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[Pre Order, PC, Origin] Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition $68.42 @ Voidu

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Very cheap pre-order for Battlefields 2042 Ultimate Edition for PC. Website links to your Origin account and adds to your library. Website states is redeemable in Australia.

Ultimate Edition includes:
Early access to game launch
Year 1 Pass: 4 New Specialists (1 per Season), 4 Battle Passes (1 per Season), and 3 Epic Skin Bundles (”Blistered”, ”Tempest”, and ”Cold Blood”)
Midnight Ultimate Bundle ("Shadow Stalker" Legendary Outfit, "Obsidian" Legendary Weapon Skin, "Onyx" Legendary Vehicle Skin)
Official Digital Artbook
Exclusive Digital Soundtrack

Also appears to give the pre-order bonuses available.

Bonuses include:
Mr Chompy epic weapon charm
Baku ACB-90 Melee takedown knife
Landfall Player Card Background and Old Guard Tag
Irish - Battle Hardened Legendary Skin

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  • +4

    They say they are an official distributor.

    If so, it's a great price!

    • +5

      Yep, bought it and it linked to my Origin account (it's not a serial key).

      Confirmed seeing Ultimate edition in my Origin account, bargain!

      • Thanks for letting me know it is not a key but links directly to the account. Updated OP.

    • +2

      Yep just activated it, it’s in the order details

    • +1

      Confirmed works

  • +1

    This is likely a price error. You cant find the Ultimate Edition listed by searching on their site. And the price is the same as the standard edition while the Gold Edition which is the middle edition is $90.

  • Link isn't working…

  • +2

    Looks like an error, anyone interested should jump on the deal asap before it gets corrected.

    Edit: Just as i typed this comment the link is down. They found out.

  • Activated. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    They've taken down their shopping cart, and advertise the gold edition for ~$78usd
    Game over.

    • Has not been taken down, site is just struggling. Was able to buy it just now by hammering refresh. I chose credit card for my payment method though and now my order is stuck at processing payment. Should've used PayPal :(

      • I was just about to update. I battled through a million refreshes, 500/504 errors etc. and eventually made it to the end.
        Definitely used PayPal because who knows if their website even recorded your payment/order successfully with the load.

        Take a screenshot of your order number at the very least.

        • Yeah it's okay the processing actually finished, trying to activate it now but doesn't work on mobile. Will have to do it on my PC.

  • -1

    Thank you good sir

  • +2

    sucks it's not a steam key, i wanna be able to brag my profile to my non-existent friends.

    • +3

      You would need to activate via origin anyway

  • +1

    Got it into my cart, think site is flooded

  • +1

    borked website

  • Works for me

  • Be careful, folks.

    I selected PayPal as my payment method and changed my card to a card that does not charge international transaction fees. As soon as I clicked on pay, I was diverted back to an error on the website.

    Money has been taken out of my card ($68.73), but there is no indication of a PayPal payment, and there is no indication of an order on the website.

    • prob just auth and will fix itself if no record at paypal

      • +1

        Yeah, I just got the notification on PayPal about a pre-authorisation charge.

        EDIT: it just disappeared from my account. All good!

    • +1

      Keep refreshing the error page and it will eventually find your payment

      • +1

        this - especially if the url that failed is the 'completed' page. will show your orderid eventually.

      • I actually closed the page and switched web browsers before I saw your suggestion!

        Oh well, I eventually managed to place an order (and had another AU$68.74 taken out of my account) after multiple page refreshes!

  • managed to check out

  • Still works - just got one.

    Lots of failed attempts though

  • Is the ultimate version actually worth it?

    Seems like extras are skins and extra classes

    I already pre-ordered the standard version from a B&M store…

    • +4

      Yes & no, as you say it's just cosmetic stuff but for an extra $7 over the $62 Amazon standard edition and for digital delivery rather than physical yes it's worth it for me.

      • Ultimate comes with expansion packs that get released later doesn't it?

        Way better value than standard for $62

        • Nope, they are moving to the CoD model where instead of selling expansion packs they sell cosmetic battle passes. That way they don't split up the community between DLC owners & non-DLC owners. Same thing they did for Battlefield V but a step up now that they are adding a hero character each month.

  • I just put an order in for it lets see if I get the CD key. Website was terrible had to try a bunch.

  • Anyone else's payment go through but status on voidu is still pending?

    • +1

      Never mind mine is completed but haven't got the key yet.

      • You don't get a key, you activate it through the website by logging into your Origin account.

  • How do you link to your origin account? I've paid and the order appears on the website but where do I go from there?

    • According to a friend it is in order details page with instructions once it has moved from being a pending transaction

      • Thanks, i suppose I need to be a little more patient then!

  • +1

    activated & showing on my origin account, thanks OP! Lots of refreshing the error page but managed to get there in the end

  • Anyone else get charged $70.96 paying with CC?

    • +3

      That looks like the 3% foreign currency or overseas payment processor fee

    • I noticed that PayPal was forcing me to pay in USD, even though I selected AUD on the Voidu website. I guess Voidu don't actually accept payments in AUD.

      • it's happened to me too, remember already change to AUD but when windows pop-up to Paypal somehow they change back to USD

  • +1

    I reckon I'll wait and see what it plays like on release.

    The early access and beta was pretty meh in my experience (with all the bugs and crashes set aside).

  • +4

    If any of you want to save an extra 0.5%, use the coupon code LUCY10. I used that code and it brought the price down from US$50.99 to US$50.74!!

