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Westpac Altitude Rewards Black Card: Bonus 180,000 Reward Points ($6,000 Spend in 120 Days), $49 1st Year Fee (Westpac Customer)


I was looking for churning card and came across Westpac Altitude Black card which is offering 180,000 points with $6k spend in 4 months.180,000 points equal to $750 in gift cards.

You only get charged $49 fee if you are existing Westpac customer. $99 annual fee (1st year) if non-Westpac customer. $250 thereafter.

Offer not available if you’ve held an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards, Qantas or Velocity in the last 12 months.

Minimum income: $75,000.

Min credit limit: $15k

Platinum card is also available with zero annual fee for Westpac customers. It provides 130k points with $3k spend in 3 months


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    Offer not available if you’ve held an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards, Qantas or Velocity in the last 12 months. T&Cs apply.

    • This is an insane offer. Basically $900 cashback

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        For a 6k spend this is actually pretty poor. ANZ Black is 180k points for 2k spend.

      • may I know how to get $900 cashback?

        according to their website, 28200 points = $100. 180,000 = $638


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          redeem the annual fee which is a lower points cost but apparently works the same way as credit

      • Hello, how did you come up with $900 cashback?

        • Once you get the Altitude Rewards points you can redeem it to pay for your card's annual fee, which they just credit as $ to your account.

          • @rictee: Can you tell which option to select?

            Can't find any way to redeem points as card annual fee

            • @Ash-Say: I think you go Gift Cards & Cashback then Financial Services. It should be called Annual Fee Rebates

              • @rictee: Thanks got it

                • @Ash-Say: Hi, did the $900 actually just credit your account for any spend or is it really only used for the annual fee?

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                    @knebnn: It shows up as cash back so just free money. I did the same thing for a different westpac card but spending points at shop is all the same.

                    • @CodeXD: Ahh ok then you for confirming!

                      • @knebnn: Have you redeemed them as "Annual Fee Rebates" yet? if so, can you please also come as cashback credit?

          • @rictee: That's great for the first year's $100, but kinda useless unless you intend to keep the card for many years after that (and why would you)?

            • @Grazz989: You can redeem more than the annual fee amount

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                @rictee: So its literally $900 credit on the card?! Still seems a bit unbelievable!

              • @rictee: Hey… Has anyone tried to redeem $900 cashback?
                Because it said on the website " Please note you are allowed to make only one annual fee redemption per card per year. The Fee Rebate process is automated. Cardholder will not receive a voucher, the fee is simply credited to your credit card account."

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                  @sugardumpling: It worked for me. Just appeared as cashback.

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                    @CodeXD: Just did $1000 successful in a week. Got extra points due to spend on this card.

                    • @Ash-Say: What was your extra spend in order to redeem $1000? That's 200k points in total right ?

                      • @eastmeetswests: $6000 was already spent to meet bonus points eligibility requirements. I also had medical expenses and then Coles latest Vanilla card promo also helped.

                    • @Ash-Say: How long did it take for the cashback to appear in your account?

  • $99 annual fee (1st year) if non-Westpac customer.

  • Min credit limit: $15k

    • And only 75k income to serve that… Goodluck for one just made the min threshold.

      • Well.. just dont max out your credit??

        • Only if everyone is that disciplined

          • @[Deactivated]: Oh well.. It's thanks to those people that the rest of us can take advantage of these cash backs.

  • Good find, thanks!

  • can you convert these to Qantas or Velocity points?

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      Qantas, no - you need to get the Qantas direct earn card for that with Westpac. (It has a deal running at the moment, though.)

      Velocity, yes - Each $1 spent gets you 3 Altitude Points, which are worth 0.66 Velocity Points. If you hold on to your points until the 20% transfer bonuses run (as they are now) this becomes 0.792 points per dollar which is a touch more than the Velocity direct earn Altitude Black card (0.75 points per dollar).

  • whats the altitude pt to airline point redemption rate? 3:1?

  • Did anyone got approved?

    • Yes was approved last week!

      • Did you get outcome on the spot?

        I applied today and status is "Referred".

        • I didn't, I forgot what status it was but when i finished my application it said someone will be in touch and they called me 1-2 days later.

  • excellent timing, my 12 months exclusion period is almost over :)

  • Is it a Westpac account only? Or can you be with the other subs owned by Westpac to qualify?

  • Anyone got points yet?

    • I got my statement last week and noticed that my bonus points was posted the this week.

      • Thanks. Still waiting for my points sadly

  • Can anyone confirm whether paying council fees or other bills via Sniip can be counted towards the 6k spend? thanks!

  • How long does it take to receive bonus points once you have met eligible spend criteria?

    • Should be within a day.

      • Didn't get the points and I am sitting on $11k spend.

        Probably I will need to ring them

        • If you want to know if you have met your spend correctly you might want to check how many points you have earned to date.

          • @nightelves: My point balance is 14k

            • @Ash-Say: Probably best to give them a call just to check

              • @nightelves: Just rang - I closed previous Westpac card in Dec 2020 which is still reflected as active in rewards account. Luckily I have closure letter.

                They have escalated to back office team to look into it.

                • @Ash-Say: Makes sense. Hence I normally make sure I check with the agent before applying for mine just to make sure I'm outside the exclusion period.

                  • @nightelves: I referred to this closure letter before applying.

                    Letter dates 21 Dec 2020 and I applied on 23 Dec 2021 so it's over 1 year. No card was appearing in my Westpac online banking account and didn't receive any statement. Not sure why the old card is still active in rewards account.

                    Anyways let's see what they say.

                    • @Ash-Say: How much annual fee were you charged? Was it the discounted amount?

                      • @JohnSy: Card fee of $49 was charged which is definitely discounted fee.

                      • @JohnSy: The points have just been allocated manually.

                        Just received confirmation via email.

                        • @Ash-Say: Thanks for the reply - i think I am going to find that I will be in exactly the same situation. Co-incidentially I also closed my last altitude account on 21 Dec 2020, and opened the new one on 23 Dec 2021 also. Minimum spend was achieved on 31 Dec 2021. No points credited yet. $49 annual fee charged. When you called customer service did they say it can take 3 months for points to be credited?

                          • @JohnSy: They said they will raise with back office team and it got fixed within 5 business days.

                            • @Ash-Say: Update: I was offered extra $350 as an apology.

  • Hi - My wife has a WBC Black card and i am an additional cardholder. Anyone know if i am eligible for the signup offer? hard to see in WBC fine print

  • Does anyone know whether a land tax bill is eligible towards the 6k spend?

    • I've had success using beem it to bpay bills and I received points for it.

      • Can u use it to bpay credit card bills to hit the spend?

        • I didn't try this.

        • Beem It won't let you BPAY to a credit card biller.

  • 1 Feb - applied online and didn't receive any correspondence from them.

    9 Feb - called them and they required payslips and bank statements - sent via email.

    23 Feb - received conditionally approved email asking for income information again. Called them and they now required a closure letter for recently closed credit card - sent via email.

    24 Feb - received email asking for closure letter again. Called them and told them to check their email and got approved whilst on the phone. Digital card was available a few hours later.

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