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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones $299 (Was $599) + $4.99 Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


Just got the coupon by email. Not sure about the quality of the headphones. Seems to be plenty of stock around.

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    I was gonna post it, but you beat me to it, OP! Coupon is the same in my email as well.

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    Anyone has experience with them? Looking for some cans that can go really loud without starting to sound crappy.

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      Got a pair and they sound fantastic, I'm not an audiophile so can't comment on things like mids, highs and lows etc, but I've found them to be really pleasant sounding for the varied music I listen to (rap, metal, EDM, acoustic and classical) and quality is quite good for BT headphones compared to a bunch I've used in the past, bass is not overpowering to me also, they're super comfy and built like a brick house.

      Only downside has been battery life but other than that, they're very worth it at $299

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        I have about 10 pairs of headphones/earphones for different purposes. These are my go to for lawn mowing or housework.

        I've had these for a couple years and love the audio quality. Noise cancelling is pretty good too (although I would love to be able to turn it off sometimes, which you can't). Had no issues with battery but I probably recharge every 8-10 hours.

        given it doesn't have a boom mic, using to speak to people on the phone is not the best, you can hear fine but you have to speak loud for them to hear well.

        Love the double bluetooth connection, connecting to two devices at once for me is a must.

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          You could turn ANC off from the app or by moving the slider on the headphones all the way up. You could also enter "transparency mode" by setting the slider all the way down. Hopefully I did not misunderstand your comment

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            @Fabbbrrr: On the first-gen of these there's no ability to turn the ANC off. Possibly what he meant.

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          I'm fairly sure I can switch off the ANC with a little toggle/switch on mine but they're the most recent ones, how old are yours?

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            @Icyraindrops: Mine must be at least 3 years old, so no doubt they added that after.

    • I've got them. They are very good.

    • these are fantastic but if your criteria is merely wanting it sound good loud, you don't need to spend 300+. lots in 150-250 range

    • I bought it 2 years ago and one of the best headphone experiences.

  • Very good headphones, goes a bit under the radar imo. The sound quality is class leading with wireless over ear headphones. It doesn't have ANC, but the isolation is surprisingly decent. I find it very comfortable for many many hours of music listening. They have an app with EQ capabilities that work well. I found them a bit bass heavy, so I attempted to make it more neutral.

    A con is that its not the best for calls. If that's the main purpose of your purchase, looks somewhere else would be my advice.

    But if comfort and music sound quality is your concern, then this is your best bet!

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      These ones have ANC

      • Apologies, the ANC isn't very good is what I was trying to say. I have mine at the lowest setting usually.

    • Call quality is irrelevant, wouldn't use them for anything but listening to music over Bluetooth from my laptop. Bass-heavy is prefferd. I'll go for it, thanks.

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      The sound quality is not class leading just because you own them.

      The B&W PX7 are class leading.

      • Well that depends what you're going for. If its neutrality, then yes PX7. But most people enjoy V shaped sound, which is where M3s would be better. For that, I would say its class leading.

        Given the direct competition such as XM3s, Bose QCs and 700s etc, I find that M3s are the best for music, in my experience. And yes, I've owned and used all three at some point.

      • Really? The salesperson I spoke to at Addicted to Audio said B&W gave up their beautiful sound signature of the PX for the same over bassy rubbish that Bose and Sony use for their ANC cans. I don’t blame them for doing it since it’s a popular sound, but I was disappointed. They didn’t have a demo available for me to try.

        I have tried the Momentum 3 and they sound lovely (as someone who likes the Sennheiser sound) but held off because I’ve heard the Bluetooth is buggy.

        • Oh really, I didn't know about that change to be honest. From what I've heard the PX7s were more neutral. Maybe that was in comparison to the M3s I guess, but I haven't tried the PX7s, so I can't say first hand.

          The M3s were quite buggy when I first got them. But I found as long as you don't switch your bluetooth source often, there weren't really any issues. I leave it on for my phone, and when I want to switch the source, I just plug it into my DAC or even just the Type C port on my laptop, and use the M3s DAC - which sound decent too!

          • @cactusjuice: From the brief browsing I've done the PX7s aren't neutral, they have more bass and an unsteady level for mids and highs dipping down lower than average at times.

            For reference here is the sound signature of the PX7.


            Neutral sound signatures tend to be more of a horizonal straight line.

            In comparison I own the ATH IM-02 in ear monitor, that's an example of a balnaced or neutral sound signature.

            • @Dunan: Yeah that doesn't look neutral to me either. Do they come with a companion app where you can attempt to make them more neutral?

        • I've had no problems with BT.

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        Agreed on the B&W PX7, I've owned a pair for over a year and they are an amazing set when wired, and still very engaging over Bluetooth. And the noise cancellation is very impressive.

        • That's awesome! I'll have to try them one day :)

        • The only problem with them is they do have a lot of clamping force so it's not the best if you have a big head.

          • @Stefce: B&W or this one? I wanted to know what the Sennheiser’s comfort and weight was like

            • @Meconium: B&W.