    (It's supposed to be a 10% off coupon code, but I guess the site is glitching out and is only providing a 0.5% discount with that code.)

  • Worked for me, now showing in Origin. Had to refresh the page a bunch of times to log in and get to the cart but I got in eventually. Came out as $69.07 AUD on my 28 degrees. Clearly supposed to be the price for standard edition.

  • My order went through, but the site constantly crashing isn't a good sign.

  • How do you link it to origin account after it says order complete?

    • I think the link button on order now page is missing. Prob because website is getting smashed at the moment.

  • +4

    Even at this price I think ill wait and see, with how the beta was.

    • Historically, I can't think of a Battlefield game that wasn't a buggy mess on launch. I remember Battlefield 4 was especially terrible for the first month or so. A lot of people got refunds. They did acknowledge the issues with the 2042 beta and pushed back the release, to be fair. Allegedly, they've fixed many of the reported bugs. However, we all know their servers will buckle on day 1.

  • hmmm to get this or the new COD… hmmm.

    • +2

      Don't they still do annual COD games? this should last a bit longer and get your dollars worth..

  • got i love mindlessly buying stuff on sale at ozbargain

  • +4

    I remember, I pre-ordered BF4. Never do it again.

    • +1

      It only took 2.5 years and DICE LA getting involved to fix evolve BF4 to the state its in today…

  • +1

    I managed to get one and linked it to my origin account. Good luck lads!

    • Thanks for the detailed explanation. Mine is still Pending (and my account was double charged - hopefully that fixes itself). How long did it take to go from Pending to Complete?

    • Hey was the activate button on the order information page. I have been trying to link for about 30 mins but no luck finding that button.

    • +1

      yeah same took 30+ min and now my order is stuck as pending even though my paypal account shows the money has left

  • Just be careful if you try to go through a non-paypal transaction process, I got charged for it and never received any order. However, did work with paypal (and ofc paypal is far easier to refund through if there are issues). Hopefully can dispute the transaction, but will update if seller responds to my email :\

  • Does it do it straight away?

    My order is sitting on "pending"

    • +1

      5-10 mins

      • Cheers. They charged my PayPal 15 minutes ago and it's still on pending. Oh well. Wait and see.

        • I did read on another forum that if your paypal email doesnt match your email on the site it sometimes doesnt go through and gets refunded

  • +1

    You can activate my clicking on "my orders", then click on what you just bought, then "proceed to EA" and login to EA. After this it should instantly show up on your origin account

    • I'm looking at "Order information" but I don't see a "Proceed to EA" option. Paid using PayPal and order is marked as complete.

      • Click on the green part that says complete. That should take you to another page. If it crashed refresh that page. I had to refresh the page a couple of times.

  • +1

    Purchased + redeemed! Can confirm that it is indeed the ultimate edition.

    Thanks OP, great find.

  • +5

    Brave people preordering a DICE game!

    • +1

      I hear ya, battlefield v was crazy. But I liked the beta and this is a crazy good price.

      • bfv pre order good times i waited i think a month or two after release just to maybe save $10-20

        thinking of doing the same for this one because i don't think my pc can even handle this game at lowest settings so rip to me unfortunately

  • +1

    Nice got one lol

    Edit: all linked in origin too :)

  • load circle :(

    • Use your phone instead.

  • fantastic, i just got charged twice, tried once with Paypal, website said "payment option not selected" but still charged by PayPal. Then went to pay via CC and also got charged again… sigh

  • order placed, how do i link this to Origin?

    • You hit activate button I think it was in the order section of your account.

    • On the Voidu website:

      • Go to My Account
      • Click on My Orders
      • Click on the order for BF2042 - it is easiest if you click on the green Complete button
      • Click on the button in the order that says Activate. A window will open and it will ask you to log into your Origin account. Once you have logged into your account, BF2042 will automatically be added to your Origin account!
  • How are you guys logging to buy it?

  • +1

    Confirming that I was able to order. Took about 20 minutes of refreshing and attempting to buy for it to work. Then it took another 10 minutes to get the email with the order details. Then asks you to associate with your Origin account and the game appears. This is legit.

  • +1

    website is gone lol

    • Error 502 😂 Site is ozbargained

  • Holy heck that site is BUSY. Can't even get to checkout

  • Managed to checkout and got the window to link to Origin, once I click refresh I get 502…. great.

    • Got it working now, linked and showing in Origin.

  • My order went through but link wouldn't appear and now the site is down. Oh well.

  • +1

    if the beta is anything to go by this game is going to be the next cyberpunk

  • I linked my EA account but I cant see it in origin? :(
    edit: nevermind, just had to do it a second time

  • +1

    Site has gone DOWN like an old Coles ad lol

  • I paid

    Got a receipt but no key??

    • You do not receive a key.

      You have to link to your Origin account to your Voidu account, and then it will appear in your Origin account. Instructions on how to do this are here.

      • +1

        OK cheers

        Done now

        Seems to be working fine. Game appears in MY GAMES in Origin

  • +2

    i have a feeling they are going to refund all the orders that were not yet linked… gl everyone

    • SOMETHING LOOKS WRONG! main page now ,🤣

  • Paid for my copy 30 minutes ago, website keeps crashing but managed to get the order page up and it still says pending. Probably heading for refunds at this point :(

    • +1

      Keep trying, I just got mine actvated

      • Do they send you the code via email?

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