist, they'd look at other factors as well. At least, that's what I have heard at a seminar I attended. I think it's at least worth talking with a psychologist for, since sleeping problems are an awful thing to deal with. Talking with a GP might get you to some kind of mental health plan which might subsidise your visits?

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          Really appreciate the advice, I will definitely follow that up! Was probably due a psych visit anyway (big advocate that everyone should go!)

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            @Doy: I just read a book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It was possibly the most interesting book I've ever read. I was interested to read it after all of the sleep I've lost in the last few years from having two kids. It gave me impetus to focus more on getting good quality sleep because he explains exactly why we sleep and what the impacts of poor sleep are.

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            @Doy: If you have snoring it might also be beneficial to do a sleep study to see if you suffer from sleep apnoea. I did one recently and now have a CPAP machine. My sleep study, which was a take home one, I only managed to give them 4-5 hours of data, but in that time it recorded a 43 on AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index), meaning the number of times my body would shock awake and gasp for air, so yeah 43 times I wake up in a 4-5 hour window period, it's what was destroying me.

            • @squaredonut: Wow! Were you recalling any of those dozens of mini-wakeups, or were they the type you forgot about?

              • @Doy: Not really, I'm not sure if that's how it is for all people who have sleep apnoea. In general all my life I've slept like a pig, and not much can wake me up. I wonder if it's because I am so exhausted from constantly waking up that I can't feel anything. But yeah I don't really feel it. And my wife has watched me before and she's commented on the fact that I do stop breathing and then yeah the gasp is pretty much when I resume breathing.

        • +1

          My fitbit has been really good at showing me the various stages if sleep I go through including time spent awake. Probably not as accurate as a sleep test but taught me a lot.
          Also agree with what you've written. Different solutions for different people. These noisebuds plus meds help me get the most I can and shrink helps with anxiety which has a flow on effect.

          • @TheRealCher: A psychologist would try to work with the client, in the best way that suits the client, which is supported by the scientific evidences from studies, and with their expertise.

            At least that's the approach that they are told to follow.

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    I still think this is way over priced at $299, I'm not clearly not the target market though.

    • +3

      I guess it really is one of those things that are basically invaluable if they work properly for those that need them. I wouldn't have pulled the trigger without the 90 day money back guarantee, but if I can be honest with myself (and read my pretty graphs) and say it has improved my quality of sleep after 3 months, definitely worth the money at that point

    • I got a pair of these to try based on the 90 day money back.

      Put it this way, I feel like it was like a pair of wireless ear buds that had no noise cancellation and a very very limited range of sounds that get you to sleep.

      I guess the main thing is, it's supposedly comfortable for all night use while asleep. But I feel like you could buy AirPods pro or something and put it in your ear and play your own white noise sound and it would be the same and at least more versatile.

      • I think the real winner is for side sleepers - wearing any set of earphones just doesn't work on the side, especially those with silicone tips. If this doesn't provide discomfort while my ear is on a pillow, that's a huge deal

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    I find the eye masks with bluetooth speakers to be much better and at a fraction of the price ($20-$30). You can use your own music, they don't go inside your ears and depending on the version, the eye masks are excellent. You can also use ear plugs with them if you want to reduce ambient noise further.

    • Interesting, you've tried both? I'm mainly after the passive noise reduction that also feels comfy for side sleeping, with just a small amount of white noise / rain sounds to stop the ringing.

    • Do you have a recommendation? I've tried a couple but yet to find one that's comfortable enough when side sleeping.

  • I find listening to head space can help me sleep

  • Just a reminder that you if you have the originals sitting in a drawer somewhere you can make a warranty claim saying there's something wrong with the battery and they'll send you these ones as a replacement. I had some that I bought in 2018 that I got replaced this year.

    • Did you need the receipt etc to claim this?

      • +1

        Nah, just punched in the serial number. I think because they had so many problems and a recall they don't ask any questions.

  • If anyone ever invents a super sleek earbud with lo-fidelity Bluetooth that leads to long lasting battery & extra comfort I would buy it in a heartbeat

    • Yeah, I'd prefer to be able to control the type of white noise. Sometimes even prefer podcasts in foreign languages to calm the mind.

  • I use these myself - they work great for me, although most of the time I don't even need to run sounds through them and just use them for the noise cancelling effect. Much comfier than earplugs (I'm a side sleeper) and if you fit them right they don't fall out during sleep.

  • +1

    These work for me, a shift worker.

    • I'm guessing it's a stretch to claim this as a work related tax expense? Using the excuse that you have to sleep during the day when no one else is and there is plenty of background noise?

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    These are $279 now

    • Wonder if price error, Myer and Bose are $379

      • Nah, they were $279 at Myer. Amazon would've price matched.

  • Bose are refusing to match Amazon for me, unfortunately. I havent even been offered a couple. It's a shame cause I'd love to try these out, but don't really want to abuse Amazon's return policy too much.

    • +1


      Ask them if they can do a 20% off coupon rather than price match, can say your mate only pulled the trigger after getting the coupon and loves the product, or something suck-up-ery <3

      P.S. Got mine yesterday, and last night was an EXTREMELY pleasant sleep

      • Worth a shot! Unfortunately they only reply overnight but oh well. I'll let you know how I go!

        • Oh! I was on Live Chat with them and the whole interaction took maybe 5 - 10 mins

          • @Doy: Ohh I was using the what's app. I'll try the live chat.

            • @theguyrules: Oh, my bad lad, it was indeed the WhatsApp, but I sorted the whole thing in just a few hours. I’ll upload the screenshots of convo and send to you

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