              Sennies are slightly heavier but are comfortable because of the materials, its actual sheepskin iirc. You should look up the quirks because a lot of reviews miss them, e.g. B&Ws can be used via USB-C or 3.5mm, but won't work without charge. Things you should double check with sennies - can they be used without power? Can they be used while charging? Is an EQ available etc?

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        The PX7 takes a significant hit to sound quality when used in ANC mode though

        I'd argue the AKG N700NMC2 is the best option at the moment. Better sound quality than anything else on the market, but lacking a little behind in terms of ANC.

        For only $150

      • But their $200 more expensive.

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      I'm not really sure how they can be class leading wireless when they are Bluetooth.

      Class leading Bluetooth I could buy but that's lossy where 2.4Ghz isn't.

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        The class is ANC Bluetooth headphones lol.

      • Ah there any good audio quality headphones with 2.4Ghz? I thought only gaming ones used that.

    • Mine has ANC, you sure you have the right model?

      • Yeah apologies, I couldn't modify the comment anymore. It does have ANC, but I tend to leave it at the lowest setting as I don't find it that great tbh.

        But with the lowest setting and some music playing, I have no complains of outside noise coming through, so that's still good.

    • What would you recommend for using on calls? I need one to also use frequently on Teams call for work.

      • I use the Bose NC 700s for my work calls and they've been great. No complains. They're really comfy too.

  • Posted like clockwork

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    I own these. I've been using them for the last year or so for mainly:
    - WFH / meetings all day: They are comfy and don't squeeze my head (small head).
    - Gaming: Bought a small usb c aptx-low latency dongle. Best gaming experience with headphones. Lag free :). The dongle does NOT support mic, that's not a problem for switch or ps5, it might be an issue for PC gamers.

    - Best headphones I've owned as a standard consumer (not audiophile or big spender).
    - Aptx-Low Latency support. GREAT for gaming and movies with the right hardware, usually a simple usb dongle that also supports aptx-ll is enough (~$30 bucks).
    - Comfortable
    - Can use USB C for connection, or standard 2.5" wire (included)
    - Sound cancellation is good. Probably not THE BEST. Good enough for train and to block wife TV series playing while I'm gaming on my switch.
    - For music they do sound good, I can only compare to Sony 1000XM3 and 1000XM4, I do prefer the sound on the Senn Momentum 3.

    - Odd looking compared to more "modern" looking headphones such as Sony/Shure etc.
    - The slider to adjust the size is very loose and if you have a smaller sized head, you have to constantly adjust them. I did fix them by putting some plastic seal or tape to stop the mechanism from going all the way to the bigger head configuration all the time.
    - Folding is not great, watch your fingers as the hinges are pretty dangerous especially for children. They do pinch your fingers.
    - They use real animal materials :(
    - Battery is sub standard. They do last ~15/20hs in normal use. I charge them once/twice a week or so tho, as they spend a lot of time suspended anyway between meetings.

    I'll edit if I remember anything else.

    • I have several pairs of sennheiser momentums. These wireless ones continue the excellent look/size/feel/cost/performance ratios. Agree with everything you said above.

      Will have to try the tape trick, this is the only pair that dont have very stiff/grippy mechanism for some reason. Rest stay put.

    • The included case on the Sennheiser's is just atrocious, they really need to take lessons from B&W or Bose.

  • How are they with glasses? I had old wired Momentum on-ear, and found them terrible in that respect.

    • I wear glasses (and sometimes a mask) with them and they're completely fine. I love them. Most comfortable and best sounding headphones I've ever owned.

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      When purchasing frames, always go with the flattest arms so they keep a good seal.

  • what is the best way to cancel noise w-out having to listen to music or something?

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      Ear plugs?

      • I used to until one morning I woke up with one of them gone inside my ear. Had to find someone handy to pull it out. Thanks anyway :)

        • Get ones moulded to your ears.

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      Stick you car keys through your ear drums.

      Seriously though, I found with my old sony's I would often just wear them in ANC mode (no music playing) for hours on end when working. The ANC on them was very effective at blocking AC hum and a few other background noise, voices still come through but it is a shared office so everyone is behaved anyway. Sometimes it's nice to have a little peace and quiet rather than having music blasting in your ears

      • …and it will help a bit. Yeah, I wanted to find out how much it will help compared to ear plugs.

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          Ear plugs imo are a little better in this respect because they block all sound into your ears whereas sound will leak through the leather pads on a set of over / on ear headphones.
          A decent set of ANC EARphones (sony wf-1000xm3 for example) with good pads will do the job of a set of earplugs and provide noise cancelling at the same time - win/win

    • Not sure I quite understand your question but on iPhones and presumably other phones too you can have background sound constantly playing, could be the sound of a stream/rain/wind or just neutral pitches. If its for sleeping then perhaps some in-ear device like airpods pro or anything else with ANC and decent comfort. You can have the ANC active without needing anything else playing and it will help a bit.

      • …and it will help a bit. Yeah, I wanted to find out how much it will help compared to ear plugs.

    • Definitely a pair of Peltors

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    I got these during the last deal, similar to the above I find the audio quality to be exceptional and distrotion free even when you crank them up, I found a reddit post which had an 'audiophile' eq setting which I applied and it slightly elevated the sound to what I would expect from a decent pair of headphones.

