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[VIC] Midweek Melbourne Money Dining Initiative: 30% Rebate with $50-$500 Spend on Monday-Thursday @ City of Melbourne


The $5million fund is almost all used up which means Midweek Melbourne Money will finish at 11.59pm Tuesday 30 November 2021.

You can still dine on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November 2021 to claim 30 per cent off your bill when you spend between $50 and $500 in Melbourne’s cafes, restaurants and bars.

You’ll be able to submit outstanding receipts up to 11.59pm on Thursday 2 December 2021.

Melbourne Money will return on Monday 15 November.

This time around you will be able to claim 30 per cent back on your bill when you spend between $50 and $500 in Melbourne’s cafes, restaurants and bars between Monday and Thursday, with a maximum rebate of $150* per customer across the life of the program.

The first round of Melbourne Money was hugely successful in activating our city and helping footfall bounce back.

Repeated lockdowns have impacted weekday trading in the city so we are encouraging city workers, residents and visitors to come and help bring the buzz back to the city during the week.

The rebate won’t be available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday dining. The offer will be on a first-in-first-served basis until funds are exhausted.

The rebate is available across the entire municipality including Southbank, Chinatown, Lygon Street, Docklands, North Melbourne and Kensington and at hospitality venues within sporting, arts and theatre precincts.

Midweek Melbourne Money will be served up from Monday 15 November. The scheme applies to all restaurants, cafes and bars where meals are served across the municipality, and will continue until funds are exhausted.

Melbourne Money is being offered through the $200 million Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund – a joint partnership with the Victorian Government.

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*Note: Each customer / bank account is allowed a maximum rebate of $150. Once a customer / bank account reaches the maximum rebate of $150, further claims will not be accepted. Multiple claims can be made until you reach your maximum rebate of $150.


Does it include takeaway food?

You can only claim your 30 per cent back on takeaway that is ordered either in person, online or by phone, Monday to Thursday. Takeaway food must be collected in-venue and you must spend a minimum of $50 per order. You cannot make a claim on food ordered through home delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Ineligible businesses where customers cannot claim the Midweek Melbourne Money rebate.

  • Temporary food premises including mobile food trucks, vans, canteens, trailers and pop-up restaurants.
  • Home delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.
  • Catering, function and reception centres, aged care providers and private river cruises.
  • Childcare centres and after school programs.
  • Convenience stores, milk bars, supermarkets, greengrocer, grocery store and service stations.
  • Food manufacturers and cold storage.
  • Confectionery shops and packaged food stores.

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City of Melbourne

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    • Until funds are exhausted, most likely within a few weeks

    • Yeah its not great that your refund is not guaranteed

  • +1

    Anyone know which suburbs are included? South Yarra Included?

  • -2

    Call me cynical, but This method helps the landlords of cbd properties keep their rents stable, as mostly city workers would benefit from dining out when not working from home. The city has been pretty much anti-car congestion for so many years, it's a difficult sell to try encourage city tourism using public transport.

    Goodluck to all involved anyway, but I do hope property prices drop significantly in the city so I can get my pie.

  • +2

    What's on your list?

    I'll start, a mix of our list and reccs:
    sando - lunch, japanese sandwich
    bajo - lunch, ^
    torrisong - dinner, bentos
    ima project cafe - b'fast bento
    kettle black - brunch
    palette - lunch, korean eggdrop sandwiches
    pizza monster - korean pizza

    Buy stuff for picnic, these are bakeries/not meal food:
    raya - cake, picnic
    beatrix - a few slices for a picinc
    lune/agatha arcade - croissants
    Bakemono - been on the list for ages
    Fuumi Fuumi - another cute japanese bakery

    We've eaten at half these places. Realistically going to ask a city friend to buy lunch for us, as the city isn't close enough to dash out for lunch.

    • +1

      kettle black - brunch

      Won't be valid. Kettle Black is in South Melbourne, which City of Port Phillip. Although Higher Ground in the CBD is operated by the same group.

    • +1

      Bakemono -> overpriced for what it is

      • lol most food is like that though, especially as I can't cook

        • It's not too hard to learn. Although, you do need to be willing to learn. You'll save so much money making food yourself.

          • @tanoshiiki: That money is going towards therapy :P Cooking was never a happy thing growing up…

  • Considering inflation on food prices, this kinda evens it out

  • I hope using gift cards or liven deals won’t be a problem.

    • I assume it depends on what's displayed on the receipt, as it'll need to show as a purchase.

  • +1

    Its $9 full fare daily to get into the CBD. They could just consider lowering this..

  • +1

    has anyone made a claim and gotten a confirmation email?

    i submitted one this morning, but got nothing so far, and all it says in the tracking is that it is submitted. I remember last time, I got the confirmation straight away and the approval email was not that far behind.

    • I got an approval email within 5 mins in my junk folder

      • Cool, thanks for letting me know. Looks like something went wrong with my submission, will send them an email so someone can check.

    • Submitted 2 claims and received the confirmation number on screen

      Only received 1 email confirmation

      But both numbers show as submitted

    • Submitted our claim lunchtime today, got both the Submitted and Approved emails within about 10 seconds - says it will take up to 5 days for deposit into bank account.

    • Have made 3 claims so far and they were all approved really quick, with one approved almost instantly. First claim was yesterday, so still yet to see funds deposited yet.

  • +1

    Made a claim last night at 11pm and still hasn't been approved. What's going on?

  • Very seamless process

  • Submitted my claim on 20 Nov. Money was in my bank account by 25 Nov.

  • +1

    Site has updated to advise that the program is closing next Tuesday. When I made a claim yesterday, the site said less than $1.5m left. This promotion has definitely been more successful than the first one!

  • Anyone else had trouble with submitting the receipt? Mine follows the requires format showing ABN/itemised/payment/GST but it won't go through.

    • It has a size limit, so it could be over the size limit?

      • Thanks was under 1MB but found it went straight through on my phone. No luck trying via my PC.

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