    My only complaints with these are:

    • The slider feels quite loose, I like headphones that feel solid and hold onto my head so this was a deal breaker, ended up slipping some large o-rings between the round bit and the slider itself which has helped immensely, though I do find if I have a drink I feel them sliding off my head slowly

    • The smart pause is absolute garbage, I found if any hair got caught in the ear cup it would stop and start constantly which was super frustrating, turned this off in the settings

    • I find it very easy to turn these off, it doesn't take much folding to trigger the on / off switch

    • The design is good, but I would love an on/off swtich so we can hang these up when not in use like any other pair of headphones, they just float around my desk when not in use which I don't really like as it adds clutter. I do use the carry case but it's just annoying to zip and unzip it all the time

  • +4

    Any headphones with actual leather pads deserve massive points.

    • Soft lamb skin too. 👍🏼

  • so these are momentum 3 wireless?

    • Yes

    • Yeah my question too. Looks like it is. But the name says it's not?

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    This or sony wh-1000xm4?

    If I care about the quality of sound and noise canceling?

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      Sound quality -> Momentum 3 (much better IMHO)
      ANC -> XM4 (marginally better IMHO)

      • How about comfort?

    • Same decision I'm trying to make. Main use will be travelling by air

  • Also bought during the last sale from jbhifi. Wouldnt buy again smart pause is trash.

    Sometimes just moving Ur head will pause sound/videos. Even when u turn smart pause off. Still pause

    Google *momentum 3 wireless smart pause issues before buying *

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      You know you can disable the smart pause feature from the app

      • Yes, in the app there is a option to turn off smart pause…. If only it worked.

        Plenty of people on support sites complaining even when switched off, smart pause still active

        • They must be doing it wrong. I've got smart pause turned off just fine. Love the momentum 3s.
          Maybe they need a firmware update.

    • +1

      I turned smart pause off within 1 day of buying and it's never returned. Are you sure the setting applied?

  • I got momentum V1 BT for $450 when it was released, SQ of these is obviously better than Sony and Bose's ANC. Someone said B&W or B&O's top ones are better which I don't own because they are far expensive.

  • As someone who's tried all the options on the market at the moment, I would not recommend these unless none of the other options fit on your head well.

    For most people, the current best option is the AKG N700NMC2's. While the ANC is not quite as good as the Sony's and these, they sound better than any other option and they're tuned almost perfectly for any genre of music (Harman). Comfort is pretty similar to the Sony's, but lags slightly behind in battery life. Resolve Reviews agrees with these, stating they also sound better than the Airpods Max.

    Reason why these are the best at the moment is although they initially retailed for $499, Samsung bundled them with the new Note phones which saw the market value for them plummet as every man and his dog was trying to sell them off. Bottom line is they sound the best, and can be had for $100-$150 brand new, less than half the cost of these Sennheiser's and the Sony's, Bose etc

    • +1

      one difference i'm seeing is that the AKG is an AAC set which is fine.

      The Momentum is an AptX set so it works better with Snapdragon phones.

      I do think that momentum would have to be twice as good though to justify the price if the AKG is sub $150!

    • $158 at Amazon. I'm waiting and see if the price will be cheaper for Black Friday.

    • agreed. for anyone who cares: how the n700nc (version 1) compares to the sennheisers https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/table/68190

    • I'm looking for one which is also good for meetings. Rtings gave a quite log score for this AKG's mic. Any way to improve this (e.g. adding an external mic?)

    • Managed to break two sets of the AKG, and I'm really not rough with them. I do have a large head so not sure if that's putting extra strain on them, but I see many others with the same issue now that I search for it.


      Thought these Sennheiser might be a but more durable in the frame.

  • Do these leak sound much? Im trying to find a source online. I work from home and dont want my music to bother anyone working in the home office beside me

  • I own these and liked them a lot, but for me they're very uncomfortable, the top band is hard and the cups a little too small, even though they're well padded and comfy initially. The sound is very good, much better than the comparable headphones I tried in the shops.

    But then I bought the Sennheiser HD 599SE and they're MUCH more comfortable, much better top band and bigger cups, and they sound even better to my ears, really awesome, wider sound in comparison. They leak sound, but I work from home so it's not an issue. I wouldn't take them in public.

  • -1

    PM me if you want a code

    • +1

      The code is the same for everyone.

  • Are these newer than the momentum 2.0? What is the difference?

    • Errr it’s newer? Didn’t own the 2’s but I have these and have no complains.

      • These are newer than the 2's right?
        Just unsure because it doesn't seem to have a model/generation number on it

        • Yeah the 3 is the latest one. It’s really good. I highly recommend it.

  • I couldn't find any page which mentions how to mute/unmute the microphone during a phone call. That's a deal-breaker for me. Can someone please help confirm?

  • Bought yesterday, 1 hour click n collect.
    They sound gorgeous….

  • These are pretty well revised headphones for anyone wondering.

  • Is it black or brown like the wired momentum? For the white one is it Ivory like the wired momentum? Worth upgrading if I already have the wired 1st gen momentum?

  • $289 Delivered here for anyone following who didn't purchase from JB.

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